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A small success. 

Posted in General with tags , on March 19, 2017 by MISANTHROPIST

Lately I would say the only thing I’ve made progress with is my physical appearance. Lost some weight mainly from not eating much. Results are pretty good. Then I decided to go get a haircut. Although this time I thought about it, chose a few examples and asked my hairdresser to do whichever suited me.

Well she’s definitely worth the money I’ve been paying her. I’ve had lots of looks and compliments which feels strange almost. Women that know me reacted entirely differently. I even ended up getting a random compliment from a guy I used to work with saying I looked good. A few of the people I used to work with are looking at a catch up which I, out of character, arranged.

I’m not going to lie one thing I dislike about the haircut is that if I don’t style it I hate how it looks. I dislike that I have to maintain it but it appears to have been worth the effort. I’m taking better care of myself I suppose. I’m making efforts towards looking like a person again. Apparently I’m doing well.




Posted in General with tags , , , on October 28, 2015 by MISANTHROPIST

Another day has passed and everything is still crystalline. I’m not even sure why this started but it’s there and this sudden drive doesn’t seem to be going away. I’m very much aware of my situation. I’ve been looking into all sorts of aspects of my life and making changes. 

These changes can be as little as a black coffee in the morning or something like new clothes. I feel the need to sort, categorise and reshuffle everything, which is probably something to do with awareness of my day to day life. From my financial situation to short/long term goals.

I suddenly feel the need to have this all arranged around my mind like some sort of mental H.U.D. It’s really weird how this came on all of a sudden. Everything is pretty much in order other than the data on my spending for the budget. 

I find myself smiling and maybe even happy for the first time in a long time. It’s a beautiful night, it’s raining outside. Rain is such a nice sound. In have everything done, job applications sent, showering and grooming, clothes for the morning. 

I’m basically done for the day and for the first time in a long time I’m not bored. I have time to write and I’m just relaxing. I have one or two ideas bouncing around but nothing I have to pay too much attention too right now. 

I am leaning towards taking steps to remedy my perpetual boredom. Nothing major just a nice day out. I have it all completely organised. All that’s left is paying and going. Me and my cohort may even have a plus one, ex colleague and a good friend of ours.

It seems presenting an organised plan made it an attractive prospect. Even if he flakes we will continue as planned. All this has reminded me I need to plan another trip to see an old friend…

Nothing is perfect but everything is okay. A side note, black coffee is life.