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Meeting women, relationships and acknowledgements.

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In recent months I’ve had a pretty rough time relationship wise, now that’s not an issue any more. During the months after we broke up I thought to myself that it might be smart to get to know other women. I went into that situation with absolutely zero expectations. Some I contacted first and others contacted me.

During that time I met several very different women. All of them unique in their own ways. I’ve made good friends and there are some I’m interested in and at least two I find fascinating. I have to give them their dues in some way because they’ve each helped me get back to where I am now.

In a lot of ways I’ve improved myself but each of these women has played their part. There’s the sweet one she’s a religious woman and although we don’t agree on religion if there’s a heaven I’m pretty sure this one deserves a place there. I can see us remaining friends for a long time despite our differences.

There’s another, she was quite nervous at first, seemed sad. Like me just got out of a relationship. We spoke a lot and I didn’t really expect it to go much further than that but as I got to know her better she revealed herself to me, very talented chef. Sweet, caring etc. Suddenly out of nowhere there’s fire between us. I’m still not really sure how it happened.

There’s a woman from Poland but we’ve only ever emailed eachother. She’s like a pen pal really,  I get an email once a week so the pace is slow but it’s been nice to get to know her. I look forward to her emails. I usually try to reply to her on Sunday. It gives me an activity, you know how I hate Sundays.

Then there’s the one who only calls me when she’s drunk. There was always a thing between us but she’s kinda stuck, I know she likes me but I’m pretty sure she’s seeing someone. Hence she calls when she’s drunk. It’s a damn shame really because I’ve always liked her and will always have time for her. I just give her shit about calling me when she’s sober.

Another, a Chinese national. I haven’t spoken to her in a while but I should get ahold of her, she’s a good friend who was going through a tough time with a death in the family. This woman is extremely intelligent and I can say she’s taught me quite a bit in the time I’ve known her. I’m happy that she and her family are doing better now.

Then we have this one, obviously the one I’m fascinated with is hard to get. This woman is exceptionally talented creativity speaking. She managed to get me to appreciate art which is an achievement in itself. I can’t really find the words to describe this one. We are very similar in many ways, the first month of knowing her was spent with her stealing the words from my mouth. The first time we spoke she threw me entirely off guard and as she opened up she showed me her soul, truly an exceptional woman. Likes to challenge me. Accent like a Bond villain.

I’ve met many women from all different races, countries and backgrounds and each of them has contributed to myself in some way or another. Each of them have my respect, not as women but as people.  Each of them unique and beautiful in their own ways. The other thing I wanted to mention is that it’s damn hard to make male friends. Usually single serving if at all.

The other thing I noticed is that it’s amazing what cleaning yourself up can do. That’s when things really started. I’d met these women and they were great friends with me. As soon as I was far enough out of my hole to bother cleaning myself up I got a lot more interest. I guess I scrub up well. That’s when the drunk phone calls started despite her giving me shit not two weeks earlier for being drunk while talking to her.

I’m no stranger to the opposite sex but I have to admit it’s been weird to have so many interested. I must be doing something right. The other thing I’ve noticed with all of them in my life I’m actually a happier person, they each contribute to that in one way or another. I actually never realised being single was okay. I’ll admit I’ve grown fond of all of them and I plan to keep them in my life regardless of a relationship forming. I hope that’s possible and it should be because we are friends before anything else.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that none of these women are originally from England. My favourite drunk caller is of African descent, beautiful woman, great laugh and pain in my ass but aren’t all the best ones? I don’t know why I do so badly with English women. Granted I get looks but rarely goes any further than that with an English girl. That’s not something I’m bothered by if I’m honest.

My relationships have always been with women from outside of my own country. Even those with similar cultures have taught me much. I like the differences in culture, food and more. If they like you enough you’ll be treated to lots of new food. There’s also that moment when she’s in bed tired and can’t English anymore. To be honest I find these moments rewarding.

I don’t mind a little bit of teasing, it’s a good laugh. When she makes fun of you for being English and you do the same to her. I told her already that she sounds like a Bond villain. It’s the things like that which make the relationship between you more rewarding.

All this said my strangest experience with an Arab woman. There was a lot of fire between us and we genuinely liked eachother. At one point she said I was too white. Something I’ve heard from women of other ethnicities. Usually poking fun at me, not something that even registers beyond making me laugh. She disappeared later which is when it clicked in my head that’s she’s a Muslim, and I’m pretty sure from what I know of her parents that they would not be be cool with her seeing me. I don’t blame her or anything. It’s a damn shame because I liked her a lot in the time we knew eachother but yeah I wouldn’t want to get her in trouble.

In all it’s been a rewarding experience meeting new women and getting my act together. There’s obviously more female friends than male at this point, but a few will even smash back beers with me so I’m not exactly lacking in that area. Would be screwed if I was into sports though.

I started to write this post basically to acknowledge the postive impact all these women have had on my life recently. They’ve made me happier and in ways they’ve helped me love myself. Even if I feel personally there isn’t much they see something in me which means I can’t be so bad.   After meeting all these amazing women I’m not in a rush to enter into anything.



Finances, work, life, family.

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A while ago I spoke about changing my style and standard of dress. Now this is less of a choice. I need a suit. I’m just trying to reconcile with the fact that I’ll now earn more than my own mother. At the same time I’m not going to make the same mistake my father did of living above his means. I have to use my money wisely. 

There are wants and needs, I also need to balance whether investments are worthwhile, like a car. It’s a depreciating asset… I could travel but public transport instead saving a lot more money or I could walk because my work is only a few miles away. The would save me another £80 a month.

Basically there’s no point getting a car, motorcycle maybe? All the women in my life would freak out at once from my mother to my current to my ex. Another thing is my smoking habit. I’ve curbed my drinking and marijuana intake but my smoking is still an inconvenient habit.

Again, work to the rescue. My colleagues are all sharp in one way or another. I have one guy importing very expensive ecigaretes directly from the company at trader rates and another making e-liquids and selling them to friends at a discount. Smoking just got cheaper. 

It’s an investment because I will save hundreds per annum but it’s a risk due the unregulated nature of the product, I now view it as I would every other street drug because of that. I acknowledge the risks and I may endeavour to make the liquids myself so I know their chemical composition.

Just because it’s been offered free I might take the iPhone 6s and smack my work target so I get that free iPad Air 2. Incentives are great  and did I mention I can work out of hours? My money making potential is £50,000 a year if it’s there. Realistically if I keep this job I could move out in 6 months.

That said my own mother has been looking after me since I was dangling from her tits and shitting myself so I think it’s time to give something back. And remember children just because I can hit 50k doesn’t mean I will, it would take a lot of work to hit that figure. 35-40k is more realistic.

Still I make more than anyone I know right now so that’s nice. I’ll keep that to myself. It’s weird that I also work with my sister. Not directly but yeah we go to work together. It’s nice to have someone you can confer with in the workplace. She doesn’t annoy me as much as I’d previously thought she would.

I definitely need clothing and when I get paid I’m taking my friend to dinner. We’ll have some drinks and sushi maybe. I think I’ll just take him shopping with me. I’m currently fighting his case to get him to a solicitor and I think they’ll take it. I’m hoping I can get him paid so he can purchase the things necessary for making his music. 

He’s a good man who has been through some hard times. He lives with me as a result of the fuckery caused by the place he used to live. His case may even turn to scores of cases. The place was a joke and I personally would like to take a piece of them.


Facebook, Charity, Nominations and not giving.

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I’m tired of Facebook, I really am. I’m not going to go the edgy teenager route and say I’m quitting only to return 24hrs later because what is the point. Annoying as it is Facebook is genuinely useful for communicating quickly with friends across the world. Hard to believe a Misanthrope has friends across the globe isn’t it? Anyway we’re not here to talk about myself or to debate the usefulness of Facebook, today I have a rather specific gripe. It has more to do with the idiots I know than Facebook itself…

Stop nominating me for things, I don’t care what it is. Ice bucket challenge or whatever the new fad is. I’m guessing half of those idiots don’t even know what ALS stands for. It’s nice to donate money to charity but what is it with this fetishistic posting of photographic evidence? It isn’t enough that one has donated, everyone must know about it. When I give money or food to the homeless guy near the station do we take a fucking selfie together for my friends to know about my good deed? Because what’s the point of doing good if nobody can see you doing it?

90% of the people donating are unaware of how much of their donations go to those who need them, forgetting charities have administration costs and sometimes line their own pockets in the process. Nobody is smart about this sort of thing anymore and it hurts my head to think about how stupid people can be sometimes. I’m not doing anything because somebody nominated me and I’m certainly not going to be guilted into donating what little I do have because everybody on Facebook will know if I don’t. This sort of passive-aggressive bullshit makes me hate people and feel negatively towards charitable organizations.

If I give money, I’ll do it on the street where it counts and do it wisely so my charity isn’t taken advantage of. My country has its own problems too, how about we get those homeless people off the streets and into accommodation first?

Not getting smashed.

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Me and my friend, the guy who I work on the music with, have decided we’re not getting smashed. That’s really strange, every two weeks we’ve gotten wrecked religiously. It’s always been fun but yeah something has changed there, the music is taking shape now. We’re having a meal, cooking one actually. Man food, and over a meal we’ll discuss the music and other things. I guess this is a sign the clamour got real. It’s just really unlike us to opt out of getting smashed in favour of a meal. Am I getting old?

His words were ‘No drink, no smoke. We’re just going to get some food, cook it, eat it and have a good time’ Sounds like a date. I asked him is he sure he doesn’t want me to bring wine? I could light some candles too. It’s crazy how things just came together, suddenly there is a direction. The recording sessions have been fun, there’s extra commentary too. He’s decided to work on one track and put it out there. Then we’ll see what happens. He’s regularly engaged with people in the music industry so who knows.

It’s Sunday again.

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Sundays for me mean one thing and one thing only, boredom. I don’t have anything to do around the house or outside the house. Gaming has kinda been ruined for me, I can’t sit and play games. I’d put my guitar on but I can’t even be bothered with that. Last night was the beginning of an off day for me, as if Sunday couldn’t get any worse. I got to thinking last night which is something I should have probably avoided. It looks like I’ll be writing today and by writing I don’t mean posting a spiderman meme with a relevant title.

I woke up, put on coffee, put some music on and had a cigarette. That is literally all I’ve done today. The only friend I can be bothered to see is out-of-town so I’m not out today. Yesterday I was considering being more social but if it means I have to sit in my friend’s house and watch him play FIFA 14 for hours I’ll pass. Same goes for Call of Duty. The way I saw it I can go out and find new friends or just go see old ones. This is all irrelevant seeing as my priority should really be looking for work. I’m not sure if I wrote that for you or for me.

Happy New Year

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New Year celebrations
Yes I’m still slightly hung over. Why I’m sitting here writing with a hangover I’ll never know but I guess I felt like I had to say something about it being a new year. No new years resolution for me, I know what I have to do this year and I don’t need the passing of another year to affirm that doing these things would be my best course of action. My day started off pretty standard, some cleaning while I listen to the radio. Talking of that all this year’s Christmas and New Years music/playlists have been depressing, who needs that at this time of year? Anyway, I got the cleaning done played my guitar for a while then thought it would be a good idea to shave, bathe and look presentable seeing as we were expecting guests.

I eventually ate dinner and then the first round of guests arrived with whiskey, wine and a little food. Then the second group with more. I make it sound like there was a lot of people but there wasn’t, about 8 in all. My kitchen just isn’t big enough. All the parties happen in the kitchen. I always kinda wondered why that was. I don’t particularly want to recount the amount I drank last night and this morning. In all though it was a good evening of drinking, catching up with friends I haven’t seen in a long time and music. I’m pretty sure I was messed up before 12am but I was functional and had a good few laughs at Este Haim’s sexy bass face lol. If you don’t know them check Haim out they’re a pretty good group.

Around 3am people had started to leave or go to bed. I had gotten extremely hungry either from drinking or that it’d been six or more hours since I last ate anything but not once did I stop to think ‘why am I preparing a full meal at 3.30am new years day?’ I now justify my actions by telling myself it was a new year burger. I really enjoyed it but this is probably the reason I put on pounds this Christmas. I do not despair for I have a one day a week paid gym membership called work. I think I eventually fell into bed around 4 or 5am. I can’t really complain about my New Years Eve or New Years day, I’ve been up the best part of an hour. We already have visitors and the weather is still crappy. New year, new start right?

I actually saw none of my friends but Family and other friends were very good company, for once I have nothing to complain about. Surprisingly I managed to stay off the internet almost entirely other than sending one email to my ex to say happy new year. I didn’t even bother with Facebook or Reddit or anything because if the company is good you really have no excuse to be on in internet on occasions. Younger generations are not getting this. There’s a time and a place. A party or family gathering is not it. Sure check it if you want but having your face plastered to it is just rude.  Now I’m going to go drink sprite to shift this and maybe more water/coffee. I don’t think Tylenol is a good idea since I must have battered my liver last night. Don’t want to stress it even more. I hope everyone had a good New Years Eve.

Happy New Year,

Why do I even call these people ‘friends’

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The other day I ventured outside, shocking I know.  The lack of a certain woman in my life and boredom drove me to consider going out with my friends. My mistake. I went to a friend’s house and when I got there he was playing on his Xbox 360, a game called fallout 3.  As much as I love sitting quietly watching someone play Xbox I didn’t come out for that reason. I was talking and just catching up because I haven’t seen friend B in a long while. Friend A was sitting there holding his head during the time I was talking to friend B.

Now incase you don’t already know this: I don’t respect people’s privacy. You gain valuable insight into the people you know by reading their correspondence with others. After asking friend A to borrow his phone in order to message my significant other, after sending said message I noticed he had sent a message to friend B who was in the same room not 5 minutes earlier. This message read ” I wish I had bought him with me he’s killing my buzz.”

Now I don’t understand why he couldn’t tell me himself. I keep the company of spineless idiots it seems. I sent a message to friend B that read    ‘I’m killing his buzz lol, how cool is that?’
You might be wondering why I would do that, the reasoning behind it was to show them how stupid they are being. From reading further on I find out the game he is playing is actually my game. Straight away I pull them up about it which is when friend A (An expert bullshitter) tried to tell me that he called to ask me if it was okay.

I know he did not but I left it because I didn’t care that he had my game, I’m not that petty. Later friend A screwed friend B over by taking some of his tobacco on the pretext that friend A would share his smoke him. He obviously did not, he smoked it and then left. I used this opportunity to tell friend B that I know he never called me to ask. He then admitted to this but said he asked friend A to call and ask and he did not do so.
I really don’t care too much that he has my game but if one of them had just said ‘yeah mate I gave your game to friend B’ I wouldn’t have a problem at all.

It seems the people I call friends have an inability to be honest when it comes to me. Snakes in the grass or just idiots?