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Sunday: Steak, budgeting and a lack of hot water.

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As you’re no doubt aware if you’ve been reading this blog longer than 10 minutes, I dislike Sundays. For me they’re little more than a waiting room for the transit between the weekend and work. Today I’m not doing much, as is usual for a Sunday. 

My only real task today is cooking steak, a labour of love. I’m having a steak and cheese baguette for dinner. Other than that I have trousers, shirts, ties etc to launder and iron. I’ve sat down and budgeted, I should be left with a nice figure at the end of the month even after I’ve purchased everything I need.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if I keep hitting such figures I’m going to require an accountant. Now I can’t wait until my actual paydays. It’s nice knowing where all my money is going and what will be left but I have yet to receive it. It’s the final week before payday and I’m just waiting.

Other than that I’m cleaning my space. I gave in and purchased a fan which I’m not sure was a great investment because of the temperamental nature of English weather. Last night it felt like money well spent. The worst part of today is the fact I don’t have hot water.

It being summer you wouldn’t think that a problem but the cold is ice cold, colder than my drinking water. Almost impossible to shower under without dancing and making a series of noises to the amusement of everyone else here. Boil the kettle and towel wash it is…

My problem after all this is that there is very little to do here and even less company. Unfortunately I can’t have anyone over right now or I’d invite my favourite woman here for steak, wine and a good time.

I should start preparing the steak.



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A quick one:

A little while ago I decided to go on a diet. The nature of my work meaning I’m at an office desk every day from 9-7pm. Not great for your fitness or physical health. Ever since I began on this diet I’ve notice that I’ve enjoyed every single meal I’ve eaten. I think it’s due to the better quality/sourced ingredients. I honestly assumed it would all be rabbit food but two months in I’m enjoying my food more than ever. I would complain about the portions but it is a diet and follows the restruant rule: the smaller the portion, the greater the quality.



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As it stands this month will be a good one. After my wages and outgoings I’ll be left with more money than I’ve ever had before. I figure it’s a good time to go shopping. I need clothes. £200-250 worth to be exact. I’ve already found a new coat I love. Cashmere wool and cotton exterior with a satin lined interior for a great price. 

What’s the point in busting my ass at work if I can’t afford nice things? I need a nice pair of shoes. I’m unsure of the pair I want but I know that the shining techniques I learned from the army will make them look amazing whatever it is I buy. Other than that it’s just trousers and basics like underwear.

I’ve worked out that I’ll still have quite a bit of money left. Actually I forgot to include travel costs but even then I should take my friend for dinner. I’m thinking sushi? Sounds a lot better than eating more subway.  


I took the day.

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I woke up at 6.30am this morning to the sound of my alarm, that 60’s sci-fi sound you hear as an alien crawls from a crashed craft. I promptly decided this day was not for me and killed my alarm accordingly. I’m too sick to even bother. It would be a waste of time for myself and my employer.

The only thing about working in an office is any viral infection spreads pretty quickly. I had just got over one flu strain when a co-worker kindly introduced another. Wonderful. My day will be spent doing a little cleaning, ironing and cooking some dinner.

Not exactly a great way to spend my day but my morning was nice, talking with the woman in my life between flu remedies and coffee. She mentioned buying something for me. Jewellery I believe, I was never one for jewellery but why not? It’s a gift. She has good taste.

Now I’m just wondering what it is I have to do next. I’m feeling laziness: re-wash my trousers and hang them wet so the creases fall out. It’s lazy but the reduction in effort is worth while. I’m mostly looking forward to a good dinner. 

It’s always nice when you have a day off, makes the week shorter and gives you more energy for the weekend. I hate it when you get to Friday or Saturday morning and you’re burned out. What’s the point of working all week if you can’t enjoy your weekend?


I was just waiting for my dinner.

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It’s weird that my first wage has yet to come in and I can waste £30 like I did yesterday. Well it was more like £50 but it went on dinner and drinks. It didn’t damage my bank balance too much. Usually by now I’d be looking for an omen that indicated I’ll be paid soon.  

I smoked a lot this weekend and drank quite a bit but it has been an enjoyable weekend. It isn’t productive or at all clever but that is how I choose to spend my time and it hasn’t thrown me into debt. Not such a bad thing.

I can’t say I’ve ever ended a week with unspent money so this is nice. I can go to work Monday without worrying whether getting a lunch on Monday will put me in the minus. I’m killing it at work doing better than anyone else expected.

It should mean that I’ll make great figures. Growing company with a chance to progress. I can’t complain really. I’d love it if my dinner was done. I spent half the morning on a personal call while ironing. I still fucking hate ironing.

Her mother specialises in this area so naturally she learned from her mother. We agreed that if she does the laundry I’ll cook unless she wants to make something particularly Finnish. Reindeer is good but I have yet to try a steak of reindeer or elk for that matter.

Things seem to be working out quite well. I’m trying beef tenderised using Coca Cola. It’s very soft while maintaining something of a bite.

– Misanthropist 

Guaiamum Gigante

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Another short one, this one is about food more than anything. I haven’t really been out to eat for a while and she had been recommending this place for quite some time as a good place for seafood. It took a while for us to actually go. When she first told me the name I replied ‘A-what?’ I did some research into what the fuck a Guaiuamum was as it seemed relevant at the time. When we eventually went it was a great place. Got in, sat down and soon go a bowl of crab meat after we had order the meal. We shared a shrimp dish which I can only describe as amazing. Had my beers in a bucket chilling next to me. As you can guess the place was fancy. Service excellent. The food definitely sold the place on its own and it was worth the money. My usual complaint with fancier food establishments is that their portions are sad for what you’re paying, no problem in this place. We actually had more than we could finish with the side of rice included.  This place was amazing, I’d recommend it if you’re ever in Recife.


Who the F**k eats pizza with a fork?

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Now I never claimed to be a classy guy but recently I was taken out on a date. Pizza and some red wine at a nice place in London. One of those pizza places with the proper kiln style oven, stone baked with fresh ingredients all made in front of you. Maybe I’m not classy but I know a good bottle of red when I see one. Wine was poured and me and her were discussing the finer points of our relationship and London, as you do. Then the pizza came and I started eating it with a fork without thinking about it. In my head it went something like: You’re in a restaurant with a nice woman you can at least try to eat with a degree of care.

As time went by I started laughing about eating pizza with a fork and some pizza ad for authentic Italian pizza made in Germany. In the end I got annoyed eating my pizza like a ponce and just did what any normal person would do, rip off a slice and tuck into it. She actually found it pretty funny. I was trying to stab at a piece of pizza and failing terribly then I utter ‘Fuck it’ and just eat it like a normal person would. She keeps reminding me of that day, must have stayed with her. Who actually eats pizza with a fork though, is that like a thing? I don’t understand the point of using a fork for what is essentially finger food.

Again, who the f**k eats pizza with a fork?