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Rick and Morty, people and Fandom.

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So many years ago someone I knew posted a cover photo on shitbook, an animated picture of a garage open in the moonlight. I knew it was from a show but I’m not one for watching television to be honest. I started looking at Reddit again out of boredom a while back and through Reddit became aware of Rick and Morty. Reddit being Reddit I assumed this was another circle-jerk, which to be accurate, it was. 

That put me off of watching it for a long while, Reddit has a tendency to circle-jerk over things that aren’t that funny so I basically couldn’t be bothered. Eventually a friend showed me a few clips during a Friday night, the next night I ended up watching some myself. Two weeks later I found myself bored so I decided to watch a few episodes one night.

A few episodes turned into three quarters of season one, I finished the last quarter a day later. Onto season two which I watched in one night, ending up awake until around 4am. A week ago I got to season 3 episode 4 and in a way I’m glad I haven’t been watching the show the whole time because I haven’t waited for a new season until the current one is over. 

The only thing I dislike about Rick and Morty is the pseudointelectuals within the fan base, other than that it’s a very enjoyable show. This lukewarm helping of copypasta will demonstrate the kind of pseudointellectual shit I’m talking about:

The other thing that gets me is fan theories, I understand taking an educated guess at what might happen but developing entire theories around characters, who has that kind of time? I’d rather spend it doing something useful. 

Game of thrones fans are definitely the worst so far, I’m not slating the show at all because I’ve enjoyed much of what I’ve seen. Honestly I just don’t have the staying power to sit and watch it, even if I don’t watch it there will be someone who will tell me about it either from the show or having read the books so I’m pretty caught up. I’m also aware that fans of the series really hate spoilers and will react angrily when exposed to them.

That’s another thing I don’t get, being super pissed off by spoilers… If someone is constantly spoiling it I can understand you would be irritated but still it’s funny how emotional people get over spoilers. I can hear spoilers or even read and still appreciate the execution of the scene. Each to their own I guess? I’m still not really one for watching shows but I’ve found something to pass time when I’m bored now. 

Fan bases can be crazy. I cringe when I see something like a Rick and Morty tattoo, wearing merchandise or a stranger referencing it in hopes to get a laugh. The same way I cringe when I hear or see memes used IRL. I really enjoy the show myself but the boner Reddit has for Rick and Morty is colossal.  

Speaking of fandom it’s ridiculous nowadays the people who have fans. YouTube personalities get fans and merch now. Then again a judge from a reality TV show can become president of the United States so… 

Personally I hope the wait for the new season isn’t too long because it’s almost the end of the season. I’ve had archer suggested to me by a friend, another show the jerk is strong for. Bob’s burgers I’m not really sure about, saying that, I’ve never even watched more than a short clip or two and that failed to hook me in the way Rick and Morty did. I may end up giving it another chance at some point if I am bored and desperate enough. 

I’m not sure if anyone here has heard of Ugly Americans? My ex girlfriend introduced me to it and we watched season one and I think season 2 but they never renewed it for whatever reason. I enjoyed passing time watching that. I hope they do renew it one day but I highly doubt it, which is a shame really. 

For the first time in many years I’ve actually sat down and watched a show, which makes me hope it doesn’t fall into the same traps as many other well known animated comedy has. It’s a little early to say but for now we can only hope. 



Some nice acquisitions

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Recently I treated myself, bought myself a gift to myself. Since everything failed so spectacularly recently and I lost a person of great importance to me I’ve not had enough fucks to give about keeling over from smoking related illnesses. Anyway I treated myself, it’s good to do that once in a while.

So I got myself a zippo lighter with Venetian patterning on it. It’s good quality and patterned in a way that it’s not tacky. It looks similar to this one, except that patterning is only on the top right and bottom left, smaller and more detailed.

The other thing was a gift. Chromium cigarette case which again looks pretty classy. It’s similar to this with and engraving. The letters read ‘PMC’ pall mall cigarettes maybe?
If I’m going to smoke I may as well invest a little in it.  I’ve gained a few new perspectives as to my attire and effects. If I’m going to look good I’ll have to do it properly. The cigarette case was a cool gift but I have no excuse for the zippo. I’ve just always wanted one and it was good deal.


Into the grey. 

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I’ve decided that I have to start doing something with my weekends. I’m bored of wasting money and time. I have to plan a day. I’ve already got company, I just had to think of a place to go and a thing to see or do. Eventually I settled on the idea of smoking a joint or two and traveling into London to spend a day stoned at the aquarium. 

I’m hoping to find somewhere nice to eat. Beer optional. I always enjoyed the aquarium, the visuals and seeing all those different species of fish. I also like the way they set up unusual displays, like a ford KA as a fishtank. I’ve never been stoned there before. I imagine it’ll be interesting.

Sure it’s a bit of a journey but it should be a good day and money well spent. I always loved the shark tank, they swim there ornate, looking almost inanimate. You see them snap to life as they are fed and you realise just how deadly that strange animal that glides before you actually is.

I’m actually looking forward to it, I haven’t been for a long time. My other ideas include the natural history museum and the British museum. I’d go out to eat but apparently my plus one refuses to travel just for the point of eating. Well he couldn’t score a perfect ten, could he.

I guess I have something to look forward too at least.


Brace yourself, Fallout 4 is coming.

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And I finally have a reason to get a next gen console…

I had been thinking of doing so for some time but I’m so far behind. I have a good twenty plus games from the last gen that I haven’t played what with my travelling and general disinterest in video games in the last five or so years. The general consensus is that I should purchase the PS4. A lot of people seem to want me to add them on PSN.

I’m in no rush, I think fallout isn’t out until November. I can wait for console prices to fall further and probably get the console with fallout 4 in some kind of package deal. More about the game. The reveal looked very typical of fallout 3. I could never decide which of the two I preferred.

I liked the atmosphere of fallout 3 but I found Vegas a lot less rigid. I think that in all I put more hours into FNV than fallout 3. I think fallout nv was just a lot more fun to screw around on. You know that you’ve put too many hours into a game when you smack a notoriously over-powered deathclaw around with a bladed gauntlet.

I did wonder about the BOS airship in the intro. Part of me really wants to be able to fly that thing. The introduction of vehicles in fallout would be an interesting mechanic even if their usage was limited in keeping with lore and the post apocalyptic setting. It would be interesting but a part of me doubts it.

We also saw dogmeat, our faithful hound. I’m kinda glad we have our dag because that animal saved my ass many times. I came to love that digital dog. I was surprised by the protagonists line or two of dialogue. It’s about time he had a voice.

I also hope they add all the little details that made Vegas such a good game. The stories, tragic suicides. The lovers whose skeletons are found in their final embrace. It was dark as hell but it set the scene. My ideal would’ve a mix of the fallout 3 atmosphere and those details from new Vegas.

I wonder if it’s smarter to wait a month or two to buy the game. I remember the glitches and all the fixes that new Vegas needed. It was a great game but buggy as hell. Probably smarter to let them work out the kinks before buying the game. 

At the moment this is the game I’m looking forward to.


Jurassic World.

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With the release of the trailer in the last few days it can be said that after a decade in development hell Jurassic World is upon us. I’ve been saying for a while now that they had better not ruin my childhood as sequels usually suffer from never quite living up to their predecessors. I didn’t mind the second Jurassic Park but the third wasn’t that great. I’m not sure if they were genuinely bad sequels or I just grew up, either way Jurassic Park sparked a life long interest in dinosaurs, unfortunately paleontology is a far cry from being chased by T-rex. All that said Jurassic Park is noted for being nowhere near accurate and I am okay with that, it’s a movie. Entertainment and nothing more. If you expected it to be factual you should probably be watching a documentary and not a Hollywood blockbuster. Who cares that they don’t have feathers? Sit back and enjoy the damn movie.

After having watched the trailer I know that Isla Nubar is now a fully functioning theme park, quite different from Hammond’s original vision but stunning nonetheless. We see crowds, sophisticated transportation systems and for the first time in the series we’re introduced to marine reptiles. There’s the fan favourites the Velociraptors which are closer to Deinonychus than their namesake. It has everything a Jurassic Park movie should contain, so far so good right? Then comes the problem. Remember how the Tyrannosaurus Rex was the main attraction in the first movie? Well they’ve revisited that in a way that makes me skeptical. The Diabolus Rex, Diabolus meaning Devil I believe. Nice name but here is what bothers me, this new T-Rex isn’t any old cloned dinosaur it is a genetically modified super dinosaur. You think they would have learned the first three times… Anyway, here’s a concept picture.

Sorry if I have annoyed you with what could be considered a spoiler, then again it’s nothing you don’t know if you haven’t already watched the trailer and Googled Jurassic World so I’m pretty sure I can get away without slapping spoiler warnings all over the title. This isn’t reddit, get over yourselves. Even though I am pretty skeptical about the whole genetically modified super dino angle, I’m hoping this installment can capture the magic of the first film in a way that the second and third failed to do. I’m willing to pay money, sit on sticky seats, put up with annoying children and adults all while practically fisting the person next to me due to lack of arm room so this had better be good. If this is a disappointment myself and so many others will have waited a decade for nothing so understandably people are going to be pissed. If it is a let-down I can’t see me ever going to the cinema again.

So let’s hope it doesn’t turn out like this:

It will be the first time I’ve been to the cinema since Guardians Of The Galaxy, which I was dragged into under duress by my wonderful girlfriend. At first I didn’t even realize we were seeing a movie…
I was surprised by GOTG actually. Before that the last thing I watched in a cinema was Borat which I had to see three times because the first two times I was completely wasted, I’ve always been a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen though and the movie was pretty good. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Jurassic World will be a decent sequel to the first movie despite the genetically modified super dinosaur angle but something in me makes me believe I will be unimpressed and that this movie will capitalize on the scenes and dinosaurs we fondly remember from the first and second movies. I’ve already seen part of the trailer the is reminiscent of the child hiding from T-Rex in the first movie but I remain hopeful. All I can do is go into the cinema with a clear head and attempt to enjoy the movie I’ve waited so long for.

Please don’t be a flop.

Porta Dos Fundos.

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Porta dos fundos or ‘Back door.’ She introduced me to these guys months back and I was throughly entertained. They are a comedy troupe from Brazil who parody various social issues and other situations. Even if you’re not Brazilian yourself  and don’t quite understand some of those issues it is definitely worth a watch, you’re guaranteed to get a laugh out of one of the videos there. It’s usually in Portuguese but not to worry I found the english subtitled version of their channel here:

Have a look, it is definitely worth the time.

On the recent lunar eclipse…

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I found this while kicking around on the internet at some ungodly hour and it perfectly describes my feelings on the plethora of Facebook posts about the recent lunar eclipse.