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It’s too early for this shit.

Posted in General Dumbassery with tags , , , , on June 22, 2015 by MISANTHROPIST

Monday has rolled around again, this time I am poverty so I doubt I’ll be getting smashed. I’m dipping into the emergency marijuana deposit. It’s going to be a long and dry week. 

Another thing , I wish people would stop mixing the damn pills up. I took an anti-acid last night then what I thought was an ibuprofen. Wasn’t until I started to feel spaced I realised I’d slammed down 50mg of tramadol for a headache… Probably why I feel like death this morning.

I am awake way too early for this shit or any shit. Even work. I was surprised to see some correspondence from my wonderful ex girlfriend requesting my presence for whatever reason. Usually I’d be disinclined to aquiesce to her request but on this morning I’m feeling particularly warm and fuzzy. Must be the tramadol.

I asked her to wait while I had a coffee and a cigarette. Until the ritual is complete I’m not functional or even a human being. I get finished around about 10-15 minutes after only to find she had passed out. So I’m here, it’s almost 9am and I have shit all to do. It’s too early to start cleaning but too late for me to go back to sleep. What do I even?

Today is going to be boring as hell. I was thinking about watching that new ‘through the wormhole’ series narrated by Morgan Freeman but that will be later tonight. I could always watch some Attenborough while I smoke that last joint, I have a good portion of his works. It’s quite a strange thing to watch a man age in front of you.

I have absolutely no clue what I’m going to do today… A final note, look at your pills before you pop them. You may be unlucky enough to live with some idiot who thinks throwing powerful prescription painkillers in with ibuprofen is a great idea!

I wish I could go back to sleep. 



On poverty and pasta.

Posted in Foods, Uncategorized with tags , , , on February 27, 2014 by MISANTHROPIST

A few years back when I was, essentially, transatlantic I was putting a lot of my money away to fund my travels and during that time I became quite well acquainted with pasta. This whole episode was self-inflicted, yes but love does funny things to you. I basically lived on pasta for around 6-8 months and learned what tastes best with it in terms of spices and the different sauces you can make with a tin of tomatoes and a semi-filled spice rack. That isn’t to say I didn’t have meat with it, sometimes chicken and beef were added I made chilli a lot which is something I still love today.

I don’t really eat pasta that much anymore unless it’s with chilli or a decent Italian meal. Not having much really teaches you a lot about cooking and flavoring up the blandest of meals. I could cook before this point but I think during this time I learned the flavor that each herb and spice would add to a food and which ones mix well. Another person I have to give some recognition too is my good friend, before the baby was set to arrive he partook in other herbs, needless to say he was a massive stoner and quite inventive with his food. He gave me a few recipes for great bacon and some unexpected combinations I still use.