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When your employer attempts to mug you off.

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I said I would stop talking about work and I promise all of you I will do so but tonight I need a good moan. I appreciate that the title was very British. Sometimes in life things are too good to be true like for example my job. I was quite happy there until today. Until my employers believed I was stupid.

My work place is a changing environment. People come and go, regulations/policy change has happened twice during my time there. However they try to paint it, I’m not stupid, I’ve looked them up. I learned a long time ago that you have to do your research. Never go in completely blind.

Ex-employees have restarted the company and despite the turn over its going quite well. I understand employees have to make small sacrifices in order to ensure the welfare of the company especially at an early stage. I understand from the point of view of the employer.

I don’t appreciate being lied to about the small things but being a misanthrope these lies dominate most of the conversations I’ve had and will ever have. Even if you can see them and they irritate you it would do you no justice to point them out. Let them feel comfortable in their lie. Sometimes you have to.

There is a certain part that bothers me, one in which I find myself disinclined to acquiesce to my employers request. It’s the part where they’re taking an almost illegal punitive measures. They expect me to work outside of my contractual hours without compensation for my time or efforts.

This being illegal. If my contract states this and it doesn’t fall in line with the law of the land then it becomes null and void or at least the clause stating that I should do so. Basically I’m not legally required. Willing or even able to work that hour. Especially not without pay.

I complained about HMRC previously but in this case it was their website where I gained a greater understanding of my rights. I had an idea this wasn’t legal but now I’m backed by law. Dismissing me for refusing to work that extra time is good for an unfair dissmissal tribunal.

This should be a barrel of fun. My colleague is a member of a union who I will consult through him and provide evidence where necessary. I’m about to butt horns with a stagg. It’s a good thing the lion still has claws. I’m prepared to get my way, negotiate if necessary or for zero hour. I have to be thankful, I’ll admit to that, to the state in this case. It will be the first time it has ever worked in my favour. 

I know 80-90% of the company is not on board but just how many are willing to stand up and shout ‘I am Spartacus.’ I bet 70% would across the company. Some are willing to walk out but I’d like if I could solve this without any of my co workers leaving. I like them. It’s just sad that I have a greater picture than people who have been there so long. Maybe a better nose for people’s bullshit.

Like I said I’m willing to be political about this. I’m willing to strike a deal to my advantage or to equal advantage but I’ll obviously push for my best interests and prospects. After all they’re in the wrong. I want to keep the job but I’m not worried about losing it too much. 

I actually enjoyed my job before all this fuckery. Obviously I haven’t revealed the extent of my aresenal in this post. Showing one’s hand is foolish. I’ve only put it out there that I know my rights and this is the general sentiment. If our company is democratic as it should be then we will win. 

I was a part of a walkout today. All of us collectively said ‘fuck that.’ We went home after our day had ended as per our contract. Nobody was staying and my boss didn’t even want to stay. There was some poor attempt at asserting his authority ‘ it starts tomorrow.’ Now, I know the man wants to make a living but I also know he answers to people and the equipment isn’t his.

I’m willing to work with the man if he is willing to be reasonable. Tell my man shut up and let me handle my shit. I’m moving weight at this company. Day 2 of the month and I’m 25% of my target. I like working here and my check hasn’t entered my fucking bank yet but shit when it does. I’m not going to complain. 

That’s the other fuckery… From 7 plus, sometimes during lunch I deal with personal affairs and admin/finance for my home. This 8 o’clock shit isn’t gonna fly unless I get paid. Even if I did capitulate which I won’t, how the fuck am I took cook diner?

Long and ranty like most of my posts….

World wide warranty, satisfaction guarantee so if you aren’t happy just bring it right back to me.



Things have come to a head.

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You may or may not remember me mentioning that my branch manager was a dick, well someone from sales isn’t so good at their job and there’s this racial favoritism thing going on so rather than firing him they’ve reduced my hours right on top of Christmas so he can come onto the floor and told me I’m on one day per week, not only that but they had the audacity to ask me to do two extra hours after delivering this news, to which I replied with a prompt ‘no… I can’t work an extra two hours.’ I remember my new supervisor saying ‘you do favors for me and I’ll help you by providing the hours you need.’ Well that bit him in the ass today when I saw that he was doing me no favors whatsoever. They’re also getting rid of newbie and replacing him. Which sucks but I’ve told him that he’s probably better off for leaving the place. To be honest, given the choice I would not have worked there. I’m sick of being affected by the inadequacies of management and senior staff then getting blamed for them. So I have a lot of spare time meaning I’ll be writing a lot more alongside looking for a decent job. Less stress more money and maybe even the chance of a social life? Who knows. I’ll be generally busy finding work but I think I’m going to enjoy this next week or two because I can’t remember the last time I had a life or something resembling that. Needless to say I’m about done working at that place with all its bullshit, idiot co-workers, idiot customers and the like.

I’m done.

Workplace Politics and why I can’t wait to start working!

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I had a conversation with my mother the other day, this rarely happens due to a rift between us consisting of the fact that she can be a bitch and I’m a stubborn asshole. Make no mistake I love my mother but she can be difficult at times. When my phone is up and running she is going on speed-dial as 666. During our conversation we talked about her work, it’s stressful, mind-numbing, infuriating but at times rewarding. My mother works in social care for a large company in the UK.
It isn’t her ‘service users’ (pc term that I hate) that make the job hell it is her co-workers.

She has some very good co-workers whom she wouldn’t trade for their weight in gold, they make it a pleasure to work there but there are some very lazy ones. The old people sometimes make life harder where they will only let an African Carer bathe them if they have a long-standing relationship of trust and understand which is perfectly reasonable because they grew up in a time when there were very few African immigrants and a few Jamaican ones. Plus it’s totally cool for old people to be racist. Old people get away with so much crap it is unreal. If I live that long I’m going to enjoy old age to the max.

Moving on there is this one woman who is trying for the equivalent of floor manager, she hasn’t been there long at all and she is basically trying to pull power from under the current manager’s feet. The home had a few incidents related to improper care or rough handling by various african carers. It isn’t because they’re black it may have a little to do with cultural differences but it is definitely down to the individual to treat these people with care and respect even if they are ex-criminals, possibly pedophiles and generally pains in the collective ass of the team. The old people related to the complaints are generally nice people. I’ve met them. Going into that place is like having 50 grandmothers all wanting hugs and trying to give me out of date candy.

This woman, is generally an incompetent worker. Taking out personal grievances, during work hours, against the staff or anyone who rubs her the wrong way. The things I’ve been told and seen are her trying to hand out shifts and preferred work to members of her church. Is she African, you guessed it! Here’s where things get complicated. My mother and her work associate are the only two white carers in the building. The other white carer basically challenged this woman for doing something wrong and because of this she’s gone and made a complaint about racism. Is it because she is black?
Apparently so.

My mother’s name was also mentioned. Knowing that woman personally and knowing her background (Having a Jamaican step father and little sister) I can tell you that my mother is far from racist however in the United-Kingdom we have this thing called political correctness read stepping on eggshells. So if my mother uses the wrong language in her interview she will be branded as racist and lose her job despite having zero racist tendencies. It sucks hard.
I told my mother to make a pre-emptive professional complaint about her unsuitability for that kind of work and her attitude towards staff making everyone’s life harder. My mother will not complain for fear of being branded racist although she is backed by her boss.

The various other carers of African descent will not address their grievances with this woman for many reasons, I suspect that some are here illegally which is none of my business but others don’t want to make life any harder than it is. It’s funny how nobody will come to the office to address a problem since she has been there. She doesn’t listen and overrides every rebuttal with her perceived ‘authorita.’
The break down in communication is really screwing the home up and my mother doesn’t deserve having to deal with this idiot on a daily basis.

I’m hoping the current manager keeps her job and this woman doesn’t get in or I give it a year and the home will close. My mother has wanted to leave for a while but cannot find it in her heart to abandon her old people. Which is admirable considering the crap she puts up with on a daily basis. We’ll have to see how this one plays out. Even the old people won’t complain about this lady (something old people do well) so that says something. Everyone feels that they cannot speak to her because they’ll be ignored and overrided by this idiot.

I can’t wait to work. If I encounter somebody like this I will slaughter them both professionally in team meetings and personally whenever I get the chance. You cannot work effectively with people like her in the workforce. It just isn’t possible. Screw it they can call me racist, fire me or whatever but I will drag this person down with me. Come to think of it maybe my mother should join a union. I hope, however, despite all of that crap that I get good co-workers who are both funny, interesting and annoying at time. Who will call me out if I mess up and guide me in the right direction. I hope my experiences of employment are rewarding both personally and professionally. Oh and regarding the care home, there’s a lot more crap from this woman I have omitted.

I would kill someone like this, call me racist. I dare you.