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You had one job YouTube.

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Recently I began thinking to myself, if only there were a way to watch my favourite things without hearing about the next Ancient Aliens special or whatever bullshit they are putting on the ad-breaks. My girlfriend watches a lot of documentary type stuff and my sister is an internet tv regular so I thought they would be the best people to ask, turns out my sister is useless if it isn’t TV programs you’re looking for and my girlfriend uses YouTube. I prefer watching factual/educational things because if I’m going to waste an hour of my life I may aswell learn something along the way.

I think it has to do with the imagery of the natural world. I find it relaxing and some of the scenery is truly beautiful, in a way I takes me to a place I’d rather be. Brazil has me craving more green space, London can be so grey and depressing at times. I eventually found myself on YouTube where I encountered a problem. YouTube seems very inconsistent at times with the odd episode of a David Attenborough series here and there. I just can’t seem to find anything I’m specifically interested in, even the Dinosaur/Paleontology thing I watched was a let-down. I’m surprised by that, I don’t remember Horizon being a cheap rip-off of Walking with plasticine. (My affectionate name for the BBC series Walking With Dinosaurs.)

I can’t seem to find any decent websites for that sort of watching, maybe I just need to look harder but thus far YouTube has been a huge let-down, either that or I’m just looking in all the wrong places. All the Attenborough series I’ve seen on there tend to be older or just the less interesting ones. I’m kinda disappointed actually… seems as if YouTube is only good for music, watching animals do stupid things and watching people hurt themselves.


Porta Dos Fundos.

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Porta dos fundos or ‘Back door.’ She introduced me to these guys months back and I was throughly entertained. They are a comedy troupe from Brazil who parody various social issues and other situations. Even if you’re not Brazilian yourself  and don’t quite understand some of those issues it is definitely worth a watch, you’re guaranteed to get a laugh out of one of the videos there. It’s usually in Portuguese but not to worry I found the english subtitled version of their channel here:

Have a look, it is definitely worth the time.

I have to admit this is pretty awesome.

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Joseph Kony

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My view on the Kony thing in a nutshell

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Kony thing by now, yeah, I have too and it’s pretty annoying. It really began to piss me off the more I learned about the situation. The thing that really drive that ball home is the hipsters endorsing it. Facebook was used as a viral platform for what some people are calling a scam.

I have a lot of issues with this particular situation. From what I’ve heard and researched since this began by woman wanting me to watch a 27 minute video and my refusal to do so, then a little research and some history. I also learned things about the so-called ‘charity’ and heard the words of someone from the area, this was from youtube however.

I first read that very little money, a figure around 30% of donations actually go to the people. Then later I hear that al-Qaeda is a bigger threat and that LRA hasn’t been active for around six years, this apparently coming from her family in Uganda and her father asked why they were even talking about it.
The Man who made the report has benefited substantially. It was also said that Kony may even be dead or out of Uganda at this time so giving any money to capture him would be pointless seeing as the army aren’t allowed to pursue him into other jurisdictions. And besides what kind of equipment is 30% going to get them.

The People who want to raise awareness are so ill-informed or mostly shallow idiots. The cause is a good one, the causes of most charities are. Charity does not work in all cases. I believe this to be one of those cases. Charity isn’t going to solve this problem. These so-called aware and conscious people forget that this sort of thing has been happening in the region for 20+ years and there has even been a genocide. Why do people suddenly care now. You could have helped a long time ago and if you weren’t alive then you could do more good in the peacecorp, or some humanitarian group. Or maybe you did it to say ‘look everyone watch me giving!’
or ‘look at how much I gave’
alternatively ‘Watch, can you see me caring’
You’re all bad people. Deal with it.

And finally the worst offenders in all of this. The Hipsters. You have spread this like wildfire over facebook, similarly to the way most people did. The awareness hipsters are the worst, what happened to freeing Tibet assholes?
You really do disgust me. There are a lot more of you than I first thought. A little close to home for my liking. So I have set up bear traps baited with hot-topic products and pabst.

(update, just saw picture of members of said charity posing with kony’s men. There does need to be military intervention. Surgical intervention. You don’t want to kill these kids, you want to kill their leadership. No way should it be a large military operation. Plus giving them funds is kinda stupid who know where it’ll end up, african governments being corrupt as they can be. It’ll be some time before they can capture or kill him. Lets hope they can do it with minimal loss of children forced into this madness. The charity in itself is still useless to anyone except those profiting from it.)