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Do you like Pina Coladas?

Posted in Love, The Internet., women with tags , , , , , on January 17, 2017 by MISANTHROPIST

The strangest thing happened to me today, I posted on a popular website to meet new people as I’d been alone lately. A woman answered me from Europe and I replied, 12 hours later she got back to me and told me where she was from. In the same message she asked my name which I provided.

She said she could relate to my post a lot with what had been going on in her life. I felt like I knew her, it felt very familiar. She replies with my full name and I return with my nickname for her. It turns out to be my ex girlfriend who I just broke up with.

We talked a lot after that, I thought she would just stop replying but we talked and had the most meaningful conversation we’ve had in months. I’ve felt nothing but either determined, pissed off or caffeinated for a while now so you can imagine. Suddenly emotions.

We reconciled and she seems to have grown since we have been away. We spoke the whole evening and we were honest with one another, I feel like this she hasn’t let me in like this in a while. A few things occurred to me during the conversation that may be important. 

If we hadn’t spoken today we may not have spoken for months or ever. She said she almost deleted it because she was tired but she finished it before bed. Today she told me she loved me and when she found out other women were interested she opened up and said she was afraid of losing me. 

She was afraid that by the time she is okay it will be too late. I’ll be gone and she isn’t half wrong. I could have easily done so if I had to. It’s been a fucking weird day for me. We’re not back together but this is a start. She needs to learn to let me in, I know it’s not on purpose.

She said that people haven’t been the best to her when she opened up in the past. I promptly reminded her that I’m not people. I pointed out how she spoke about loving me, fell asleep with me and spoke about us having a life together but she hasn’t let me in. Paradox much?

She seemed to understand this logic. Again a step forward. She’s changed a little and for the better but she’s still herself. I do see through her, I just wish she would tell me rather than let me read her. I’m willing to be patient and assured her that I’m not going to disappear on her. She misses me and loves me, I guess that’s a start.

She finally dropped the bullshit and pulled back when she realised I could see someone else. Why should it have taken so much for her to do this. I had to reassure her that of all people I will accept her for who she is and how she feels. Does she not think that’s important to me?

I have to get the fucking difficult ones… despite being difficult she’s a sweet woman. Warm, caring in her own way. I guess we’ll see where it goes. This lifts a weight off me, I’ll admit.

I still don’t like pina coladas though…



The world cup…

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We performed terribly at this world cup, don’t get me wrong I never expected us to win but I thought we should at least get to the knock out stages. We bring this sport to all different parts of the world annnnd they beat us at our own game. That’s a good thing really, I always enjoyed the differences in play style, a good example is Brazil. They play the game at a totally different pace to our team, that and their particular brand of football was very entertaining to watch as a child. I hope they win, the amount of shit this cup has caused in Brazil they need to win it or at least come close. Our national team’s performance was completely abysmal and to be honest we deserved to go out. This cup has been a bit of a clusterfuck, it seems all the underdog teams are doing well.

I was particularly pleased to learn that Belgium knocked the USA out. Don’t get me wrong the US team played well but the fans man… you guys talk as if you’re a world-class team when you barely qualify most of the time. Someone had to knock those fans down a peg or three, I had secretly hoped it’d be Mexico but yeah Belgium is just as good.
Another thing, what is it with Suarez biting people, apparently psychologists believe it was an emotional response, either way this is football not Mike Tyson’s boxing. How the hell did he even get away with it for so long? He’s only just been punished and this is what? Jaws 3 I believe.

While we’re on the weird and wonderful what the hell is the deal with this guy, I can only describe this fan as the ‘Nazi420pope’ three things that should never be in the same sentence.

Another thing is this, looks like a locust but neither of them seem to bothered by the other. I remember Skype chatting with her before and this huge bug crawls across the table in front of her, what does she do? She picks the huge fucker up and just throws it out of the window like it’s nothing. Usually women scream and run, she laughs at it, says it’s cute and throws it out of the window like it’s nothing. Not sure if that’s a Brazilian thing or just her. Kinda admired her for that.

Japan… I expected no less from Japan. If I’m surprised it’s because it was pretty mild. Still pretty strange, what is this even supposed to be…

One thing I can say is at least Brazil didn’t knock us out, she’d never let me live that one down. I’m still in a position where I can wind her up by saying ‘I remember when Brazil were a phenomenal team, what happened?’ Which is when I get cussed out in Portuguese. I still haven’t stopped teasing her about Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez being at Brazil’s opening ceremony. That just seemed retarded to me they have nothing at all to do with Brazil, Pitbull should restrict his mumbling to women and clubs. She has said to me multiple times that their opening ceremony was poor and looked like something her class did at their school games. I was more upset about the Capoeira being cut short.

It’s been a weird one.