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General stupidity with a dash of misanthropy.

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It’s been a while since I wrote anything with a real hint of misanthropy. I often complain that all the people I know are stupid which might sound quite harsh but today I have a great example for you all. Someone recently talked to me about Micheal Jackson’s body being found on his Neverland Ranch. He mentioned his murder occurring 20 years earlier and that he was found wearing his iconic glove. I kinda giggled at that for a little bit then entertained him in order to hear more. Then I began hearing it more and more from other people. I get annoyed enough by hearing about it to look it up. It’s an Onion article. People take The Onion as fact. Then again this isn’t the first time so hats off to the writers over at The Onion for their writing style and their ability to fool stupid people into believing its real news while creating some light entertainment for everyone else.

I really can’t believe this was so far-reaching, some even mentioned it had been in the papers. I have yet to verify this but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had showed up in some low tier news publication (If you’re from London you’ll know the ones I’m talking about.) If that’s really the case I will have justified the fact that I don’t read the newspapers anymore. The funniest thing about all this is that if I mentioned The Onion to one of those people they would have no clue what I was talking about. Maybe it isn’t their fault. Most of the people I know are generally ignorant of the world around them. Even the smaller things. I don’t share in that bliss, something I am mostly glad of. What I really don’t understand is that nobody I know seems to question the authenticity of these things. The claim didn’t even seem out of the ordinary to them, the just accept it as fact. Sometimes I don’t understand people’s stupidity.

Maybe I’m in the wrong environment.


So Survivor 2299 is a fake…

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I will admit it had me for a few days but I’m a skeptical S.O.B at the best of times so I was just waiting for someone to report a discrepancy somewhere and they did eventually confirming my suspicion that it was a fake. It does surprise me how so few people expected a Rickroll, this was a perfect opportunity and everyone should have seen it coming. People jumped on the hype train and got stupid. Lesson learned. Until next time. People should have twigged when the domain was registered with Go-daddy and the site’s code changed after a thread on Reddit disputed its authenticity. I mean if those weren’t red flags then you’re a little slow.

I kinda feel bad for r/fallout. They seem genuinely upset if not angry about the whole thing. If I was as invested and less cynical maybe I’d be too. From the other side of the fence I’d have to say that this was a 9/10 troll. Would have been a 10/10 if the troll in question didn’t hesitate and change the site’s code. I’d bet he or she was in that thread at the time, started sweating and screwed it all up. I bet that fucker is laughing his/her ass off right now and I have but one thing to say to them:
Well played. Well played.

And to r/fallout. Although you were naive I do feel for you. Learn from this and don’t get fooled again. I feel your feels.


Idiots, social networking, society, celebrity and the individual.

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An idiot I have the displeasure of knowing recently posted to Facebook regarding the death of Nelson Mandela. I’m usually one for the whole ‘X died, who gives a damn’ thing. A shining example of me being a good human being is the death of the actor from the Fast and the Furious films. I really don’t care beyond wondering if it was ironic or consequential. The films were bad and so were the actors. It’s unfortunate but it is what happens when you dick around in machines at high speeds. Don’t take that as malice because it isn’t. I’m kind of irritated by the whole thing because I saw maybe one mention of the stunt driver who also died. Am I an asshole or is the majority made up of terrible individuals who fetishise celebrities to the point where the death of a non celebrity in the seat next to him is of little consequence regardless of the fact that you could probably relate to him more than Paul Walker.

I went just a little off track but not entirely off topic. The idiot I was referring to earlier posted something along the lines of:

‘What is wrong with people posting all of this Nelson Mandela stuff, he’s dead, get over it. He has no affiliation to you or any influence on yourself or your life so stop putting up posts you retards.’

Now normally I might agree with him had he been talking about a celebrity or whomever but this is Nelson Mandela and he may have no real influence on your life but he has achieved much in his time. I mean even if we are to take this whole thing down to a base level compare the achievements of an idiot who makes idiotic and baseless comments over Facebook to the achievements of a man who was once a president, a man who made a difference. His achievements are too long to list and yours include looking like a fucking retard for all to see over the internet.

As a white male. Yes I checked my privilege. Nelson Mandela’s work may not have personally affected me but I can still look at a great achievement and say that the man did good with his 95 years on this planet which is more than I can say for most. If anything Mandela lived a meaningful life that benefited many and if there were a final judgement I’m pretty sure he’d do just fine. I can’t decide whether this is a commentary on society and its obsession with celebrity, an obituary, or a stark reminder that your stupidity and ignorance does not provide you an opportunity to bitch about something you obviously have zero understanding of.

I can’t believe I know this person… Other than that I’m really not surprised by any of this.

What the actual fuck?

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I recently read an article saying that EA digital purchases are going to be more expensive on next-gen consoles. My first thought was ‘ha that would be a bitch if EA actually made good games.’ Then I saw a few on the list I liked and it began to bother me a little. To give you a real idea a normal game here is something like £40 maybe a little more if you bother with all that special edition crap. They’re looking at charging you around £62 for their games. What the actual fuck? What gives a piss poor company like EA the right to charge so much for these games, it’s an insult really. I’ve often asked myself how such a company that makes such a poor product could still exist, I honestly hope that pulling this crap is the death of Electronic Arts but it won’t be. Unfortunately. Also if these games are available in stores of their usual price why is somebody going to spend the extra money? Some sort of extra content maybe?
Good thing that AC:4 and BF:4 are available on the PS3 because to be honest these two games are the only reason EA sees a penny of my money other than that the rest of their products aren’t worth bothering with. No shit to their original creators or developers, I have no issue with them, just EA.


I’ve seen this too much.

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The younger ones seem to forget this especially. I imagine redditors are guilty of this one too. Running around their dorms and sitting at their local starbucks or its English equivalent spouting memes and talking about Reddit. Surely you have more important things like a degree to worry about or work maybe?

The Treyvon Martin Case

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You know something? I really didn’t want to write about this. I didn’t even really follow it but of late the case has been unavoidable even for someone who doesn’t watch the news. By now I’ve heard so many conflicting news stories and accounts its quite hard to make any sense of it at all. I wonder if the case notes are available so I can get some established facts. I have a rough idea but that’s hazy at best. It’s sad that it’s so hard to get reliable information because getting the big scoop was made a competition by greedy bastards in the media. It’s no longer about the facts, it’s about breaking the story before anyone else and reporting things that barely stand as facts. As you can tell I lost faith in the media a long time ago.

This whole case is messed up, I think that even if Treyvon attack Zimmerman his reaction was extreme and beyond the realm of reasonable force. Even if Treyvon was in the wrong in whatever he did, shooting him dead was unwarranted. Nothing in terms of innocence or guilt can be established by any evidence I’ve seen. One thing I will say is that Martin’s race should have nothing to do with this trial unless Zimmerman was heard hurling racial slurs at him before shooting him dead. I mean I’ve seen a lot of people looking at this in terms of a white on black crime when Zimmerman is Hispanic and doesn’t even pass for white.

Some people like to say that they don’t see color but that is crap. Everyone see’s color it’s a visible difference and it isn’t just skin deep, bone structure and facial structure is also visibly different between races, everybody notices that. People laugh and joke to each-other about certain stereotypes every single day, all over the world and in the next breath they’ll try to tell you they don’t see color. The differences are there. Don’t pretend they aren’t. What we should be doing is viewing each-other as human beings. Sure you’re Black, White, Asian, Indian or whatever but you’re a human being. We have differences but we’re all of the same species. We could do to remember that.

The thing that is really annoying the fuck out of me right now is that despite the fact that Zimmerman is Hispanic people view this as a white on black crime because they want to. Certain people seem to want this event to be linked to race. Anyone trying to pull the race card on this one is an idiot. The other thing that annoys me is that you people care so much about this ‘race related crime’ but black guys are dying on the street every day in black on black crime and nobody seems to give a fuck. Does it get National attention? or International attention for that matter? No. People only care because they believe race has something to do with this.

Screw the poor dude whose mother had to work fifty plus hours a week to keep him fed, who suffered because his teachers didn’t give a damn, whose poor education and prospects made it hard to get a job, the man who turned to crime to eat and who was killed on the street over a stupid amount of money or drugs. Or maybe the guy who was robbed at gunpoint for his chains, who decided he wasn’t going to get taken by some punks and was shot dead. No, nobody gives a fuck about those guy. The best part is this doesn’t have to be a black guy I’m talking about, you can apply this concept to any race. People make me sick.

Another thing, why can’t we just use our fists for a fair fight? Or non lethal personal defense weapons?
Why do we resort to guns to solve conflicts? I’m not saying guns are bad here. I enjoy shooting myself and there are situations where you are given no other choice but to resort to lethal force but an unarmed youth attacking you doesn’t warrant that kind of response. Sure whack him with a personal defense weapon but shooting?
The age of fighting fair is long gone it seems. Personally, in exceptionally rare circumstances I will fight someone in defense but even I can’t be sure if the guy I’m about to hit has a knife, any altercation is risky so in my opinion it is best to end it as quickly as possible. Guns on the street are a rarity here as you know but we have a huge knife problem in London.

This case should prompt us to ask real questions about our society and people’s perceptions of race, race related crimes and people’s assumptions. This is a big problem across the board. I find it funny how a case like this brings out the worst in all of us. We can’t come together and make a logical decision about this case from the facts. Everybody can’t help but read into it. I’ve seen white people and black people doing it. It’s sad and it’s why race is still a psychological division. Racial separation exists and will continue to exist in one form or another for a long time, maybe even forever. We as sentient beings have some very fucked up perceptions of each-other, as cliché as this sounds we all bleed red.

Back to the case it seems like Zimmerman is an overzealous asshole, the parts I’ve read about Treyvon telling Zimmerman ‘you’re going to die tonight’ is just Zimmerman’s word. I see he was knocked around pretty bad but I’m sure if Zimmerman had enough time to grab his gun from the holster he most likely could have pointed it at Treyvon. I don’t see Martin going for the gun if it is pointed directly at him. He’s a kid not a navy seal. I don’t really know what to believe but I’m convinced this could have been solved without Martin being killed. If Zimmerman hadn’t followed Martin in the first place this incident could have been avoided in its entirety. Even if Martin was guilty of whatever, he didn’t directly hurt Zimmerman or destroy his property so Zimmerman should let the police do their damn job.

I’m not convinced Treyvon was a saint. No kid is. The more I read it seems like Zimmerman is a wannabe cop. Constantly calling the police and reporting suspicious events, sounds like he was pissed off with crime in his neighborhood and unsuccessfully attempted to take the law into his own hands which resulted in an unlawful killing of a man, innocent or not. I believe Zimmerman should be charged with second degree murder at least since there are so few solid facts. Even if this was in self-defense it was still an unlawful and totally avoidable killing. That is my opinion.

Oh and have you heard everyone suddenly has a law degree?
This case is messed up enough but people’s reactions to it have been completely deplorable people both black and white should be ashamed that they even attempted to pull race into this. I don’t mean all of you but you know the ones, the loud mouthed idiot on Facebook claiming that Zimmerman got away with it because he was white or Zimmerman was right to shoot Treyvon because he was an intimidating black youth in a hood. Isn’t it funny how you’re not only racially stereotyped by so many people, then just to make it even more ridiculous you are automatically a thug because you wear a hood.

We have this problem in England too, for example I can’t go into a mall wearing a hood. There are actually laws against wearing hoods in public areas because people are afraid. That seems to be a main theme too, fear. People are not only afraid of other races but also items of clothing now too! I can’t help but look at this issue as a whole and see how stupid it is, don’t misunderstand that as me saying the whole issue of racism is not a serious thing but what I am saying is that if we didn’t make it such an issue. All of us, then race wouldn’t matter beyond being a physical difference. It would not cause these social issues that we’re seeing now.

I see now more than ever just how pathetic we can be, there’s so much wrong here. This case, people in general. I can’t even be asked to talk about it anymore. It’s just sad. The worst in humanity has come out over the course of this case. Zimmerman killed a man and justice may have failed but this doesn’t warrant people’s extreme reactions. This is sad event the entirety of it from the murder to the trial’s outcome, right through to the extreme reactions and hypocrisy. Like I said before nobody ever got up in arms over the black guy that was shot last night for his chains or because he wore the wrong colors because you all expect that stuff to happen, in fact it seems almost normal. All of you are so desensitized to daily crime and violence that it only matters when people think race was involved. In the words of a friend ‘ why can’t people just leave each-other the fuck alone?’

The thing is he’s right, if people left each-other the fuck alone nobody would be dead right now. People disgust me sometimes. Level with me here: Another Human Being Was Killed That Day. Why should it matter what color he was. He has a family, friends and he has left people behind. Try to remember that.

People are still disgustingly idiotic and hypocritical. That’s news to nobody.