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Into the grey. 

Posted in cool stuff, England, Travel with tags , , , , , , , on June 21, 2015 by MISANTHROPIST

I’ve decided that I have to start doing something with my weekends. I’m bored of wasting money and time. I have to plan a day. I’ve already got company, I just had to think of a place to go and a thing to see or do. Eventually I settled on the idea of smoking a joint or two and traveling into London to spend a day stoned at the aquarium. 

I’m hoping to find somewhere nice to eat. Beer optional. I always enjoyed the aquarium, the visuals and seeing all those different species of fish. I also like the way they set up unusual displays, like a ford KA as a fishtank. I’ve never been stoned there before. I imagine it’ll be interesting.

Sure it’s a bit of a journey but it should be a good day and money well spent. I always loved the shark tank, they swim there ornate, looking almost inanimate. You see them snap to life as they are fed and you realise just how deadly that strange animal that glides before you actually is.

I’m actually looking forward to it, I haven’t been for a long time. My other ideas include the natural history museum and the British museum. I’d go out to eat but apparently my plus one refuses to travel just for the point of eating. Well he couldn’t score a perfect ten, could he.

I guess I have something to look forward too at least.




Posted in Brazil with tags , , , , , on November 10, 2014 by MISANTHROPIST

It has occurred to me tonight how much I miss Brazil. It was a beautiful place. Sure it has its problems but the people were warm and welcoming. I miss the green spaces, happy people and how you could randomly strike up a conversation. Do that in London, see how they can’t wait to get away from you. Maybe I had the fact that I’m a gringo on my side also the English accent seems to be a universal novelty. Good thing I’m used to that by now. The social aspect of things in brazil was great, everything was so easy-going. I could strike up conversation easily and meet new people in a way that just isn’t possible in London. Even the poorest of people seemed like they had something that was missing back home. Despite their circumstances they seemed genuinely happy.

I loved how easy-going everyone was. You made an arrangement to go out at a certain time but were expected to be up to an hour late. In the event you were late nobody became needlessly pissed off about it. You would just have drinks until they got there. I also miss the ease of living, I could practically get anything delivered to the door, from fast food to cigarettes. The food was also fucking amazing, from her home cooked meals to something I got from a street vendor on a drunken night out in town. Everything was so easy. Another thing is that in London we have this problem, you can’t really go out without a plan. You can’t just hang around outside, in Brazil we could go to a beach or some other beautiful spot and even if it was just enjoy a few cans or a little smoke with friends the weather and scenery was beautiful. We just don’t have that kind of environment in London, socially and geographically speaking.

I can’t see why anyone from Brazil would want to spend an extended amount of time in London, other than the exchange value of the pound sterling. I think coming from Brazil to London would make anyone miserable. In comparison London seems dead. I had a wonderful time in there with a wonderful woman and her amazing family, maybe that’s it. I’m blinded by love or just taken by a place so warm yet so alien to me. I enjoyed America while I was there but Brazil has been a different thing entirely, more challenging for me but a lot more rewarding at the same time. Another thing is I keep drinking Cachaça. Fucking Pitu. I don’t even like it but it has become a drink of pure sentiment. Needless to say I fucking miss Brazil. I hope to see it again soon. I wasn’t even in the usual tourist spots, I’d recommend traveling outside of the usual tourist traps if you ever find yourself in Brazil. See the country outside of Rio and the south. I recommend Recife.

Prague, Czechia.

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My current girlfriend is a fan of the Czech Republic having studied there for a time and she suggested that we go to Prague, CZ, for our anniversary. First thing that struck me after the visuals was how damn cheap it is there. Seems like a nice, inexpensive getaway for us and she knows the landscape very well. She was talking about taking me to get some of the original czech Budweiser amongst other things. It sounds like we’re going to be going around February/March time. I’m pretty excited about it. I get to get away from London and spend more time with her. We’ve also spoken about Amsterdam and Finland, seeing as she’s studying there. I could be pretty booked over the next year.


And so I fly.

Posted in Brazil with tags , , , , , on July 13, 2014 by MISANTHROPIST

Checked my baggage dimensions, weight and the usual. Seems 158cm and 23kgs is the international standard. I still get kinda paranoid before I fly. Maybe paranoia is the wrong word, it’s more like an anxiety. Airlines can be retarded when it comes to excess. I mean you can get charged for that and god help you if you want to change a flight date. Get ready to spend my friend. Zero hour is tomorrow morning, flight isn’t until the afternoon but with traffic in London being as crazy as it gets I’m leaving much earlier than I need to. Better to be waiting at the airport for a few hours than be stuck in traffic. I fly from London to Lisbon then from Lisbon to Brazil. It’ll be a long one but well worth it. Don’t be surprised if you hear nothing from me over the course of the next month. I’m coming back a few days before my Birthday so that will be interesting. One thing I always hated about coming home is that feeling of missing the place you just left, it lingers for a while. Especially when you stay long enough to get settled into their way of life. I think a good word for that feeling is Saudade. I think that would be the right word for it.

So yeah I’ll be quiet for a while but I’m sure I’ll have a lot to write about upon my turn.

Plans have changed once more.

Posted in Brazil, General, Love with tags , , , , on July 5, 2014 by MISANTHROPIST

I’m still off to Brazil but Peru has been cancelled for another time due to various educational requirements and her having a very tight schedule. I’m going to a health spa instead now, I’m not a spa kinda guy but I guess I could do with the healthy part. It’d do me some good to get fitter and once I do I’ll have to maintain it. She has all sorts of craziness planned for me when I arrive. I’m genuinely excited for the first time in a long time. I wanted to go to Peru but yeah, it doesn’t matter. In reality she’s the reason I’m going to Brazil in the first place so as long as I get to spend time with her I’m a happy guy. It’s going to be fucking awesome.

She’s also going to be teaching me some martial arts, when she’s back in London on a more permanent basis she wants us to do Aikido together which is always fun. It’ll be good to get back into the martial arts, for fitness and its other benefits  One thing I have to give her is that she pushes me to do more, like to go to university and get my degree. I’ve had a lot of people tell me I should go, I have talents and such but yeah coming from someone like her it somehow makes a lot more sense. She’s a very intelligent girl and I know it, maybe it’s that. I’ve had women who want me to be happy but it’s more than that with her, she wants to see me do well for myself so she pushes me to do better. To be honest I’m a lot more confident than I was a year ago.

She’s not only making me happy she’s teaching me a lot about money, the value of connections and the world in general. I’ve learned more from her in these last months than I have in years. Her encouragement is helpful. I think I need that sometimes. I got so tired of people and the world in general I slipped into apathy and it isn’t serving me well at all. She’s made me realize that. This one really wants the best for me.

I feel like a kid on Christmas.

Plans have changed.

Posted in Brazil with tags , , , , , , on June 9, 2014 by MISANTHROPIST

I’m not going to Brazil within the week anymore, it’s been put back to next month. She did that thing again where she likes to surprise me and I’m now going to Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. South American short tour. I’ve finally started messing with her since she decided it’d be funny to freak me out about her being pregnant. Yeah, she likes to mess with me. So when she tells me we’re going to Peru and Bolivia I ask ‘Is that the one with the cocaine or the civil war?’ To which I get cursed in Portuguese. I’m beginning to catch on to her small grammatical mistakes and tease her about them. It’s always fun. It’s really sweet of her to do this stuff for me, all the extra I mean. She knows I always wanted to see the rainforest so she’s taking me to the ‘real amazon’ as she puts it.

I will be updating this place I’m just really busy with the change in plans. I’ll be gone for a month when I do leave but I’ll have a lot of new stories. I have something I’ve wanted to post for a while now but I just haven’t had the time. I’ll get to it ASAP.

Upon entering inner London you magically become a dick!

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Spending more time in the city definitely added to my over all disdain for people. From the pickpockets I overheard and the fake beggar to your average commuter. The only thing I’ve gained other than a  girlfriend is an up to date and working knowledge of London’s Tube network. Whoever said ‘he who is tired of London is tired of life’ clearly never shared a sidewalk with your average London commuter or spent an extended period of time there. It’s usual to come back from trips to London slightly more pissed off than when you left for it. It seems to me that people hit the square mile and are suddenly stripped of manners and any decency. I spend my time day dreaming about slapping one of those people with their brief case or how I could cause serious bodily harm with a hipster’s Ipad.

Maybe I’m being unfair here. The people who live in the area don’t seem to bad. It’s usually the commuters. Even the tourists who barely speak English are much more polite than they are. The students are even better behaved of a day-time. London commuters are what makes travel stressful, not the delays or high prices. Commuters definitely take a high spot as one of the worst groups of people in the world. When we were out one night she almost got hit by a cyclist, they already received enough hate of late and a string of portuguese expletives. She went from zero to Latina in about 3 seconds. Faster than a London commute and 100% less delays. Spending time in London really took me back to my misanthropic roots even if I was completely head over heels. Sure I’m a little more optimistic but people in general are a shitty as ever.

Maybe Brazil will be better. People certainly seem happier than Londoners. Then again that isn’t hard.