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Facebook’s latest feature.

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Remember in school when you were given course work? A few of you reading this would have increased the font size to meet the 4 or 5 page requirement. I came across it a few days ago when someone posted something and it came in a larger font, bold, I believed it was a meme generator job or a new app for Facebook.

This was not the case. Now all your bullshit is displayed in a larger, bolder, font. It took me ten minutes to realise that the smaller your word count the larger the font. Your drama and bullshit is now received in bold type. You may feel as if your opinions hold more weight in a larger font.



90’s Kids.

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On the atrocities in France and social media.

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Thinking about it, I can’t be the only person on earth who is annoyed by the whole Facebook flag, hashtag solidarity thing. My argument against it is two fold. Sounds like a stupid thing to be annoyed by doesn’t it? 

Here is why I feel this way:

Firstly, the whole putting the France filter on your profile picture to show solidarity with the people and victims in France is okay. How do you automate solidarity? Facebook found a way. It’s a simple as a click, it even comes up on your news feed. You’re given an option to change your profile picture without prompting. 

To me, a gesture such as this is nice but doesn’t contribute to solving or even adequately addressing the issue at hand. Not only that but if you’re going to make a gesture of solidarity, do it spontaneously. Make the effort, be thoughtful and creative… Not just clicking a button on Facebook. It seems half assed and half hearted. Have some tact and some class.

The second thing is that I don’t believe I should change any aspect of my daily life because of the actions of a terrorist. This might be the first time that ‘keep calm and carry on’ has made sense to me. As I mentioned there are other ways to show respect and solidarity to the victims, survivors and people of France. As stupid and petty as changing your profile picture is, personally, I do not want to give a terrorist. A coward. any of my time.

They do not deserve the recognition unless it’s being tagged as the target of a 500lb laser guided bomb. I know violence is not the answer and will only perpetuate the cycle but I am left to wonder. When do people lose the right to continue to walk the earths surface?

It’s sad that this problem cannot be bombed. It’s an idea and ideas cannot be killed. We are in for a long fight. I also extend my sympathies to the average Muslim who will no doubt suffer as a result of the events in Paris. I can only hope we are smart enough to avoid perpetuating the cycle, although I’m sure this will happen again.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.



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Never wanted it, always complained about it. Hate it even more so than ever. 

If you’ve been with me for some time you may remember me complaining how my ex fiancée went about coercing a drunk, younger, me into getting a Facebook. Or rather just setting it up for me…

There was a time when I was quite active on Facebook, when it was a tool which was useful to me. It allowed me to converse with my friends in America and more recently the ones in Brazil.

Of late I’ve not had much contact from any of the individuals I met during my travels. Friendships are ephemeral after all I guess. No me importa nada mas. It isn’t an issue, just that now I have no further use for Facebook. 

I’ll keep it as an alternative avenue of contact but I have no real use for it anymore. Half of the crap on there is click bait or politics. It’s just boring and I’m really growing to hate it with a passion. I still wish I had been firmer with my first answer which was, for the record, No.


Facebook, Charity, Nominations and not giving.

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I’m tired of Facebook, I really am. I’m not going to go the edgy teenager route and say I’m quitting only to return 24hrs later because what is the point. Annoying as it is Facebook is genuinely useful for communicating quickly with friends across the world. Hard to believe a Misanthrope has friends across the globe isn’t it? Anyway we’re not here to talk about myself or to debate the usefulness of Facebook, today I have a rather specific gripe. It has more to do with the idiots I know than Facebook itself…

Stop nominating me for things, I don’t care what it is. Ice bucket challenge or whatever the new fad is. I’m guessing half of those idiots don’t even know what ALS stands for. It’s nice to donate money to charity but what is it with this fetishistic posting of photographic evidence? It isn’t enough that one has donated, everyone must know about it. When I give money or food to the homeless guy near the station do we take a fucking selfie together for my friends to know about my good deed? Because what’s the point of doing good if nobody can see you doing it?

90% of the people donating are unaware of how much of their donations go to those who need them, forgetting charities have administration costs and sometimes line their own pockets in the process. Nobody is smart about this sort of thing anymore and it hurts my head to think about how stupid people can be sometimes. I’m not doing anything because somebody nominated me and I’m certainly not going to be guilted into donating what little I do have because everybody on Facebook will know if I don’t. This sort of passive-aggressive bullshit makes me hate people and feel negatively towards charitable organizations.

If I give money, I’ll do it on the street where it counts and do it wisely so my charity isn’t taken advantage of. My country has its own problems too, how about we get those homeless people off the streets and into accommodation first?

I’m a booty call?

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I logged into Facebook and noticed I had a message. I don’t usually answer these straight away so I went back to my beer and checked it after I was done. I definitely did not expect to read that, apparently a girl I know quite well is looking for some play. Until now I wasn’t aware that guys could be booty calls but apparently I am. I’m posting this up here as an outlet for my surprise. Maybe I’m defective but I can’t really separate feelings from sex, I’ve never been good at that, I always reasoned that to sleep with someone you must like them in some way be it physical or whatever. I’m sitting here wondering what the hell I did right last time. I mean I helped with cooking and cleaning which I thought was something you do when someone is putting you up for a week, it just seemed like good manners to me. Come to think of it she did complain to me about how her flat mates were slobs and how I’m the only guy who ever helped her clean her place and cooked for her. I guess a life time of living with women is paying off now that I’m older, I still struggle to understand them at times.

‘I don’t do relationships but if I did it might be with you.’

Was that a compliment?

I love this.

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Maybe I’m a curmudgeon or whatever but there isn’t much that makes me smile more than this. You know those soppy equality posts? I admire the message but sometimes they’re just plain stupid and their authors either lack to knowledge or rush to get it out for karma or likes on Facebook.

This one made me smile. Just because you don’t know doesn’t mean you can’t know.