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I was just waiting for my dinner.

Posted in Foods, General with tags , , on February 21, 2016 by MISANTHROPIST

It’s weird that my first wage has yet to come in and I can waste £30 like I did yesterday. Well it was more like £50 but it went on dinner and drinks. It didn’t damage my bank balance too much. Usually by now I’d be looking for an omen that indicated I’ll be paid soon.  

I smoked a lot this weekend and drank quite a bit but it has been an enjoyable weekend. It isn’t productive or at all clever but that is how I choose to spend my time and it hasn’t thrown me into debt. Not such a bad thing.

I can’t say I’ve ever ended a week with unspent money so this is nice. I can go to work Monday without worrying whether getting a lunch on Monday will put me in the minus. I’m killing it at work doing better than anyone else expected.

It should mean that I’ll make great figures. Growing company with a chance to progress. I can’t complain really. I’d love it if my dinner was done. I spent half the morning on a personal call while ironing. I still fucking hate ironing.

Her mother specialises in this area so naturally she learned from her mother. We agreed that if she does the laundry I’ll cook unless she wants to make something particularly Finnish. Reindeer is good but I have yet to try a steak of reindeer or elk for that matter.

Things seem to be working out quite well. I’m trying beef tenderised using Coca Cola. It’s very soft while maintaining something of a bite.

– Misanthropist 


Finances, work, life, family.

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A while ago I spoke about changing my style and standard of dress. Now this is less of a choice. I need a suit. I’m just trying to reconcile with the fact that I’ll now earn more than my own mother. At the same time I’m not going to make the same mistake my father did of living above his means. I have to use my money wisely. 

There are wants and needs, I also need to balance whether investments are worthwhile, like a car. It’s a depreciating asset… I could travel but public transport instead saving a lot more money or I could walk because my work is only a few miles away. The would save me another £80 a month.

Basically there’s no point getting a car, motorcycle maybe? All the women in my life would freak out at once from my mother to my current to my ex. Another thing is my smoking habit. I’ve curbed my drinking and marijuana intake but my smoking is still an inconvenient habit.

Again, work to the rescue. My colleagues are all sharp in one way or another. I have one guy importing very expensive ecigaretes directly from the company at trader rates and another making e-liquids and selling them to friends at a discount. Smoking just got cheaper. 

It’s an investment because I will save hundreds per annum but it’s a risk due the unregulated nature of the product, I now view it as I would every other street drug because of that. I acknowledge the risks and I may endeavour to make the liquids myself so I know their chemical composition.

Just because it’s been offered free I might take the iPhone 6s and smack my work target so I get that free iPad Air 2. Incentives are great  and did I mention I can work out of hours? My money making potential is £50,000 a year if it’s there. Realistically if I keep this job I could move out in 6 months.

That said my own mother has been looking after me since I was dangling from her tits and shitting myself so I think it’s time to give something back. And remember children just because I can hit 50k doesn’t mean I will, it would take a lot of work to hit that figure. 35-40k is more realistic.

Still I make more than anyone I know right now so that’s nice. I’ll keep that to myself. It’s weird that I also work with my sister. Not directly but yeah we go to work together. It’s nice to have someone you can confer with in the workplace. She doesn’t annoy me as much as I’d previously thought she would.

I definitely need clothing and when I get paid I’m taking my friend to dinner. We’ll have some drinks and sushi maybe. I think I’ll just take him shopping with me. I’m currently fighting his case to get him to a solicitor and I think they’ll take it. I’m hoping I can get him paid so he can purchase the things necessary for making his music. 

He’s a good man who has been through some hard times. He lives with me as a result of the fuckery caused by the place he used to live. His case may even turn to scores of cases. The place was a joke and I personally would like to take a piece of them.


Into the fire.

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I hate it when things change suddenly but sometimes being thrown in the deep end is for the best. I’m not really sure how it happened but my stint at the wall was cut short. I got a free pair of boots out of it so I can’t complain, I had started to enjoy how quiet it was out there. 

I started getting bombarded by interviews and when I sent my CV and custom cover letter as I usually did. I wasn’t complaining as the interviews saved me from getting up at 5.30am. I got a few interviews.

 One for a store that I didn’t want to work for anyway, the other was my current job. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the hospital porter position and any after that I didn’t bother. I got a call back the same day and started on Tuesday, last week. 

It’s an interesting job. I’m learning a lot about the law. I can’t really go into the specifics. It’s well paid. Some consider it immoral but at the end of the day it helps some people. I’ve learned some things, investigative skills. How to take business from other groups. It’s interesting but definitely not glamorous.

At this point the world is full of barriers and the scales are not exactly even. If I’m not prepared to involve myself in the morally ambiguous then I’m only putting myself at a disadvantage. It helps that I know I’m helping and I’ll be paid.

Anyway enough about my job, you’ll hear pieces most likely but I’m just happy I finally have one, I don’t come and want to hit the bed right away. I can focus on building a life now. I guess being thrown in the fire didn’t turn out too bad.

I hate that two week rule, it has me waiting for a while until I’m paid but other than that things are alright. That Finnish girl is lovely too. Maybe things are finally levelling out, I’m definitely happier. The freedom at work is great too. 

I hadn’t updated anything in here for a while. I thought it was about time, now I have time. I feel like I’m doing rather well for myself finally. I will be when payday rolls around.


Life building in progress… Insufficient funds.

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The need for budgeting has never been more apparent. It’s Monday and I have nothing already. A summation of this weekend would sound something like: Wasted time and wasted money. On the plus side I’m an Xbox up and I’m owed £80 so later in the month I’ll have that coming in, likely in various payments of £20. 

In that way I’m not completely screwed. I’m okay for general living. Even when I have money left over and I have the disposable income there’s still little opportunity to save. None of this would be without admitting my lifestyle hasn’t helped my financial well being lately. I also have major and minor birthdays coming up.

Why is it that a huge majority of people who are most important to me are born in the summer months? It looks like I’ll have to make those cuts. It isn’t too bad. I save a considerable amount smoking the e-cigarette and I already have that. My new rule for drinking is if I drink as a part of a meal or day out that is fine but I’m not gonna drink if I’m sitting on my ass. 

Those small cutbacks should save me a shit load. But then even if I saved as much as possible I would still have minimal. I do need an alternative income, as I’ve previously mentioned. What will that be? I still don’t know but I could use extra funding. The cost of living here is a total drain. Dat taxation.  My only real solution is an alternative income or a better job? To be honest I like that free Monday. If I can use that time more productively to make my own money that would be great.

As you lot can see I don’t actually have a plan here. That’s why I called it life building. Looks like the post breakup bender is officially over. Now for the hangover. 


Unscrupulous Bastards.

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You might remember me bitching about the JSA again, well despite my advisers’ recommendations not to stop my money the JSA decision makers have cut my money in half. The whole reason I had the problems in the first place was due to the lack of funds, how the hell does their cutting my money in half help me?

Unscrupulous Bastards,

Update, Everything that could possibly go wrong is currently going wrong.

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I’ve had a pretty interesting month really, first off the financial situation was shitty which is something I can deal with. Then the oven decides to pack up on me, then my charger cord and on top of that, being stressed and not being able to sleep with a jaw ache made me miss a JSA appointment which is now being referred to a ‘decision maker.’

I think it’ll be fine but it could all go sour. I have to grill or fry everything at the moment. I made pizza on a grill yesterday which was an experience. Can’t wait to do some chicken on there. Things are pretty crappy right now. Could always be worse but Alice isn’t exactly in wonderland over here. This all gives me more reason to be pissed off at the world.

For a start Sony, you’d think for all their expertise and experience they could make a battery and charger that is a little more durable. Battery needed replacing after the first year and the charger will have to be replaced for the second time, what is with that. Sony need to step up their game, it isn’t like the charger or battery were abused or anything.

Secondly to the JSA, you’ve sanctioned me before for no fucking reason, I have your employee’s assurance that everything ‘should’ be fine. I’m sure you’d find any god-damned reason not to pay me so don’t be surprised when your reassurance is of no relief to me. I entered into an agreement with you that while not difficult is mandatory. I feel like I’ve sold myself into slavery.

Why the fuck can’t I find a cooker with a grill for 200? That’s really pissing me off right now. I can handle grilling shit for a few months but I’m not missing out on Christmas dinner. Looks like I’ll be having my own little thanksgiving because why the fuck not. At least the financial situation will improve this month, at least I hope.