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London attack 

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I haven’t written a post about any current event for a long time, unfortunately the one time I do it’s a terrorist attack. Thankfully nobody I know was harmed, very few harmed at all. I imagine that’s no condolence for the families of those killed yesterday. Fortunately officers managed to lay him the fuck out before he could kill anybody else.

The sun came up today and London continued as it would on any other day. It’s just a shame that we live in a world where this sort of thing is a possibility. That said Trump taking Khan’s comments out of context… unfortunately we live in a world where President Trump is also a possibility. I’m too focused on cleaning the shit in my own backyard to offer my condolences to those who did not vote for him. At least your President was voted for.

In the wake of this attack I am left with many questions. Questions about the nature of the attack itself, what new measures will be put in place under ‘national security.’ 

Then there’s Facebook, the filter which I personally find half assed as a show of unity. Solidarity just a click away but hey whatever makes people feel better. Then there’s the whole report yourself as safe feature, never seen this one before. The idea in principle is a good one but if you’re unemployed and from Watford I know you’re safe. 

I also feel for the Muslim people of this country who will suffer abuse as a result of this attack. It’s a virtual certainty, just as Europeans suffered abuse after the leave vote. I haven’t really checked the news since, I’m waiting for more information to come out regarding the perpetrator, sources to be corroborated etc. News that I did read in the immediate aftermath was chaotic to say the least. I’ve created a terrorism category for this blog, I hope this is the only post under it. 

I wish the injured a speedy recovery and my thoughts are with the families of those killed. As attacks go this is minor but to the families of those killed it’s life changing. I commend the actions of the officer who swiftly dealt with the threat and prevented greater loss of life.


Belly of the beast/ Choatic life/A magical place…

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To tell you the truth I wasn’t going to write today. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been preoccupied lately or I just couldn’t be bothered. For whoever is reading, I do enjoy writing because it’s an outlet. My life isn’t a party. I’ve had some great experiences but I haven’t made bank. 

All that said I have missed writing and I have posts on specific subjects in the works as you read this. I really should have prefaced this post by making a note that I recently tried to get my life in order. For the most part it worked, things have improved. 

I’m much happier than before. This isn’t all silver linings however. Once again my life is absolute chaos but we have plenty of time to get into that later. The most recent fuckery is this:

As you are aware I’m looking for work. I’ve been out on work experience. Guess where? I’m working at the job centre… See what I’m getting at? If you’ve been reading for a while and know my history dealing with these people you’ll also know that there is no way I would ever do this without some degree of coercion on the part of the job centre or their employees.

On one hand this could be a terrible experience and on the other this could be very entertaining and prove great material for a post, or many. It’s been a fuckery from the get go and I have a feeling it’ll only get worse as the days go by. The job centre in question isn’t located in the most savoury part of London.

Whatever the case is with my experience I’m looking to make some record of it here. For entertainment and future reference. I would be happier if the experience rewarded me with something feasible. If it helped say get an interview that would be amazing. 

Being entertained by the experience and having material for my blog is a reflection of how low the bar has been set. In truth anything above that would be surprising and anything below it will be good awful. I’m trying to enter this experience without bias which, in all honesty, is next to impossible.

I cannot prepare my brain for the wonders of the job centre… Somebody get me a drink…


A sudden realisation.

Posted in General with tags , , , , on October 28, 2015 by MISANTHROPIST

Today has been pretty boring. All tasks completed ahead of ahead of schedule. Everything is in order and ready for execution; no particular problems that need my attention. I’ve had a lot of time to think about nothing while doing nothing simultaneously.

I realised that for someone who has wandered around the world, deserts, mountains, cities etc. I don’t know much of my own back yard. I feel like I could quite easily make my way around a foreign land but here I feel like I need a tour guide.

I feel like a tourist, I don’t know the area, I don’t know the people. It’s strange really. I’ve never much felt at home here in England and I’ve always wondered why that is. That feeling was worsened by travel. Let’s face it I didn’t exactly have a package holiday.

Experiencing other cultures, other ways of living, has made some facets of my own seem pointless. I ended up learning and absorbing a lot. I honestly need to find someone who knows London better than I do. Someone who can show me any points of interest.


Into the grey. 

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I’ve decided that I have to start doing something with my weekends. I’m bored of wasting money and time. I have to plan a day. I’ve already got company, I just had to think of a place to go and a thing to see or do. Eventually I settled on the idea of smoking a joint or two and traveling into London to spend a day stoned at the aquarium. 

I’m hoping to find somewhere nice to eat. Beer optional. I always enjoyed the aquarium, the visuals and seeing all those different species of fish. I also like the way they set up unusual displays, like a ford KA as a fishtank. I’ve never been stoned there before. I imagine it’ll be interesting.

Sure it’s a bit of a journey but it should be a good day and money well spent. I always loved the shark tank, they swim there ornate, looking almost inanimate. You see them snap to life as they are fed and you realise just how deadly that strange animal that glides before you actually is.

I’m actually looking forward to it, I haven’t been for a long time. My other ideas include the natural history museum and the British museum. I’d go out to eat but apparently my plus one refuses to travel just for the point of eating. Well he couldn’t score a perfect ten, could he.

I guess I have something to look forward too at least.



Posted in Brazil with tags , , , , , on November 10, 2014 by MISANTHROPIST

It has occurred to me tonight how much I miss Brazil. It was a beautiful place. Sure it has its problems but the people were warm and welcoming. I miss the green spaces, happy people and how you could randomly strike up a conversation. Do that in London, see how they can’t wait to get away from you. Maybe I had the fact that I’m a gringo on my side also the English accent seems to be a universal novelty. Good thing I’m used to that by now. The social aspect of things in brazil was great, everything was so easy-going. I could strike up conversation easily and meet new people in a way that just isn’t possible in London. Even the poorest of people seemed like they had something that was missing back home. Despite their circumstances they seemed genuinely happy.

I loved how easy-going everyone was. You made an arrangement to go out at a certain time but were expected to be up to an hour late. In the event you were late nobody became needlessly pissed off about it. You would just have drinks until they got there. I also miss the ease of living, I could practically get anything delivered to the door, from fast food to cigarettes. The food was also fucking amazing, from her home cooked meals to something I got from a street vendor on a drunken night out in town. Everything was so easy. Another thing is that in London we have this problem, you can’t really go out without a plan. You can’t just hang around outside, in Brazil we could go to a beach or some other beautiful spot and even if it was just enjoy a few cans or a little smoke with friends the weather and scenery was beautiful. We just don’t have that kind of environment in London, socially and geographically speaking.

I can’t see why anyone from Brazil would want to spend an extended amount of time in London, other than the exchange value of the pound sterling. I think coming from Brazil to London would make anyone miserable. In comparison London seems dead. I had a wonderful time in there with a wonderful woman and her amazing family, maybe that’s it. I’m blinded by love or just taken by a place so warm yet so alien to me. I enjoyed America while I was there but Brazil has been a different thing entirely, more challenging for me but a lot more rewarding at the same time. Another thing is I keep drinking Cachaça. Fucking Pitu. I don’t even like it but it has become a drink of pure sentiment. Needless to say I fucking miss Brazil. I hope to see it again soon. I wasn’t even in the usual tourist spots, I’d recommend traveling outside of the usual tourist traps if you ever find yourself in Brazil. See the country outside of Rio and the south. I recommend Recife.

And so I fly.

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Checked my baggage dimensions, weight and the usual. Seems 158cm and 23kgs is the international standard. I still get kinda paranoid before I fly. Maybe paranoia is the wrong word, it’s more like an anxiety. Airlines can be retarded when it comes to excess. I mean you can get charged for that and god help you if you want to change a flight date. Get ready to spend my friend. Zero hour is tomorrow morning, flight isn’t until the afternoon but with traffic in London being as crazy as it gets I’m leaving much earlier than I need to. Better to be waiting at the airport for a few hours than be stuck in traffic. I fly from London to Lisbon then from Lisbon to Brazil. It’ll be a long one but well worth it. Don’t be surprised if you hear nothing from me over the course of the next month. I’m coming back a few days before my Birthday so that will be interesting. One thing I always hated about coming home is that feeling of missing the place you just left, it lingers for a while. Especially when you stay long enough to get settled into their way of life. I think a good word for that feeling is Saudade. I think that would be the right word for it.

So yeah I’ll be quiet for a while but I’m sure I’ll have a lot to write about upon my turn.

How the ‘other half’ live.

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with this turn of phrase it is referring to how the rich live in contrast with the poor. I’ve heard this phrase a lot in regards to extravagant spending and even every day luxuries of the upper class. I’ve finally lived it. My girlfriend is not exactly the 1% but she’s never going to be out of money. I’m still surprised by how grounded she is. Every other person I’ve met that came from money was either a terrible person or we just couldn’t relate to one another enough to ever be friends. To be honest it still feels weird having someone spend any sum of money on me. Three quarters of the time I end up telling her not to spend her money on me. All I want is her and her time. Money has never been a motivator. Never had it, probably never will. What I’ve always wanted is happiness.

I’ve stayed in a very nice but oversized serviced apartment complex. Honestly if I lived there on a permanent basis I’d have to buy things in order to fill the space because it feels to large and unnecessary. Nice to have a balcony though. I kept thinking ‘Who actually needs this amount of space.’ She agrees with me on that, nice to know I’m not just a fish out of my pond. The food has been really good too. Sushi, Vietnamese food, various Brazilian and a few more expensive basic products. I’ve lived pretty well. Good thing I didn’t get too used to it. It’s really weird not having a point where you’re like ‘okay, I have no more money. I’m not a big spender anyway but yeah to be able to just go get what you need when you need it. To be honest I would be happy to live half as well as she does.

I’m kinda hoping that seeing this will motivate me to work in order to achieve a degree of financial stability. It would be nice not to have to worry about money. Saying that it isn’t like I worry about it because I know I don’t have it. You just kinda get on with it. There was a time when we were financially stable in general but things changed. I find it good to remember that one shouldn’t get to comfortable on their perch, things can stray if you let them and other times it’s completely out of your control. Another thing I got used to is having the option of not having to share a train with a bunch of rude and sometimes even smelly commuters. I’m not being an ass some of these guys must hit the gym after work, it’s only noticeable with larger groups.

I still feel like I’m going to get thrown out of Marks&Spencer. Their advertisements state that this isn’t just any food it’s M&S food. They’re right it isn’t just any food, it’s extremely over-priced food. Good quality but the prices are ridiculous. I remember explaining our food stores to her and telling her that Waitrose is like on above M&S and she turns to me completely confused and says ‘WTF is a Waitrose.’ That gave me a giggle or two. She’s taught me that London isn’t quite as expensive as I previously thought. I have a new haunt, it’s a university area, great quality food and fairly priced with thee added bonus of being able to move unnoticed through a sea of multicultural faces. Great for my misanthropy. Even if I did decide I wanted to talk to someone the students and locals seem friendlier. Probably the bar’s fault.

It has been really good to live that way, being able to afford what I need. Not even the luxuries. I’ve also gained some good contacts and I have a feeling I’ll gain a lot more of them. She doesn’t quite realize it but she’s helped me a lot. More than just emotionally speaking. She gave me some motivation to improve myself. Not even for her but for me. I’ve told her this but she’s either clueless or doesn’t want me feeling like I owe her. In a way I do. She’s been here for me emotionally speaking through one of the roughest times in my life and even loved me when I’m at my worst. Can you really ask for more than that. I’d love that girl if she lived in a slum. The money never even came into it. I actually didn’t know how well off she was. I kinda worried at first that she’d think that it was about money but thankfully she knows me well enough to know it isn’t.

I think what really makes it perfect is the companionship, someone I can rely on to tell me the truth. It’d all be worthless to me if she wasn’t there. Living well is good but living happy is better in my experience. I’ve just been very lucky I guess. Exceptionally so. In both the woman and her circumstances. I’m more lucky that someone like her cares so much about someone like me. It was never about fixing me, just seeing me happy. I forgot what that felt like. I’m already happy, it feels like money kinda takes care of the rest. It’s good to have no worries for once. Hopefully some day I’ll get to that on my own.