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So Survivor 2299 is a fake…

Posted in Gaming, trolled, Useless information. with tags , , , , , , , , , on December 10, 2013 by MISANTHROPIST

I will admit it had me for a few days but I’m a skeptical S.O.B at the best of times so I was just waiting for someone to report a discrepancy somewhere and they did eventually confirming my suspicion that it was a fake. It does surprise me how so few people expected a Rickroll, this was a perfect opportunity and everyone should have seen it coming. People jumped on the hype train and got stupid. Lesson learned. Until next time. People should have twigged when the domain was registered with Go-daddy and the site’s code changed after a thread on Reddit disputed its authenticity. I mean if those weren’t red flags then you’re a little slow.

I kinda feel bad for r/fallout. They seem genuinely upset if not angry about the whole thing. If I was as invested and less cynical maybe I’d be too. From the other side of the fence I’d have to say that this was a 9/10 troll. Would have been a 10/10 if the troll in question didn’t hesitate and change the site’s code. I’d bet he or she was in that thread at the time, started sweating and screwed it all up. I bet that fucker is laughing his/her ass off right now and I have but one thing to say to them:
Well played. Well played.

And to r/fallout. Although you were naive I do feel for you. Learn from this and don’t get fooled again. I feel your feels.



Fallout 4

Posted in America, cool stuff, Gaming with tags , , , , , , on November 23, 2013 by MISANTHROPIST

Now this is a game I’m genuinely excited for. There’s been a lot of speculation with the tweets from three dog’s voice actor which seem to confirm that fallout 4 is underway. Then there’s the survivor 2299 website which is fake and had/still has a lot of people fooled. All of it is hyping people up for the release of this game. Even if the second one was just a clever way of screwing with people. Either way I look forward to this game. I wondered if anyone else here was eagerly awaiting news. Let’s hope it doesn’t go Van Buren on us. I thought I’d also like to add that three dog annoys the living shit out of me.