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Today I had listened to a demo of my friends work and I thinks it finally happened, I heard a track he’d been working on and automatically, other than being impressed by it I had ideas for guitar come flooding to me. My friend is always talking about setting goals so I said to him instead of setting a broad goal he should focus on a single track and release it as a single when it is finished. The conversation was fruitful. We had some beers and went over our ideas, possible direction and we agreed to focus on this one track. To that end we begin at around 11am this morning. I wanted to pick up my guitar as soon as I heard his work unfortunately it was really late when I did listen so I’ve had to wait, what I will say is that this is fucking exciting. 

I hope to really make something of this.




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Friday last I was back in the studio recording another guitar bit for my friend and we finally got something done. Only took us five months on and off. I played, he recorded and mixed it in and finally we got something done. I’m back in on Friday for round two, hopefully it’ll be as productive as last Friday. Many a time it has degenerated into just drinking because I was too fucked up to play or he was fucked up and couldn’t be bothered so we just talked and looked at some tracks. Nothing much got done. Most of the time I’m pretty on task but when we’re on one it’s a wonder anything gets past the drawing board. Things seem to be moving forward now which is nice. It’s a good thing we’re not paying for the studio time.

He did something very interesting with the sound of me coughing before the guitar started, he flipped it and added it into the track, he also added me fucking around during testing ‘Testing… one… two… five…’ It gave him the idea to give me the boom and let me record my guitar at home. He also told me to record random sounds around my home for him to mix in. It started as an EDM thing but has morphed and become highly experimental. It’s all fun, we’ll see how it goes. I’m just happy it is moving forward and shaping into something.


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Well I have been away recording various pieces for my friend over the last couple of weeks, the recording process has involved a lot of Kronenbourg and smoke-filled rooms. As a result of this I’m now the lead guitarist at Clayton James. The project is coming together nicely with art work and various contributions. I haven’t enjoyed myself this much in a long time. Even the attempted robbery was fun but to be honest my mother is more intimidating than the three of them. Two stayed back to watch while one attempted the robbery. You never attempt to take anything that is mine, let alone my guitar. Needless to say that asshole caught the business end of my noise maker. To commemorate this even my guitar is now marked with a tally which may or may not increase as time goes by. I’ve also written ‘This here’s my noisemaker’ on the guard just because.

I’m happy it didn’t break because I would have been extremely upset and probably beat that individual half to death before strangling them with the strings. I love my guitar if you haven’t guessed that by now. More on recording, I never expected to be involved with any kind of electronic music let alone recording acoustic guitar but I’m just happy to be a part of something, it is nice to have some purpose especially when you’re ‘unemployed.’ It looks like I’m also going to be involved in shooting a music video to some degree. My friend is going all out on this project, then again it is his baby so I’d expect no less. He originally had it completed years ago but after his home was robbed everything was lost, maybe it was a blessing in disguise because he has said himself that the new work is better than anything he had produced before hand.

I’m sorry this update didn’t come earlier but I’ve been very busy and lacking the means to post.


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I’m getting pretty heavily into making music recently which is another reason I’ve been quiet. I’ve been sending samples back and forth and recording sounds to be mixed into beats, even stupid things like the sound of a tap dripping. I spent a lot of time thinking about how guitar can go into this type of music. It has to be fast, rhythmic and fit perfectly into the track but at the same time I want it to be mine, noticeably mine. I want people to hear the track and think ‘damn, that guitar…’ I’m trying to make it fit in but make it distinct, with its own bite. I want people to remember the guitar on the track above everything else. The guy making the album wants to give away a track to get people interested in the rest, he also had the idea of giving the proceeds of the first two singles to a charity which I thought was very nice of him. We haven’t decided which charity but personally I was thinking a homelessness charity because sometimes people need a hand up to get off the streets and into temp accommodation or some form of housing. This is something my friend at the studio knows all to well. If you’re on the streets and you don’t know anyone you’re pretty screwed, nobody should have to live on the streets in this day and age.

It’s Sunday again.

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Sundays for me mean one thing and one thing only, boredom. I don’t have anything to do around the house or outside the house. Gaming has kinda been ruined for me, I can’t sit and play games. I’d put my guitar on but I can’t even be bothered with that. Last night was the beginning of an off day for me, as if Sunday couldn’t get any worse. I got to thinking last night which is something I should have probably avoided. It looks like I’ll be writing today and by writing I don’t mean posting a spiderman meme with a relevant title.

I woke up, put on coffee, put some music on and had a cigarette. That is literally all I’ve done today. The only friend I can be bothered to see is out-of-town so I’m not out today. Yesterday I was considering being more social but if it means I have to sit in my friend’s house and watch him play FIFA 14 for hours I’ll pass. Same goes for Call of Duty. The way I saw it I can go out and find new friends or just go see old ones. This is all irrelevant seeing as my priority should really be looking for work. I’m not sure if I wrote that for you or for me.

Studio time.

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The studio has opened back up, apparently the project I’m involved in is going to be experimental but the studio is top quality and my good friend is making the beats. We were discussing how to hook people in with a first track enough to make them listen to the rest. It’s not even my kind of music, more electronic but if I can get free reign on just one track I already have my own idea, it has been there in my head for a long time and I’d like to get it out now. My role in this project isn’t huge, I’m providing simple guitar he can use now and later but what I do have on my side is musically he’s very open minded, enjoys my riffs and will listen to me.

So yeah I’ll be hitting the studio soon and I’ll be needing to practice. I will keep writing.
More to come later today.

Missed me?

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Lately I haven’t written much, to be honest I’ve been preoccupied with music theory and my guitar. It has gotten to the point where If I have free time I’m playing and if I’m not playing I feel like something is missing. That said right now I feel like I should be at least reading something regarding music theory. Just as I get inspired I get back into contact with an old friend and he’s given me the opportunity to come and be a part of what he’s making. Not my kind of music but a learning experience nonetheless. I’m just sending him samples at the moment but studio time is on the horizon. I know he’s making a different type of music but I’m hoping to get a larger part on one track. To be honest I’ve been too wrapped up in playing and learning I’ve barely taken the time to hate humanity or just a few select individuals. Don’t worry though I have a special spot reserved this week for a certain individual.