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Brace yourself, Fallout 4 is coming.

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And I finally have a reason to get a next gen console…

I had been thinking of doing so for some time but I’m so far behind. I have a good twenty plus games from the last gen that I haven’t played what with my travelling and general disinterest in video games in the last five or so years. The general consensus is that I should purchase the PS4. A lot of people seem to want me to add them on PSN.

I’m in no rush, I think fallout isn’t out until November. I can wait for console prices to fall further and probably get the console with fallout 4 in some kind of package deal. More about the game. The reveal looked very typical of fallout 3. I could never decide which of the two I preferred.

I liked the atmosphere of fallout 3 but I found Vegas a lot less rigid. I think that in all I put more hours into FNV than fallout 3. I think fallout nv was just a lot more fun to screw around on. You know that you’ve put too many hours into a game when you smack a notoriously over-powered deathclaw around with a bladed gauntlet.

I did wonder about the BOS airship in the intro. Part of me really wants to be able to fly that thing. The introduction of vehicles in fallout would be an interesting mechanic even if their usage was limited in keeping with lore and the post apocalyptic setting. It would be interesting but a part of me doubts it.

We also saw dogmeat, our faithful hound. I’m kinda glad we have our dag because that animal saved my ass many times. I came to love that digital dog. I was surprised by the protagonists line or two of dialogue. It’s about time he had a voice.

I also hope they add all the little details that made Vegas such a good game. The stories, tragic suicides. The lovers whose skeletons are found in their final embrace. It was dark as hell but it set the scene. My ideal would’ve a mix of the fallout 3 atmosphere and those details from new Vegas.

I wonder if it’s smarter to wait a month or two to buy the game. I remember the glitches and all the fixes that new Vegas needed. It was a great game but buggy as hell. Probably smarter to let them work out the kinks before buying the game. 

At the moment this is the game I’m looking forward to.



My week off/ meal with the boss.

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I use the term ‘Week Off’ rather loosely, it was more like 4 days if you don’t include the day I don’t work. To provide a little background, since I got in the door I’ve worked my ass of in terms of hours. I’ve done little extras but not so much that they come to lean on me in this early stage. Our branch came first out of all others in the country and my boss was very pleased about this, so much so he offered to pay for Indian food. My friend/work colleague invited me because there was space and he didn’t want to be on his own. He’d be the only white guy there if it weren’t for me, I guess that would be strange for him and make him feel isolated so he invited me along seeing as I was covering shifts for another friend.

We were going for Indian food which I am a fan of, I enjoy spicy food and I’m all for variety. We got a ride from another colleague to a friend’s house where I threw on some clean clothes and relaxed for a while. While there I realized I had no cigarettes which is a bitch but what can you do?
From his place we were supposed to get another ride to the restaurant but my supervisor didn’t know the area and couldn’t find us or the location we were headed so we decided it’d be easier to walk for a few miles because in England we’re not afraid to walk places…
We finally got to our destination, met up with a few co workers who were surprisingly different outside of work and went into the restaurant to await the boss’ late arrival amid a false alarm at work.

It then hit me that the restaurant was vegetarian, I’m a carnivore. I need to eat meat to survive. I went in their thinking ‘crap’ but really it surpassed all expectations. Fruit Lassi is amazing. I tried some different foods, took the boss up on his spice challenge and won. All in all the food surpassed my expectations even if we did wait way too long for the food to be served. Even sitting across from my boss wasn’t bad, he is also surprisingly different and funny without the pressure of running an entire branch on his head. All in all it was a great night with no meat or alcohol involved, that’s how I had my first vegetarian meal. I’d give the food a solid 9/10. Upon leaving the restaurant my craving for nicotine kicked in which is when some of my Indian colleagues introduced me to chewing tobacco or ‘crunchy stones’ as my friend calls them.

It is definitely a habit I won’t be taking up but you get one hell of a stimulant buzz off the stuff. It tastes like death and makes your eyes redder than the devil’s dick but it works. For smokers who haven’t tried it: Remember how it feels when you smoke too much and you buzz and feel sick? It’s that buzz without feeling sick. We thanked the boss for a good night out he then told me I didn’t have to work till Saturday and we split off and went back to my friend’s place and after half hour digestion session I proceeded to walk home through an area I’d seen so many times but never really knew. I went through the park at about 11pm on a Saturday night to the sounds of teenagers getting drunk and freaking out because they saw something move past them which was me. I got home and talked to my woman, chilled and went to bed.

Now, more on the week itself. I had been going to bed in the AM on the first few days I had off Saturday and Sunday were late nights/early mornings for me. I went to bed at like 7am on Monday morning, after a few hours of sleep my friend whom I had covered for the previous week appeared out of nowhere knocking on my door for work. I was pissed beyond belief but he calmed my bitching by handing me a Monster Rehab and a cigarette. We left for work slowly and when I got there I had the guy directly above me asking me why my phone wasn’t on. I thought that it not being on would kinda indicate I’m not available. One thing I’ve noticed is that communication in my work place is abysmal if the subject is not of major importance. Either that or the guy above me is an idiot. The evidence is mounting against him as the weeks go by.

I worked that day but made sure the rest of the week was mine. I’ve spent the week playing my guitar, writing some music, visiting friends and playing Fallout 3 when bored. Its been okay but I never really got to do the thing I really wanted to do until just yesterday. Is it always like that when you’re working? You get time off but never fully achieve whatever it is you wanted to do. It was kinda annoying at first but I finally got it out-of-the-way and I feel better having done it, shame it took so damn long. The only other significant day is when I visited a friend of mine with back problems, I’m not fully aware of all of his medication but its a mix of pain relievers, muscle relaxants etc. He doesn’t have a problem or anything, he tries not to take them because they mess him up.

I spent the most part of a day there with a migraine, which is very rare for me. Anyway I asked him if he had anything and he gave me Tramadol. It’s the strangest painkiller ever. Almost like an antidepressant, it killed my headache and made me strangely euphoric and happy while I sat there in the sun and talked shit with him for hours. The next day I woke up with what could only be described as a hangover. If that is what SSRI’s feel like then I pity whomever takes them. I think I finally understand Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights. I can’t imagine what that stuff is like in higher doses. I’ve heard reports of hallucinations and seeing people covered in blood. Screw that. Elephants shouldn’t take that stuff.

I’m due to go into work tomorrow and I still can’t say I’ve done everything I wanted to do. It feels too soon to be going back already. I kinda look forward to it because it breaks up the day and I’m less bored but I miss my woman a lot. I usually split my work into two separate periods of four hours or so. I get in and don’t look at the clock for a few hours, usually by the time I do its is about 12pm and I work for another two hours, take my 40 odd minutes lunch which I don’t know what to do with. I go lunch last on purpose in order to break up my afternoon, then by the time I get back its two hours more work then home. Which is nice. I enjoy being employed, I’ve worked my way around their regulations and rules to make my day shorter or seem shorter at least. My job isn’t what I wanted but the people being great and working with my friends makes it enjoyable.

The one thing that really sucks is that I haven’t received my first paycheck yet, Its coming next week so I will finally receive reward for my time and effort. That’s always nice. I kinda feel like I could have done more with this ‘week’ off.

Xbox One vs PS4

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Is it me or was E3 surprisingly short this year? Seriously, I don’t know. It seems much shorter than last year. I’ve heard a lot of different reasons for this like Microsoft pulled funding from E3 after their console flopped. That could just be Microsoft haters hating. I don’t even know who funds E3. In fact I don’t know too much about E3. I just catch it every to see what games I can look forward too. I went through a stage of playing very few games and buying even fewer. I thought it was just me growing up and getting older but it seems it was just my slump and lack of money. With my job problem solved I’ve been replaying fallout 3. I’ve got my woman to thank for that, she reminded me how much I loved the vidya. Yup… I got a gamer. I’m lucky I’ve been told.

Lets take a little walk down memory lane right back to the Xbox, before the Xbox came out I had owned a PlayStation, PlayStation one and PlayStation 2. The Xbox looked awesome but most of all it had Halo on it, due to a summer playing that game with friends I wanted to own it. I could have brought an Xbox but around the same time I discovered a social life and other things so I never bothered, with all the issues the Xbox had I’m glad I didn’t. I waited long enough that the Xbox 360 and even longer to avoid the problems with the 360, it all paid off. To be honest I’ve been happy with my Xbox 360 experience. I’ve gone through two since about six months after it came out and I’ve played some great games on it. Never got live because I didn’t really care for paying for it. It’s kinda sad to think about this but I brought the Xbox 360 for Halo…

Enter the PS3, I should have gotten one earlier but as usual no money, waited out any issues it had and yeah never got around to it due to spending money traveling and such. I’m going to be buying one in little under a month for a few reasons. I’ve missed a whole generation of titles that I’ve always loved for example Metal Gear Solid, Kojima’s games were always masterpieces I enjoyed the depth and the story telling/cinematic were amazing. I’ve been a stealth freak since Tenchu Stealth Assassins in the 90’s. Anyway back to the point, free online because why should I have to pay for a 12-year-old homophobe to scream profanities at me and cry like a little girl when his mother/father catch him? Another great thing is Sony isn’t full of tight-fisted SOB’s who won’t let you share games, great thing about having a girlfriend who is a ps3 gamer is that she can send you a hell of a lot of games! The final thing is that most people I know moved to ps3 after owning an Xbox. Finally Battlefield>Call of duty. That is all.

I loved Halo but I think I’ve grown out of it, I didn’t even play Halo 4 and now that nobody owns and Xbox anymore I doubt I ever will. I love a lot of games on Xbox but they are available on a better console in most cases. I’m always going to go with the better choice, the one that most benefits me and the better service. The things I’ve previously mentioned plus The Xbox one’s total flop at E3 was the last nail in the coffin for me. I’m going back to Sony begging for forgiveness. Telling her I made a mistake and I can change. My friends have been recommending the ps3 to me for sometime their main reason include:

>Battlefield (read in a dey turk our jrrrbs voice, so like burrrtlefiiiilld!)
>Far less 12 year-old children.
>PlayStation Network won’t kill you for modding.
>Shared games
>Old titles I love. (soft coercion)
>Free PSN.

Those reasons were enough for me to consider it after about a year of them banging on about it. So yeah I’m purchasing a ps3. My reasoning may be cheap but the benefits outweigh the cost and any cons if there are any. Now more on E3. Sony nailed it as evidenced by amazon pre-order sales. So lets look at how the Xbox one flopped. To begin, the design of the console and control are lazy and seemed to have regressed, there’s nothing about it that impresses me if anything it’s too big. Another thing is that you cannot play games from the previous generation on it, something Sony have had down since the PlayStation 2, I don’t know if this is Microsoft trying to create an Apple style monopoly forcing you to buy more of their products for compatibility reasons. This move was widely rejected by the gaming community, I mean only one company could get away with that sort of shit, Apple. Bad move Microsoft, strike one.

You can’t share games, again Sony have nailed this one. Tell me how, in a whole console generation, Microsoft haven’t caught onto this great idea. Nobody will buy games you say? People are more likely to try and buy more games due to the limited capacity of memory and the fact that people like to own something physical. A shorter one which I don’t really think is too bad but still frowned upon is that they made their console so that it has to be connected to the internet and yet they still expect you to pay their online fee, sure they’ve added TV and such but I’d rather go watch my actual TV that I’ve already payed for. For most this feature is useless and does nothing to retract from this massive flop. Yet another massive mistake was Microsoft making you check in online once every 24 hours , what about those of us who have work and you know…lives? The more I see about the next generation of Xbox console the more I’m convinced it’s for kids. There’s also a little issue with not being able to utilize the complete memory capacity of your console. That’s sure to piss people off.

Now my final gripe, the real bullet in the back of the Xbox One is the Kinect. I always hated this thing, I’d never use one and I’ve been against this sort of thing since the WII. Even they seem to have stepped up their game while Microsoft stumbled through E3. I’ve seen my girlfriend use her Kinect but she even prefers the PS3 over the Xbox. As far as I’m aware most gamers, casual and hardcore rejected the Kinect and yet Microsoft dump more money into it and make it essential when they could have used that money for better features or whatever, just something to improve the sorry state of their new console. Over than that there’s the issue of privacy, this couldn’t have come at a worse time for Microsoft with the NSA whistle-blower and people realizing their private lives are not so private. A device you can be monitored on being on and connected to the internet at all times could be used to record you. This feature was bound to cause backlash in the first place, the whole NSA thing is just fuel on a fire.

Xbox is done for most gamers, especially adults. There are Xbox fan boys who will stay with Xbox, if you can settle for a sub-par product because of loyalty or stupidity good for you. You might say I’m fan-boying here but that’s not the case. Remember I don’t even own a PS3 yet. I will get a PS4 but I’m going to wait out any issues, plus the PS3 has enough games to keep me busy for a long time.  Talking of issues with the console Sony’s PS3 didn’t have half the issues that were faced by the Xbox due to poor quality materials and manufacture. I’m sure Xbox one owners will be enjoying their red rings for the first six months of their purchase. Another personal gripe of mine is with my favorite game/series Fallout. Fallout has its flaws, it can be a buggy game but I love it, see? I’m willing to forgive flaws and imperfections… Anyway the loading screens for Xbox are amazingly long. I recognize that Fallout is a big game but it seems the Xbox can’t handle it where I’ve seen nowhere near the same amount of problems with Xbox.

I consider this a fair review, maybe you don’t. It just seems to me that Sony is more in-tune with the demands of their user-base than Microsoft, this is evidenced by their replies to the concerns of gamers. Sony seems to care more about its customers. They’ve made their share of mistakes but they’ve always made up for them and settled them with fairness as far as I’m aware. Of the two products and services offered the PS4 and Sony in general are the best choice for someone who likes to game minus the bullshit. Microsoft needs a miracle, it’s a good thing they have the funds they do. A mistake this huge can and has put companies out of business. Hey Microsoft… do try not to turn into Apple because I still love your computers and OS.