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AM Hates: Katie Hopkins and so does everyone else!

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Sometimes you look at someone on the television and think ‘Why are you expressing your opinion in front of an audience, what makes you so special, what the fuck do you do?’

This is why I’m not big on television, if I had lived in America I might have reached for the nearest gun and fired two shots into my TV in rage and disgust. (Always double tap.) Apparently all you have to do nowadays is win The Apprentice. (Edit: She didn’t even win it.) I didn’t know of this poor excuse for a human being until around about 12hrs ago and my life was richer for it. I’ve never heard so much shit from one person in all of my life. I spent about 10 minutes wondering if she was just a gimmick, there for shock value like Simon Cowell. That said at least Cowell is funny with it and has a good idea what he’s talking about. It’s almost like she tries to drop knowledge and truths on us during these discussions but she just reveals herself to be a terrible human being.

Firstly I’d like to say I feel sorry for her children. Work comes first and they all share one birthday at a convenient time for her and one cake? You can be an asshole to many people in your life but to your kids, that’s something else. I verily dislike this woman. She’s the kind of person who takes shots at people and groups for the sake of it. She was saying how she wouldn’t hire someone who is fat or has a tattoo and that she won’t allow her children to socialize with other children based on their economic class and name. She’s just a prick of a human being. It comes to something when you go onto Google, search her ‘Katie Hopkins Should…’ and the first two suggestions are ‘be shot/die.’ Some people try so hard to be controversial they just end up being annoying, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to punch a woman in the face before…

I was going to write a long post about her but I don’t feel like getting irritated by her any longer, in a recent karmic shift she lost her column, unfortunately she’s still on the Today Show. There’s a reason I don’t watch that crap, now I will just instantly change the channel. How is she even on TV she may be business minded but she’s most of the things I hate in a person. One thing I’m comforted by is the fact that people like this come and go, we find them funny eventually, then they give us someone to hate and after that they burn out altogether. The sooner the better. I think the lesson we can learn from Katie Hopkins, as a society, is:

If you actually feel like viewing this deplorable excuse for a human being yourself look at her twitter page of ignorance or just Google her. I’d say she’s not worth the energy but this is a spectacle indeed. Really something you have to see for yourself. She’s about as pleasing to the eye as she is to the ears so avoid an Image search unless you really must. I can help wanting to slap the dumb fuck who impregnated¬† this piece of human detritus. I feel bad for those poor kids must be like North Korea at home. I mean I know some people’s work comes before their children, I find that wrong personally but even those people don’t let their work affect their children’s birthdays. Their parents may be absent but the kids still have their own personal day. How must those kids feel when their friends ask them and they have to explain that they all share one birthday? Their friends inform them this isn’t normal and they are instantly weird.

It’s sad but those kids will probably end up alienated because their mother is a bitch, hopefully they’ll grow up to hate her just like everybody else does. Bitch is unsuited to have children, if she wasn’t paid like she is social services might removed those damn kids from her custody and give them to their father. Sometimes mother doesn’t know best.


Misanthropy Today

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Misanthropy Today or MT, was and still is my favorite blog. Sometimes I’m a little ashamed that I arrived to the party so late, it kept me laughing through some rough times and late nights. Like all regular readers I miss it greatly and I am sad to see it’s demise. Misanthropy Today was eventually brought down by shitty hosts and the authors various other commitments, as I have learned he is a very busy man. I can’t help but to express how pissed off I am that a shitty server host contributed to the downfall of this great blog. The posts may have been a little far between but it would still be updated if it weren’t for the host. Westhost is going on my shitlist for this crime.

The author and fellow misanthrope wrote a lot of high quality posts with a host of friends chipping in from time to time which made for an amusing, interesting and informative mixture of high quality content that never failed to get a laugh out of me. Mr. Fox ¬†sometimes changes his mind on things and takes breaks between blogging due to his having a life outside of the Internet, so I’ve waited a while to post this. His blog was the first blog I ever read or found even remotely worth following because let’s face it the tubes are full of shit a large majority of the time. So it’s safe to say that I am very sad to see it go.

Due to the above fact that the Internet is full of shit I had a notion that all bloggers were fags or maybe emotional attention whores is a much better description. For the most part I was correct but I had been heavily biased due to livejournal and other crap. I remember first stumbling on Andy’s blog on a google search for misanthropy. It seem related so I read it laughed, learned and much more. I continued to read the hell out of it for a few years to come. It inspired me to create alphamisanthropos, it showed me that a blog can be good if you do it right. And Misanthropy Today was doing it right.

I would say that through reading his posts, adventures in china, contacting him and reading his other material I became attached to the guy much like a character in your favourite novel or tv series. His blog was staple entertainment for me. We talked a lot and he gave me advice and entertained me even more, he talked me through some shitty times too, he became somewhat like the brother I never had. As creepy as that sounds. To sum this all up Andy Fox is a pretty cool guy.

Alpha misanthropos is to me at least a continuation of MT and it’s spiritual successor. I’m hoping that in time I can improve this place, possibly get higher traffic and my own domain. None of this would have been possible without misanthropy today, so please if you are reading this blog and enjoy it head on over to pay your respects at:

Misanthropy Today was at one point the only blog I read, still read a very low number of blogs. MT still remains my favourite to this day. I would like to pay my final respects by saying rest in peace misanthropy today, you shall be sorely missed by all who knew you.