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When your employer attempts to mug you off.

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I said I would stop talking about work and I promise all of you I will do so but tonight I need a good moan. I appreciate that the title was very British. Sometimes in life things are too good to be true like for example my job. I was quite happy there until today. Until my employers believed I was stupid.

My work place is a changing environment. People come and go, regulations/policy change has happened twice during my time there. However they try to paint it, I’m not stupid, I’ve looked them up. I learned a long time ago that you have to do your research. Never go in completely blind.

Ex-employees have restarted the company and despite the turn over its going quite well. I understand employees have to make small sacrifices in order to ensure the welfare of the company especially at an early stage. I understand from the point of view of the employer.

I don’t appreciate being lied to about the small things but being a misanthrope these lies dominate most of the conversations I’ve had and will ever have. Even if you can see them and they irritate you it would do you no justice to point them out. Let them feel comfortable in their lie. Sometimes you have to.

There is a certain part that bothers me, one in which I find myself disinclined to acquiesce to my employers request. It’s the part where they’re taking an almost illegal punitive measures. They expect me to work outside of my contractual hours without compensation for my time or efforts.

This being illegal. If my contract states this and it doesn’t fall in line with the law of the land then it becomes null and void or at least the clause stating that I should do so. Basically I’m not legally required. Willing or even able to work that hour. Especially not without pay.

I complained about HMRC previously but in this case it was their website where I gained a greater understanding of my rights. I had an idea this wasn’t legal but now I’m backed by law. Dismissing me for refusing to work that extra time is good for an unfair dissmissal tribunal.

This should be a barrel of fun. My colleague is a member of a union who I will consult through him and provide evidence where necessary. I’m about to butt horns with a stagg. It’s a good thing the lion still has claws. I’m prepared to get my way, negotiate if necessary or for zero hour. I have to be thankful, I’ll admit to that, to the state in this case. It will be the first time it has ever worked in my favour. 

I know 80-90% of the company is not on board but just how many are willing to stand up and shout ‘I am Spartacus.’ I bet 70% would across the company. Some are willing to walk out but I’d like if I could solve this without any of my co workers leaving. I like them. It’s just sad that I have a greater picture than people who have been there so long. Maybe a better nose for people’s bullshit.

Like I said I’m willing to be political about this. I’m willing to strike a deal to my advantage or to equal advantage but I’ll obviously push for my best interests and prospects. After all they’re in the wrong. I want to keep the job but I’m not worried about losing it too much. 

I actually enjoyed my job before all this fuckery. Obviously I haven’t revealed the extent of my aresenal in this post. Showing one’s hand is foolish. I’ve only put it out there that I know my rights and this is the general sentiment. If our company is democratic as it should be then we will win. 

I was a part of a walkout today. All of us collectively said ‘fuck that.’ We went home after our day had ended as per our contract. Nobody was staying and my boss didn’t even want to stay. There was some poor attempt at asserting his authority ‘ it starts tomorrow.’ Now, I know the man wants to make a living but I also know he answers to people and the equipment isn’t his.

I’m willing to work with the man if he is willing to be reasonable. Tell my man shut up and let me handle my shit. I’m moving weight at this company. Day 2 of the month and I’m 25% of my target. I like working here and my check hasn’t entered my fucking bank yet but shit when it does. I’m not going to complain. 

That’s the other fuckery… From 7 plus, sometimes during lunch I deal with personal affairs and admin/finance for my home. This 8 o’clock shit isn’t gonna fly unless I get paid. Even if I did capitulate which I won’t, how the fuck am I took cook diner?

Long and ranty like most of my posts….

World wide warranty, satisfaction guarantee so if you aren’t happy just bring it right back to me.



The dating profile of a misanthrope

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Recently somebody years younger than me recommended internet dating sites. ‘Something, something Plenty of Fish’ he said, and ‘plenty of weirdos’ I replied.

I’ve heard a few older friends say it’s a good way to meet people too. It find it strange that people younger than me are resorting to dating sites to meet people. I expect that from older people with kids, jobs and schedules but not someone barely 18. I find it all quite funny because I’ve been there, done it and got the T-shirt. That said it never felt like online dating, I was young and it just kinda happened. Most days I’m glad it did. Someone told me not to be bitter, see, I’m working on it! It’s rare to instantly click with someone and I get the feeling it’ll be a long while before it happens again but I’m open to the idea of it. Anyway, there is a decent variety of websites available for Romeo or Juliet including  Match, Okay Cupid and Plenty of Fish.

I actually cringe as I write down the names of those websites, the very thought of using such a platform kinda smells like defeat to me. I’m pretty sure I can market myself. There is a market for everything, that said, I love how these sites market themselves with ‘complex algorithms’ and matching you to people with similar views and interests. Doesn’t that take all the fun out of meeting someone and then realizing that they are a total dick. I can identify a total dick on my own in record time and with a greater degree of accuracy, it is something that I’m very proud of.

If I were going to entertain this idea, what would I even write in a profile. Find a nice photograph of myself? my hobbies? What I do for a living? I can’t believe some of the questions these sites ask, I stare blankly at the screen thinking ‘is this real life.’ How much of myself do I actually have to include in these profiles, probably more than I’m comfortable with. I seriously wouldn’t know where to start. I’d rather just meet people the old-fashioned way. I’m probably just old-fashioned. Yes I hold doors open for people and say thank you and please. I was brought up not dragged up.

If I put my interests: Philosophy, biology, psychology, anthropology, chemistry, medicine, guitar, writing etc I just end up sounding like a douche. If I write drinking, smoking, walks and other activities to that effect I sound like a pleb. How do you balance it out? Another thing I don’t get: You’re going to a place where everybody lies about something as a general rule and yet you expect to find a genuine person? You’re doing it wrong son. For argument’s sake I could just try to be honest and see where that gets me.

creepyrearendguyI’m a 6ft tall, blonde, blue-eyed man. I pride myself on honesty and principle. I am currently unemployed and there wasn’t a low enough category to put my earnings in. My interests include not wanting to talk about your ex, drinking coffee, reading, traveling, warning you that guy is a douche and then telling you I told you so after you’ve decided not to listen. I like drinking with friends, smoking, arguing with stupid people for kicks. I’m a fan of talking for hours on end, being alone with someone whose company I enjoy. Did I mention doing it? My reviews are great. I’m a simple man really, quite easily pleased. I don’t need extravagant gifts, in fact the greatest gift you can give me is honesty. I’m also cool with animals, I’ll probably like your cat or dog more than your friends or parents. Nothing personal.

We don’t have to share interests but it would be nice. I’m an equal opportunity employer which basically means it doesn’t matter to me where you’re from or how much you earn. All the women I’ve been involved with have had something special about them, they’re intelligent, talented, funny etc It could be anything really but there’s always something about her that catches my eye or ear. Generally speaking your appeal has to extend beyond the physical but a beautiful smile and a nice ass always helps. I think to many people I seem insensitive but that’s because I don’t like to share much of myself with others but when I do find a girl I like in that capacity I can be very affectionate and apparently that’s a good thing. I keep so much of myself closed off that I think I forgot how to be affectionate at one point. Slightly off-topic: Another thing I don’t get is cheating, it’s wrong, if you cheat on an SO you are an asshole. No exceptions. Guys and girls, if you’re going to cheat just leave.

I’m not even sure how one would date, I mean I can cook, we could talk over some wine and watch some Attenborough. Alternatively we could just get stoned together, who said romance was dead? I’m not big on going out maybe that is because I generally hate people or it could be because I’ve found no place that I’d want to spend more than an hour in. Come to think of it, it’s probably safer to meet a total stranger in a public place than it is to invite them to your house. My home is my castle, you abuse it, my animals or anything in it I will collect your fucking head and place it on a spike outside to deter any other weirdos, the postman and/or Jehovah’s witnesses. Might not work on the police though. I should skip decapitation and just release the hounds, my dog can earn her keep.
ok-cupid-profiles-100213-01The whole idea of using a dating site just seems stupid to me. I don’t mean that as an insult to anyone who uses them or has met an SO on an online dating site. You’re a braver man/woman than I. Just take a second to think about what these websites would be like if people actually told the truth, they would probably resemble the above image at best. It’s something I can never see myself doing but it would provide for some comical writing material. Looking through potential matches would be fun, disregard the fact that I like a woman with a brain for just a moment. I can imagine how it would go. Right you’re an attractive girl, no child in sight, why are you on a dating site? Something isn’t right, just how crazy are you? I ruled out attractive professional females because if you’re an attractive professional female what the fuck are you doing talking to me?

The world of online dating just sounds like a clusterfuck to me, how can I even begin to trust someone who has been dishonest from the get-go? Where can I find a pretty girl who isn’t an idiot and hates everything and everyone as much as I do?

I’ll pass, thanks.

Why do I even call these people ‘friends’

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The other day I ventured outside, shocking I know.  The lack of a certain woman in my life and boredom drove me to consider going out with my friends. My mistake. I went to a friend’s house and when I got there he was playing on his Xbox 360, a game called fallout 3.  As much as I love sitting quietly watching someone play Xbox I didn’t come out for that reason. I was talking and just catching up because I haven’t seen friend B in a long while. Friend A was sitting there holding his head during the time I was talking to friend B.

Now incase you don’t already know this: I don’t respect people’s privacy. You gain valuable insight into the people you know by reading their correspondence with others. After asking friend A to borrow his phone in order to message my significant other, after sending said message I noticed he had sent a message to friend B who was in the same room not 5 minutes earlier. This message read ” I wish I had bought him with me he’s killing my buzz.”

Now I don’t understand why he couldn’t tell me himself. I keep the company of spineless idiots it seems. I sent a message to friend B that read    ‘I’m killing his buzz lol, how cool is that?’
You might be wondering why I would do that, the reasoning behind it was to show them how stupid they are being. From reading further on I find out the game he is playing is actually my game. Straight away I pull them up about it which is when friend A (An expert bullshitter) tried to tell me that he called to ask me if it was okay.

I know he did not but I left it because I didn’t care that he had my game, I’m not that petty. Later friend A screwed friend B over by taking some of his tobacco on the pretext that friend A would share his smoke him. He obviously did not, he smoked it and then left. I used this opportunity to tell friend B that I know he never called me to ask. He then admitted to this but said he asked friend A to call and ask and he did not do so.
I really don’t care too much that he has my game but if one of them had just said ‘yeah mate I gave your game to friend B’ I wouldn’t have a problem at all.

It seems the people I call friends have an inability to be honest when it comes to me. Snakes in the grass or just idiots?