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Why am I the tribe’s shaman.

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It’s really starting to annoy me that I have multiple individuals coming to me with their people/relationship problems. Since when did I sign up to be the tribe’s shaman? It’s not even people close to me, I get my inbox flooded with people asking for advice on everything people related. At first it’s nice to know you’re appreciated or at least your knowledge is appreciated but after a time it becomes quite tiring, especially when you come home from work to 6+ messages asking for relationship advice or advice on a friend. No me importa nada. I’m tired, I have work in the morning and my own personal problems eclipse your own by far.

I mean fair enough if your problem is far worse than my own I’ll take time out to help you but if it’s silly innocuous bullshit then I ain’t got time for that. I’m focused on working and going up, music and/or whether this woman could be the one. My wife and the mother my satan spawn. Thankfully kids are far away, I saw my friend do it and no matter how much capital you have it isn’t an easy task. I feel for the woman who is partnered with some lazy motherfucker. Sure she doesn’t go to work but her job is 24/7, unpaid and without holidays. Sure you bust your ass at work everyday but you get a half hour break and you leave that responsibility behind when you clock out at the end of a day, she’s got that baby full-time.

Back on topic, I’m done with people’s problems. If you want your problem solved I will advise you. If you don’t take that advice it’s your problem. If any unforseen circumstances arise from taking my advice it isn’t my problem but if you do listen to me and think on your feet your problem may just be solved, one way or another. Although it may not turn out quite how you expected, if it doesn’t then it’s probably for the best. I should start charging these people by the hour, then again that’d be wrong since all I’m doing is looking at your situation objectively because I am removed enough from the situation to do so. I solve everyone’s problems but my own, saying that I do have my moments where I can look at my own situation crystal clear and I solve my own problems but I have to say when you’re in the moment it can be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. It can hurt but you hurt yourself in the present to save yourself from future agony.


Dey turk our porn!

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ImageSo I’ve just read that the UK government is planning on blocking pornography… under the guise of ‘think of the children’ what a pile of crap. Apparently we’re supposed to opt in if we want to be able to access pornographic material. The first gripe I have here is: why should we have to opt in to access the material? People who don’t want to view that type of explicit material should opt out. The whole think of the children thing is bullshit, why should we suffer because a few lazy bastards/sub par parents can’t take the time out to either supervise their children’s internet usage or buy the appropriate software that does the job for them.

IF we do opt in to being able to view porn will our privacy be protected or will we be added to a list of morally depraved people who opted in and should be watched for signs of sexual deviancy? The law is proposed in such a way that it makes everyone who is against it appear a depraved sexual deviant who doesn’t care about the children.
Apparently the government knows whats best for us… 1984 here we come.

IF this law is passed and censorship of the internet begins where does it stop? Anything the government decides is immoral will be block, sites like Reddit and 4chan will be in the firing line. In fact most of the internet would be in the firing line. Our government is so hypocritical, it condemns china and other countries that are pro censorship and yet it is proposing censorship in the same breath.

We soon forgot about CISPA, PIPA etc… and I have a feeling the country might just lay down and take it. It’s sad that we aren’t already up in arms over this. We obey their laws, pay their ridiculous taxes and pay for our own internet, why the hell should the government be able to restrict what we view. This is a gross encroachment on our rights and freedoms, even at this stage.

I see this as an attempt to save David Cameron’s sub par career, party and leadership from doom during the next election. I have a real problem with that little rich twat with his Eaton education. I have no issues with rich people in general especially if they’re self-made but this man is so out of touch with the realities of the common man that he was a poor choice for leadership in beginning, but alas money speaks volumes.

I’d rather bring back Tony Blair, fuck, I’d rather have George W Bush running the UK. Cameron knows nothing of hard work, nothing of hardship. The faster we vote him out of parliament the better. The worst part of all this is people don’t seem to care that they are being stripped of their rights. This is bigger than porn. This is about censorship of the last free medium, being stripped of our rights, government hypocrisy and some out of touch twat’s political agenda. Please don’t let him ruin our country for another term.

Of all the things I could be annoyed about…. porn. I’ve hated the Conservative Party and Cameron for longer than I can remember, the sooner the public realize what an idiot Cameron is the better. I’m gonna stop now because this post/argument isn’t even constructive, I’m just surprised he even has the gall to propose such censorship under the guise of protecting children…

Smashing Pumpkins.

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I am known for be a calm person, I always have been because what’s the point of letting people piss you off? This month I have been very short-tempered, you might say it was my time of the month. A time of crisis and hardship. What a wonderful world we live in!

I was pretty pissed off the other day despite my best efforts to be calm and collected. During a walk on this cold Halloween night I was achieving Zen again until this happened. I’m walking past my local store on my way to a gas station and just getting past a group of three kids. Two girls and one boy. There was one girl in normal clothing, one dressed as a whore and the boy dressed in full hoodie apparel (Any British readers or European neighbors should know this one.) Anyway they asked me to get the cigarettes, they looked no older than 15. I said I didn’t have time, I was busy and kept walking to which the one dressed as a fat, undead whore made some sort of ape like grunt which was a jeer at me.

I ignored them and continued 100m until I stopped to debate whether it was worth walking the gas station ATM when it’s highly likely I have no funds. I continued on reasoning that the walk would be good for me. I continued on, on my way back I ran into them again which is when the one dressed as a fat undead whore said ”I thought you were busy you C**T!”

Already having a bad day here is where I lose my shit and tell her friend that ”she needs to shut her mates F**king mouth, Now.”
I went on to tell her I would pick her up by her ankles and drag her back to her parents house, not that they would have cared anyway most likely. Her male friend then decided to front me so I just told him to go for it if he thought he was big enough. Not my proudest moment really but I then explained to him that I have no problem with him or the other girl just the undead teletubby.

Now I shouldn’t have lost my shit like I did but hey why the fuck not? Their parents aren’t doing it. I never smoked at their age but the people who did asked someone to buy them cigarettes and even if they didn’t you said thanks anyway regardless. You had respect, what the hell has happened to kids these days. Am I getting old?

Just to round off here, Halloween was the shittiest day I’ve had in a very long time. Things like that, running into your friend who you don’t talk to anymore, do not make the day any better. Next year I’m going to put claymore mines up my garden path. We only had two trick or treaters this year but I’d rather be safe. Events as described in this post make me not want to have children. At one point I had someone ask me to borrow 60p for a bus journey. Nope. Nope. Nope. Seriously people are pissing me off a lot more lately. I’m back to normal now but people are still managing to annoy the crap out of me. As a final note I only saw around 10 trick or treaters in my entire area. That was strange.