I stumbled upon stumbleupon… How cool is that?


So true...

My girlfriend whom I love very much recently introduced me to the wonders of stumble upon, I’ve been told about Reddit and other online communities which might pique my interest but nothing has as much as stumble upon. Sure you click-through your fair share of crap before you find something that peaks your interests. Me and my girlfriend sometimes sit together and stumble. That just doesn’t sound right at all, she’ll get all mushy over the cute kittens and various animals doing cute things. I have to say some of the funniest things I’ve seen are the animals. We’ll laugh our asses off together or nostalgia to the max. I recommend stumbleupon to anyone who is bored or just wants to kill time. I don’t usually do promotions but this is worth while. I’m creating my own account with them soon, it can be funny, educational or whatever you want it to be. I mean where else would you learn to give CPR to a cat???

The image atop this post holds true for many a stumbler.


2 Responses to “I stumbled upon stumbleupon… How cool is that?”

  1. the word of me Says:

    I probably waste more time on stumbleupon than any other activity (hangs head in mock shame) but I have to say it has led me to some really interesting sites.

  2. Yeah I agree with you there, it kills some time and beats the newspaper any day, I stopped buying newspapers. They’re full of crap. Stumbleupon is refreshing.

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