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The Ebola Virus

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Before we get into this post it is important that you understand what the Ebola virus disease is. It’s pretty damn scary I’ll give you that but not quite as scary as the media would have you believe. EVD is a serious illness that requires a serious response from healthcare providers, most of them poorly equipped and trained to deal with it. Nobody expected the outbreak to spread this far but with the advent of air travel disease pandemics are a stark reality that we should, by now, be prepared for. The Ebola Virus Disease, or EVD for short, is a disease that affects primates caused by the Ebola filovirus. Symptoms start between two to twenty-one days after contracting the virus, with a fever, sore throat, muscle pain, and headaches. Typically, vomiting, diarrhea, and rash follow, along with decreased function of the liver and kidneys. Around this time, affected people may begin to bleed both within the body and externally.

That said the hollywood bleeding from all orifices image you have in your head right now is a pretty rare occurrence, I read somewhere that it happens in very few cases. Bleeding does happen but it is rarely the horror movie-esque vision we’ve all come to associate with contracting EVD. The main thing that scares people is the lethality of this virus which is up to 70%. Usually this would be a blessing in disguise in that the virus would not spread very far but in the modern world the long onset of symptoms actually works in the virus favour. Think about it, how far could you travel by air within 20 days? An outbreak in Africa could reach Europe in that time and begin a brand new outbreak half way across the globe. Luckily the person isn’t very infectious before the onset of symptoms. If it was infectious before symptoms presented then the lethality of EVD would be unprecedented.

It is actually highly unlikely that a widespread outbreak would occur in Europe or the USA because of advanced medical infrastructure, sadly Africa will not fare as well. Another thing that is unfortunate is that due to the nature of the disease healthcare providers are the ones at the highest risk of contracting EVD, as we’ve seen recently in Europe and Africa it is usually the Doctors and Nurses who suffer at the hands of EVD when carrying out vital work to stabilize their patients.  One thing that really gets me is that the worlds response to Ebola has been piss poor. Nobody gave a damn when this began and now it’s on our doorstep, only now are we working toward a vaccine and/or cure for it. I’m guessing it was assumed it would burn out much like previous outbreaks. Well it didn’t and here we are, it angers me slightly that nobody is concerned until it is on their doorstep. Such is humanity.

I can’t believe how twisted some people’s perceptions have become, whether it’s from sensationalist headlines of blatant prejudice. The media’s understanding of EVD seems to be largely hollywood and if the media are being so blatantly idiotic I probably shouldn’t expect individuals to be much better, especially the uneducated ones. Most people are unaware that you’re more likely to die of aids than Ebola. I’ve heard all sorts of shit, mostly racist shit from idiots talking as if Africans are to blame for a virus that has been around for a long time, accusing Africans of bestiality and saying the Ebola serves them right. I can hardly believe my ears at times. I’ve even heard people talking of glassing Africa in general. Then again the stupidity isn’t exclusive of white people. Many uneducated Africans don’t even believe Ebola exists because they can’t see it, yet they believe in god. Double standards much? People in the in Europe and the US don’t have the excuse of lacking education though.

Many people fail to understand the reasons behind the latest Ebola outbreak, even the ones who aren’t stupid are plain ignorant of the situation in West Africa. Make no mistake, it is an absolute clusterfuck. I’ll try to explain it the best I can. The economic situation in many parts of Africa is pretty dire, so much so that many people cannot afford farmed meat. A traditional market exists for bushmeat which has boomed in the wake to economic downturn, after all, people need to eat and nobody expects them to starve. Traditionally the people who collect bushmeat are highly knowledgable of the animals they are collecting, they would spot a diseased animal and avoid it. With the boom in the bushmeat industry greedy or just plain desperate individuals have entered the industry who lack the specialist knowledge of the veterans and from that you get people picking up diseased meat.

In most cases it isn’t a problem if it is prepared properly but with something like EVD if you cut yourself while preparing the meat you contract Ebola. Back to the economic situation, Africa is ill-prepared to deal with something like Ebola. They lack equipment and training which leads to healthcare providers becoming infected. Healthcare workers dying means less people to treat the disease. It is unfortunate but the situation in Africa is becoming unmanageable if it isn’t already out of control. What doesn’t help, again, is the lack of education and suspicious nature of the locals. Surely you’ve heard of the people who broke into the Ebola clinics and stole soiled bedding while releasing patients into a ghetto who will inevitably infect others in such cramped conditions. The whole situation is a clusterfuck and if we had gotten on top of it when it began we wouldn’t have three thousand plus dead on our hands.

I could hardly believe what I was seeing when a Fox News anchor was the voice of reason regarding the Ebola outbreak. That was something I thought I’d never see in my life time. Pigs can fly. I read somewhere that this Ebola outbreak started in 2013, so why does it take till 2014 and thousands of deaths to do something about it. That piss poor response coupled with people’s prejudices really annoys me. I’ve never been so ashamed of the people I live around. Is that person really promoting a genocidal ideology to stop the spread of Ebola? Their grandparents thought against fascism and this sort of shit and there they are condoning it. Ebola doesn’t discriminate, people do that. Shit like this feeds my misanthropy, there’s a part of me that believes the world would be a better place if they contracted Ebola but as I mentioned before Ebola won’t go out of its way to kill idiots.

I can only hope that we learn from this outbreak, lest it happen again with something far more contagious and lethal. This post probably came out nothing like I wanted it to be due to my becoming pissed off half way through writing it. I’ve wanted to write this for a while but couldn’t find a way to word it or set out the post.


The Treyvon Martin Case

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You know something? I really didn’t want to write about this. I didn’t even really follow it but of late the case has been unavoidable even for someone who doesn’t watch the news. By now I’ve heard so many conflicting news stories and accounts its quite hard to make any sense of it at all. I wonder if the case notes are available so I can get some established facts. I have a rough idea but that’s hazy at best. It’s sad that it’s so hard to get reliable information because getting the big scoop was made a competition by greedy bastards in the media. It’s no longer about the facts, it’s about breaking the story before anyone else and reporting things that barely stand as facts. As you can tell I lost faith in the media a long time ago.

This whole case is messed up, I think that even if Treyvon attack Zimmerman his reaction was extreme and beyond the realm of reasonable force. Even if Treyvon was in the wrong in whatever he did, shooting him dead was unwarranted. Nothing in terms of innocence or guilt can be established by any evidence I’ve seen. One thing I will say is that Martin’s race should have nothing to do with this trial unless Zimmerman was heard hurling racial slurs at him before shooting him dead. I mean I’ve seen a lot of people looking at this in terms of a white on black crime when Zimmerman is Hispanic and doesn’t even pass for white.

Some people like to say that they don’t see color but that is crap. Everyone see’s color it’s a visible difference and it isn’t just skin deep, bone structure and facial structure is also visibly different between races, everybody notices that. People laugh and joke to each-other about certain stereotypes every single day, all over the world and in the next breath they’ll try to tell you they don’t see color. The differences are there. Don’t pretend they aren’t. What we should be doing is viewing each-other as human beings. Sure you’re Black, White, Asian, Indian or whatever but you’re a human being. We have differences but we’re all of the same species. We could do to remember that.

The thing that is really annoying the fuck out of me right now is that despite the fact that Zimmerman is Hispanic people view this as a white on black crime because they want to. Certain people seem to want this event to be linked to race. Anyone trying to pull the race card on this one is an idiot. The other thing that annoys me is that you people care so much about this ‘race related crime’ but black guys are dying on the street every day in black on black crime and nobody seems to give a fuck. Does it get National attention? or International attention for that matter? No. People only care because they believe race has something to do with this.

Screw the poor dude whose mother had to work fifty plus hours a week to keep him fed, who suffered because his teachers didn’t give a damn, whose poor education and prospects made it hard to get a job, the man who turned to crime to eat and who was killed on the street over a stupid amount of money or drugs. Or maybe the guy who was robbed at gunpoint for his chains, who decided he wasn’t going to get taken by some punks and was shot dead. No, nobody gives a fuck about those guy. The best part is this doesn’t have to be a black guy I’m talking about, you can apply this concept to any race. People make me sick.

Another thing, why can’t we just use our fists for a fair fight? Or non lethal personal defense weapons?
Why do we resort to guns to solve conflicts? I’m not saying guns are bad here. I enjoy shooting myself and there are situations where you are given no other choice but to resort to lethal force but an unarmed youth attacking you doesn’t warrant that kind of response. Sure whack him with a personal defense weapon but shooting?
The age of fighting fair is long gone it seems. Personally, in exceptionally rare circumstances I will fight someone in defense but even I can’t be sure if the guy I’m about to hit has a knife, any altercation is risky so in my opinion it is best to end it as quickly as possible. Guns on the street are a rarity here as you know but we have a huge knife problem in London.

This case should prompt us to ask real questions about our society and people’s perceptions of race, race related crimes and people’s assumptions. This is a big problem across the board. I find it funny how a case like this brings out the worst in all of us. We can’t come together and make a logical decision about this case from the facts. Everybody can’t help but read into it. I’ve seen white people and black people doing it. It’s sad and it’s why race is still a psychological division. Racial separation exists and will continue to exist in one form or another for a long time, maybe even forever. We as sentient beings have some very fucked up perceptions of each-other, as cliché as this sounds we all bleed red.

Back to the case it seems like Zimmerman is an overzealous asshole, the parts I’ve read about Treyvon telling Zimmerman ‘you’re going to die tonight’ is just Zimmerman’s word. I see he was knocked around pretty bad but I’m sure if Zimmerman had enough time to grab his gun from the holster he most likely could have pointed it at Treyvon. I don’t see Martin going for the gun if it is pointed directly at him. He’s a kid not a navy seal. I don’t really know what to believe but I’m convinced this could have been solved without Martin being killed. If Zimmerman hadn’t followed Martin in the first place this incident could have been avoided in its entirety. Even if Martin was guilty of whatever, he didn’t directly hurt Zimmerman or destroy his property so Zimmerman should let the police do their damn job.

I’m not convinced Treyvon was a saint. No kid is. The more I read it seems like Zimmerman is a wannabe cop. Constantly calling the police and reporting suspicious events, sounds like he was pissed off with crime in his neighborhood and unsuccessfully attempted to take the law into his own hands which resulted in an unlawful killing of a man, innocent or not. I believe Zimmerman should be charged with second degree murder at least since there are so few solid facts. Even if this was in self-defense it was still an unlawful and totally avoidable killing. That is my opinion.

Oh and have you heard everyone suddenly has a law degree?
This case is messed up enough but people’s reactions to it have been completely deplorable people both black and white should be ashamed that they even attempted to pull race into this. I don’t mean all of you but you know the ones, the loud mouthed idiot on Facebook claiming that Zimmerman got away with it because he was white or Zimmerman was right to shoot Treyvon because he was an intimidating black youth in a hood. Isn’t it funny how you’re not only racially stereotyped by so many people, then just to make it even more ridiculous you are automatically a thug because you wear a hood.

We have this problem in England too, for example I can’t go into a mall wearing a hood. There are actually laws against wearing hoods in public areas because people are afraid. That seems to be a main theme too, fear. People are not only afraid of other races but also items of clothing now too! I can’t help but look at this issue as a whole and see how stupid it is, don’t misunderstand that as me saying the whole issue of racism is not a serious thing but what I am saying is that if we didn’t make it such an issue. All of us, then race wouldn’t matter beyond being a physical difference. It would not cause these social issues that we’re seeing now.

I see now more than ever just how pathetic we can be, there’s so much wrong here. This case, people in general. I can’t even be asked to talk about it anymore. It’s just sad. The worst in humanity has come out over the course of this case. Zimmerman killed a man and justice may have failed but this doesn’t warrant people’s extreme reactions. This is sad event the entirety of it from the murder to the trial’s outcome, right through to the extreme reactions and hypocrisy. Like I said before nobody ever got up in arms over the black guy that was shot last night for his chains or because he wore the wrong colors because you all expect that stuff to happen, in fact it seems almost normal. All of you are so desensitized to daily crime and violence that it only matters when people think race was involved. In the words of a friend ‘ why can’t people just leave each-other the fuck alone?’

The thing is he’s right, if people left each-other the fuck alone nobody would be dead right now. People disgust me sometimes. Level with me here: Another Human Being Was Killed That Day. Why should it matter what color he was. He has a family, friends and he has left people behind. Try to remember that.

People are still disgustingly idiotic and hypocritical. That’s news to nobody.

Workplace Politics and why I can’t wait to start working!

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I had a conversation with my mother the other day, this rarely happens due to a rift between us consisting of the fact that she can be a bitch and I’m a stubborn asshole. Make no mistake I love my mother but she can be difficult at times. When my phone is up and running she is going on speed-dial as 666. During our conversation we talked about her work, it’s stressful, mind-numbing, infuriating but at times rewarding. My mother works in social care for a large company in the UK.
It isn’t her ‘service users’ (pc term that I hate) that make the job hell it is her co-workers.

She has some very good co-workers whom she wouldn’t trade for their weight in gold, they make it a pleasure to work there but there are some very lazy ones. The old people sometimes make life harder where they will only let an African Carer bathe them if they have a long-standing relationship of trust and understand which is perfectly reasonable because they grew up in a time when there were very few African immigrants and a few Jamaican ones. Plus it’s totally cool for old people to be racist. Old people get away with so much crap it is unreal. If I live that long I’m going to enjoy old age to the max.

Moving on there is this one woman who is trying for the equivalent of floor manager, she hasn’t been there long at all and she is basically trying to pull power from under the current manager’s feet. The home had a few incidents related to improper care or rough handling by various african carers. It isn’t because they’re black it may have a little to do with cultural differences but it is definitely down to the individual to treat these people with care and respect even if they are ex-criminals, possibly pedophiles and generally pains in the collective ass of the team. The old people related to the complaints are generally nice people. I’ve met them. Going into that place is like having 50 grandmothers all wanting hugs and trying to give me out of date candy.

This woman, is generally an incompetent worker. Taking out personal grievances, during work hours, against the staff or anyone who rubs her the wrong way. The things I’ve been told and seen are her trying to hand out shifts and preferred work to members of her church. Is she African, you guessed it! Here’s where things get complicated. My mother and her work associate are the only two white carers in the building. The other white carer basically challenged this woman for doing something wrong and because of this she’s gone and made a complaint about racism. Is it because she is black?
Apparently so.

My mother’s name was also mentioned. Knowing that woman personally and knowing her background (Having a Jamaican step father and little sister) I can tell you that my mother is far from racist however in the United-Kingdom we have this thing called political correctness read stepping on eggshells. So if my mother uses the wrong language in her interview she will be branded as racist and lose her job despite having zero racist tendencies. It sucks hard.
I told my mother to make a pre-emptive professional complaint about her unsuitability for that kind of work and her attitude towards staff making everyone’s life harder. My mother will not complain for fear of being branded racist although she is backed by her boss.

The various other carers of African descent will not address their grievances with this woman for many reasons, I suspect that some are here illegally which is none of my business but others don’t want to make life any harder than it is. It’s funny how nobody will come to the office to address a problem since she has been there. She doesn’t listen and overrides every rebuttal with her perceived ‘authorita.’
The break down in communication is really screwing the home up and my mother doesn’t deserve having to deal with this idiot on a daily basis.

I’m hoping the current manager keeps her job and this woman doesn’t get in or I give it a year and the home will close. My mother has wanted to leave for a while but cannot find it in her heart to abandon her old people. Which is admirable considering the crap she puts up with on a daily basis. We’ll have to see how this one plays out. Even the old people won’t complain about this lady (something old people do well) so that says something. Everyone feels that they cannot speak to her because they’ll be ignored and overrided by this idiot.

I can’t wait to work. If I encounter somebody like this I will slaughter them both professionally in team meetings and personally whenever I get the chance. You cannot work effectively with people like her in the workforce. It just isn’t possible. Screw it they can call me racist, fire me or whatever but I will drag this person down with me. Come to think of it maybe my mother should join a union. I hope, however, despite all of that crap that I get good co-workers who are both funny, interesting and annoying at time. Who will call me out if I mess up and guide me in the right direction. I hope my experiences of employment are rewarding both personally and professionally. Oh and regarding the care home, there’s a lot more crap from this woman I have omitted.

I would kill someone like this, call me racist. I dare you.

It’s funny how a blackout brings the community together…

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From about 7.20pm to 12.30am we experienced a blackout, it had started at around about 5pm for most people but it seems we were lucky. I was sitting back playing Xbox 360 and a neighbor came over complaining that her power was out, her complaining was no oddity but she had asked to use our phone to call the energy company and have somebody sent out to deal with the problem. I stayed indoors away from her tedious conversation and played my Xbox 360 with no issues at all proceeding to ignore her in the hope that she would go away while my sisters brain was being fried by the endless stream of crap flowing freely from her mouth. She eventually went away and a short while after this our power went out completely.

It’s funny how when your television goes out you don’t really care, when your phone goes out it is a minor inconvenience but when your Internet goes out shit gets real. Suddenly you’re cut off from the world, this wouldn’t usually be an issue for me. I could read a book but the power was out completely and reading by candle light, though romantic, is not my thing. To make matters worse our cooker is electric so dinner is off the table. Waiting for pay day we have little money available to just go buy food but a freezer full of defrosting food that we can’t even cook. Couldn’t even pass the time with a beer or two. I listened to the neighbors talking back and forth about the electric company’s time estimates and when their power went out. The Energy company had drove out to survey the damage then left promptly.

Realizing how royally fucked I was I went into the garden to talk to my mother, her colleague and my sister who was laying on the granite paving reading. She’s a strange child. After talking with them for a while, here is where it gets interesting, I went out to the shops to go get a load of fries and cheap food for us to eat. On my journey I came across a group of neighbors discussing what went on and how they’ve got no power, the woman who usually bores me with conversation and never lets me leave decided to stop me. The group began talking about the Polish people living across the street and maintained that it was their fault for messing with the wiring, probably because they’ve been working on their house a lot.

They burn things in their back garden, I can understand that, It’d bother me more if I lived next door but I don’t so I don’t really care. They also work on the house pretty early and drill but it doesn’t warrant accusing them of destroying the power lines. People got into their little groups and it sounded like they were planning a lynching moaning that even if they did do it they wouldn’t have to pay because they’re Polish. They annoyed me by this point, especially considering they had no proof at all. The Energy company said the rains caused the wires to be surrounded by sludge contributing to them warming up and melting, also sending charge back to the house of the Polish people. At this point I didn’t care anymore. I just wanted a cup of tea, that was the number one complaint, people couldn’t make any tea. A decent neighbor made us a few cups which passed the time.

They spoke of a black puff of smoke had apparently from over in that direction and the power going out, it fried the Polish people’s electric mains control panel costing them around £300. After hearing these people talk shit about their neighbors for 15 minutes I left walking past the Electric company’s worker who was sipping tea, sitting on his ass waiting for them to dig up the cables. We were originally given an estimate of 3 to 4 hours, it took all in all around about 7. Anyway, I got retrieve what I laughably considered a meal. On the way up there I noticed that half of the block had lost power, with the other lamps around it all being on our area looked like the twilight zone. I hit home, go my food on a plate and sat outside to eat in the summer evening only to move back inside after being accosted by mosquitoes and being bitten 8 times.

The night kept getting better and better. I kept getting more and more bored until I saw two associates of mine outside talking, so I head on out to join them. Anything is better than being stuck inside with no power at all. We sat and talked outside for a while smoking cigarettes and commiserating about how our local area is dead and nobody comes around any more, it was at least bearable conversation. I think I had started to get used to the power outage. We also shared stories of what we were doing when the power went out which was okay. We began planning going on a little trip because one of my friends had to pick something up from his cousin’s place. We never ended up going though.

We thought of parting ways but for some reason ended up staying, talking some more and ripping on my friends mother for talking to everyone about everything for so long and how you can never get away from her. Yes the tediously boring lady is my friend’s mother. Eventually we headed down the bottom of the cul-de-sac to find his mother talking the workmen to death. They had been trying to get at the wires for about 3 hours now. In the middle of us talking a guy who used to be my best friend in childhood showed up, he lives across the street, joining into our conversation. He is a complete fucking stereotypical white English male, trying to hard to be a geezer. It hurts to listen to his bullshit sometimes. I have no problem with the guy other than the fact that he’s always trying way too hard. I mostly switch off and pretend to listen to him.

Me and this guy are discussing things from out childhood, my other friend is loud and talking to everyone as usual but if it shuts my old best friend up then I’m thankful for it. About 30 minutes later our lovely new Irish neighbor comes in, some how, suddenly every body becomes a racist. The friend with the annoying mother got bored and left. Come to think of it I should have done the same. I stayed to listen to them ranting about Africans and Pakistani’s being disgusting, rude, obnoxious and such. Sometimes they can be all of those things but that’s individual and you cannot generalize like that because they’re black or brown or whatever. That is when it gets stupid.

The guy who is trying too hard is in a rant about Pakistani’s when my friend brings up that his sister is dating one, he was being racist but I have to say listening to this guy’s story about how her dad said she’d shame the family was funny, here he is justifying himself to everyone in the group who have just spent the last 40 minutes making racist comments suprisingly without using the words nigger or paki. How they turk der jurbs and such. They finally get off of the subject of racism. The Irish guy goes away and I’m still listening to this guy trying too hard and about how his sister stopped eating pork because of her Muslim boyfriend. I could stop eating roast pork but never sausage and bacon, then I’d be screwed. Sure it is silly she stopped eating it because of him but it is her choice and I’m not even going to weigh in a well though out opinion with these idiots.

After four and a half hours of drilling the finally got into the cables and began a repair. After about another hour of listening to the guy trying to hard and my friend going back and forth about nothing, male posturing and all that bullshit a guy came around the corner and went into a large, green doored, electric room on our street, the light was put on in there and then 30 minutes later there was a flash that seemed to fill the street. The power had come back on and within seconds lights came on and various electric devices started making sounds. It all seemed so strange. Finally Captain try to hard went straight in as soon as the power went on, my friend went in too. It was like the whole evening had never happened, everyone back in their forts and not talking to each other again. Community spirit is non-existent in the shitty suburb of London in which I live.

I realized why I don’t and will not talk to my neighbors, they’re shallow, racist, boring, trying to hard, complaining bullshit wastes of time and energy. Next time we have a black out I’m staying indoors. I understand they’re pissed off with the habits of our foreign neighbors but their racism is pretty unfounded. It’s been about 30 hours since the blackout and I haven’t seen a single neighbor. Everything is back to normal and probably for the better. I can take them for who they are good or bad but I could never spend any extended period of time with them. The community was brought together by a blackout only for me to realize I really want nothing to do with them at all. I regret that I never took any pictures to be honest, I dislike my neighbors even more now.

I’m thankful this isn’t going to be a common occurrence.