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Reddit and that fucking Karma/voting system…the worst idea ever.

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The karma/voting system on reddit produces a burning hatred within me, it has made me consider leaving reddit a number of times. Reddit itself is a reflection of humanity, that which I most hate. This may lead you to ask the question “why are you there then?” I will answer that question with this statement: “the Internet is sub-par in quality for the most part, boredom lead me here and the karma system has made me begin to wonder why I stay. I stay because there is little that comes close to the information compiled there and little on the web that entertains me. I have too much time on my hands.” That said let me get to the point.

Reddits karma/voting system inspires the online equivalent of attention seeking, people do stupid, outlandish things to procure positive karma. These acts range from posting risqué pictures of themselves naked for strangers to jerk over, to pictures of their animals in poses and situations that have been implied to have occurred naturally when they are obviously engineered. Because we all carry around cameras 100% of the time!

The point here is that people will do anything for karma or upvotes, citation? The whole damn website. Karma/upvotes have this strange perceived value here, much like money in the real world. It is only valued by the individual’s perception of its worth. In the same way that dollar bills are just paper, karma is just a number on a screen. I do not personally understand how people place so much value upon it. They take great risks: risking their personal lives, well being and privacy to obtain it. Karma for me is the greatest evil of the reddit community. Now for the sheer stupidity of it all, karma won’t buy you a car, impress anyone outside of the reddit club, get you a girlfriend, buy you a house or do anything for you really.

Karma/upvotes for many are an ego stroke, increasing a person’s sense of self worth at least but at most it is extremely addictive. I believe that people get the same dopamine rush or “high” that a gambling addict gets or someone addicted to a video game such as World Of Warcraft. To this end users begin to engage in karma seeking behaviour. You may have seen many posts about people saying that reddit takes your soul or is inescapable, well this is quite true. Karma is in effect a drug for some people and I can imagine for others it can be quite a destructive force in their personal lives. I bet the contents of my wallet that without prior responsibilities a lot of redditors would slip into a habit of browsing reddit 24/7 with or without the intent to garner karma.

Now here’s the misanthropy. Are we that weak minded that we require recognition from strangers in the form of a number on a screen to feel any sense of self worth? Looks like we are. Are we so pathetic that we would actively seek this approval from others by posting outlandish and/or popular things in order to get more karma and upvotes? Yes again. Our ego, our narcicism, our materialism, our stupidity and all the worst parts of the human psyche follow us onto the Internet. It’s fucking sad, it really is, and it makes me hate humanity all the more. All our evil comes with us, even on the web and it follows us home.

I’ve seen people go into fits of rage over losing large sums of karma or being downvoted to shit and I think to myself how can one put that kind of value on this thing called karma which in name and nature strays so far from the original concept. Reddit has managed to bastardize this interesting concept and turn it into some sort of commodity. How can we call ourselves intelligent and participate in such ego stroking, narcissistic, attention seeking bullshit?

It is amazing to think that karma and the voting system was originally supposed to bring the best content to the top of reddit. In reddit like any democracy if your opinion, wants or needs don’t align with one of the majorities then you may as well have no vote or opinion at all. My opinion or interests do not matter unless they are shared by a majority, they are not so there is no point of me upvoting or downvoting anything at all. The entire system flawed and open to widespread abuse. It doesn’t do what it is intended to do so I will have little or no part in it. I rarely upvote anything. If I took part in the voting system I would end up downvoting mostly everything. Voting on reddit is pointless for me.

Humanity is still heading down that dark path, corrupting everything it can lay its filthy hands on. The reddit karma system is an extension of the worst facets of society and humanity in general. It is pure 100% concentrated stupidity and it’s Eco-friendly, easily recycled and reused like so many advice animal memes. The reddit karma system is the communities’ greatest evil, worse than the racists, trolls, bigots and everything else.



Reddit and a short personal history lesson.

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The first time I was on the Internet I joined two communities, one was a music discussion board and the other was a gaming board. I frequented the gaming board and was not well accepted as I had just discovered alcohol and began partying. When I got back from parties I would surf this website fairly drunk. I made friends, some life long friends but I ran afoul of moderators and higher ranking members of certain cliques. I was a pain in the ass, they attempted to bully me in their own way

I replied to them with arguments, threats and offensive macro images mainly for revenge and laughs. Reminding myself of users of a certain site. I had made friends and because of that I was let into a whole 2 Page thread of mods raging about me. It seems I was a troll before it was cool. After getting banned and then permanently banned I made more accounts and kept coming back. I wasn’t accepted by the community but I made a few good friends.

Then the other board was more accepting, at first my comments were lost in a flurry of other posts. I had to take my time to get to know these people, their site was more chaotic. They had their own in jokes and it was an amusing and fun place ran by a mr.zilla who commented but kept rather neutral in affairs. I also joined its brother board. They were a split from and older and much larger commercial music site. This isn’t the board you might be thinking of but it was similar in some ways.

The site was a yuku and it ran with its own jokes, slandering, discussions, and all manner of threads with lots of music related viewer reviews. You get the picture, the place was well habited. There’d be some rivalry between the two brother sites but it was all in all awesome. I made friends and enemies again but was accepted and found to be rather amusing. Eventually both sites wilted and died. This was over the course of maybe three years.

Later on I went to other site but none with forums. I came across reddit. Quite late actually. When I finally went on it I thought, wow it’s like the fucking matrix. It may actually be awesome. Mr.Fox had actually recommended it to me when we talked at anywhere between 3pm-5am between his trips to china and return to Los Angeles. He is one of the more interesting writers on the Internet.

(This a short story of how my social life went down the drain, it wasn’t a big thing when it happened, now I suddenly seem to be reconnected. I made a regretful decision to be in contact with all of them. Don’t get me wrong I’d like to see them but not in a local park or on a street or in a dive pub in London. It seems crazy to me how these days I find the majority of my entertainment at home or on the Internet. I used to go out a lot the suddenly everything changed. This issue here isn’t because they got jobs and commitments, they’d had those before and we still managed. But everyone split into their groups and we seemed to talk less and less. Our communication is moderate. Most of them are likable and some were true friends. We went around everywhere doing everything, we had some amazing parties. Some of them hate each other now, some have disappeared, other have moved, some cannot be bothered and others just have their separate faction. Naturally I am my own faction.)

Rage Comics later encouraged me to go to the site and read through it.
When I read through it I was impressed and didn’t know how endless it truly was. The content is great. I enjoyed that part. The conversations and debates looked fun. There were endless interesting sub-reddits from medicine to abandoned places. There was pretty much something for everyone and the users seemed okay and informed. After getting heavily into reddit I joined, I read topics and rated some harmlessly enough. I posted a few comments, karma for being funny. Here is where I start to see the darker side of reddit. I should have taken the blue pill.

I decided to post a few things, most of it was ignored or rarely commented on. I had some legitimate debates and discussions I wanted to have about atheism, science and philosophy but it was all ignored. I was not really discouraged because I know it happens when you are new. First I was attacked for being new, no problems just a few idiots. It was pretty funny actually. Then I notice other people’s decent contributions were also being ignored so I went and browsed some rage comics, science articles and abandoned places. As my explorations extended I found spacedicks accidentally,I really wish I had taken that blue pill.

I noticed that people got up voted to the front page for animal pictures and some funny stuff which was pretty decent. I saw the coffee shop activists of reddit for what they were. I saw atheists acting as bad as those denounced. Bravely calling out religious family members for approval and karma. It was pretty sick. I am not a believer in the divine but these guys give atheists a bad name and they ensure I’d never identify with them. They pick on unsuspecting and stupid people. They are sad, strange little people. Certain people know how to manipulate en masse to gather karma. Crooked farmers picking a strange fruit.

The worst thing about the karma whoring is that people would make up sob stories in order to gain karma using a ton of heart-felt bullshit. People were exposed for doing this. I watched countless crap spewed forth from the redditors, to be fair it is more of a diamonds in shit situation. All in all reddit has made me even more misanthropic than before. People are greedy even if it’s just for up votes. It’s like the next evolution of the attention whore.
The atheists can’t debate shit, they would not consider that they might be wrong when in pure science you cannot prove their hypothesis that there is no god without definitive proof. neither atheist nor theist can say they are right without reasonable doubt.

Then we have the hipsters, they hurt my skull with all their bullshit. Let’s act like we are cultured and drink crappy beard to validate that!
They disrespect anyone who isn’t into their crap and remind me of the Manson family if they had a strange sense of style. Hipsters annoy me for many reasons. I think the last straw for me was the day I found out about their slang and they attempted to insult me during an enquiry about seapunks so I retaliated and they ended up leaving me alone in thread. After that I think I know it means to truly hate hipsters. This hipster bullshit goes on all the time.

Reddit in itself is a great site. The people make it bad. It can be entertaining but it was killed for me when people started bringing their beliefs and ideologies into things. After that reddit became even more of a circle-jerk then it already was. They have a board called circle-jerk but after spacedicks I refuse to click on it. All the worst of humanity can be found on reddit, especially those that make you question whether the majority of people are really that simple. I look through reddit for fun, latest developments, some interests but I rarely participate anymore because it just isn’t worth the time it takes to post. If I want to know the opinions of others I can read their comments.

Reddits in jokes and memes are mostly stolen from 4chan. I enjoyed encyclopedia dramaticas article about reddit. I find it quite accurate. When I look at reddit I see a larger and sanitized 4chan. I refuse to upvote anyone or give them any karma because why the fuck do they need it? Why do they deserve it?
It’s full of many a manchild and karmawhore. I check it and every time my distaste for it grows greater than ever before. There is no real sense of community. It’s like living in the city!

People just trying too hard for karma. With dumb in jokes, pissing contests, fake stories and the occasional decent article or thread. Everything is a repost. In my personal opinion less than a quarter of the sub reddits I have seen are informative or entertaining. The rest is like a buffer.

Reddit has been annoying me lately.