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Good news for the blog, my job also happens to fuel the Misanthropist in me. I see people getting fucked over by employers, insurance companies and a lot more. It really helps you in your disgust or distaste for humanity. Provides plenty of fuel for the fire as such. The one I’m definitely can’t detail is something involving the NHS…

You can imagine I’m sure, that said I support junior doctors and nurses in their struggle against the government.




So I’ve been sent to the wall…

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Remember the work experience, it turned into something called a Mandatory Work Activity. Keyword being Mandatory. I’m all good and ready to start work and to that end I have a few interviews lined up. Unfortunately the last I attended, with a guaranteed job, was a waste of time. The training was changed and I then realised I wouldn’t be able to make the first shift due to an 18km travel distance. 

Funny thing being that the agency it was set up by was first contacted through the job centre/UC itself. I knew it was too good to be true. Aren’t most things? Maybe my cynicism and general lack of faith have reached new depths. Either way it’s not important beyond the time wasted. Hopefully the next one is better right?

I attended the MWA meeting which was pointless basically a registration where no documents were required beyond signed ‘agreements’ something, something illusion of choice. We were told they didn’t even know what we were going to do, they just made vague allusions towards charity shops and such.

Here is where it gets interesting, I’ve been put in some kind of forest. 100 acres of woods. I’ve been instructed to bring everything I need because there are no shops around in a while. I had forgotten this place, my grandmother lived out here. She warned us of adders and the general dangers of dicking around Inna woods. I haven’t been there since I was a boy.

I was surprised to learn we have sequoias in England. I had only previously known of the ones in California. I definitely didn’t think we would have them in the UK. A quick Google search confirms my suspicion that this isn’t a natural occurance and they were transported via ship as seeds long ago. Still that’s actually pretty cool, they’re a beautiful tree. 

So I’m in the middle of nowhere which probably sounds stupid to Americans or Europeans on the mainland but to me that’s the middle of nowhere. They sent me to the nights watch. I still have no idea what I’m doing but at least they pay my travel. This might not turn out so bad. I guess it turned out pretty well considering the alternatives. Youth work or charity shop.

I’m just wondering about the weather, what I’ll be doing, the ridiculous travel distance every morning and evening and that’s without the traffic going back into outer London. Going to catch everyone and their mother coming too and from work every morning. Fact is I have very little idea where I’m going beyond a bus route and some vague childhood memories. It’s going to be a party. 

Let’s look at this for a second, when I received the letter it said it was mandatory because it will give you skills and experience relevant to getting a job. False. The reason I say this is because the type of employment I’m attending is very specific and has very few transferable skills. The other issue is that these jobs don’t just come and go, usually you’re in for the long haul so it isn’t like there will be a related job available any time in the near future. 

They also told me nobody there is getting paid, I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a barefaced lie. Someone is getting paid. I doubt that equipment is donated, somewhere someone is getting paid. There was no need to lie about that. Were they trying to make us feel better about being a source of free labour?

Anything job centre related is bound to be a clusterfuck. The only good points are the lack of people and reimbursement of travel. The rest is going to be an absolute shitshow.


Wrecked Again!

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I’ve been meaning to post the last few days, Monday was an absolute haze. I was enjoying the weather with a beer and the sun baked me. By the evening I was absolutely wrecked, I’m not sure I could formulate a sentence let alone an entire post.

That was all made worse by the fact that people decided to leave the house for female hair related fuckery and nobody thought to take those wonderful pieces of metal which we use to open doors! They returned at gone midnight. Nobody needs to be up that late if they are tired and have work in the morning. 

Then to make this day even worse, I get a little soft under the haze of alcohol and cannabis and think that a nice friendly chat with the ex is a smart idea. That descended into a debate, she’s never been good at those. Especially when she’s on the backfoot, she decided she’d go. So there I am at 1.45am on the morning before work. Alone and thoroughly pissed off. 

(This came to mind.)
Lovely hangover I woke up with, self inflicted of course. I crawled into my work clothes after my coffee and cigarette. Proceeded to slam down an aspirin and roll a joint then I headed to work.

Due to my lack of anything to do my Mondays have become an extension of my weekend. 4 day weekends are not something I can complain about. I lead a charmed life, I know. I really need to use my Mondays more productively. 

I’d use this time to learn something but I find myself terminally disinterested in anything at this moment in time. On the other side of the free Mondays coin I seem to be the only person who doesn’t work on that day. There’s also the point that the only thing to do around here is the pub. 

I’ve been considering taking a day for some time but first I’d have to have money and secondly a plan. One thing that my ex never understood was my need for a plan. We don’t have the same mobility here as she does. Also in comparison to Brazil, the place I live in is rather dead. No carnival, no live music and the women/people in general aren’t as warm.

In England there are good times and bad times… But mostly shit times. Until I can figure out something to do looks like I’ll be wrecked again. 


I haven’t been writing too much.

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There’s not many excuses for my lack of posting, I have a four-day weekend and I’m not doing anything in particular on my off-days. I’ve noticed my alcohol consumption increasing rapidly, which is something I should really take control of. In the last week I’ve been drinking some amount for six out of the seven days, it’s not clever. I need to sort that out. As far as work is concerned I’m doing great, I’ve been there three weeks or so and I’m already the fastest on the floor. I’ve learned more in my three weeks than anyone else has in their twenty years running, I’m something of a record holder. I guess that means I was worth hiring. If I keep on I’ll be going up. Record Store day is around the corner, that’s gonna be a busy few weeks leading up to it I’m told. Not looking forward to that.

As you can see from the mix and matched content of this post I have no idea what I’m doing here. I’m posting because I feel I should, you see, I have all these great ideas for posts during the week then I pass out from exhaustion and forget them. That’s really beginning to piss me off. On another note, it looks like my partner’s father isn’t into the idea of paying for her to be educated in my country so I’m left with a choice, I either break it off with her and mark it down as pointless or I eventually move to Brazil. It matters to me, she matters to me so it looks like I’ll be doing the latter. Do any of you remember when life was simple?

I’m getting that iPhone tomorrow, finally. I’ve waited long enough. On that note I have noticed a trend, as your capital goes up your patience decreases. I could wait for that phone and get it for a great price or I could just go spend the extra and have it now, in other words I’d be paying because I can’t be bothered to wait. The same goes for people, now I work I have less patience for people’s shit. I guess I come off as being an asshole or obnoxious but I really have no time for it. I guess this is one of those random update posts, anyways I hope you enjoyed it.

ISIS, UK Govt dealing with extremism.

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Now I don’t usually get into politics, wars, religion and things like that unless I’m outwardly chucking salt but this time it is different, this is important. I posted this up on Facebook and there was little to no attention paid to it which is sad because it means my peers aren’t educated enough to understand the far-reaching implications of this issue, and if they are unable or more so unwilling to understand and engage these issues we’re already fucked. Mine is a generation of apathy for which we may all pay the price one day in the future.

Recently my Government proposed laws to bar people who fought for the Islamic State from returning to Britain. Many people are outraged and I understand that sentiment, a lot of us are angry and even I myself was swept into this line of thought. It does seem like a good idea when in fact it is far from it. People, including myself, have reacted emotionally and not rationally to this issue. When I actually stand back and realize what a terrible idea this is I cannot help but wonder if this is an attempt by the current government to gain the popular vote for the upcoming elections or just a misguided attempt to deal with a problem that by all accounts has grown out of control.

So where to begin? Let’s start simple shall we?
By not allowing these people to return home because we assume they are terrorists we are casting aside due process and the right to be innocent until proven guilty. If we allow this to happen we are directly contributing to the erosion of our civil liberties/rights. I know many would argue that terrorists don’t have civil/human rights but there’s the rule of all or none. If we forfeit the rights of others then we are in effect forfeiting our own. It’s all well and good when it is a suspected terrorist or someone who is suspected to have engaged in war crimes but what happens when it is one of our own? When the individual is in fact innocent or there a case of mistaken identity? By that time it will not matter because we’ve discarded the processes put in place to protect us, by then we’re already screwed. And that aside, governments have never abused their power before right?

These people are citizens of the United Kingdom, in being citizens they are subject to the laws of our nation. We cannot just ignore or export the problem, they were born and raised in the UK and it is our responsibility to deal with them appropriately. Also a lot of people here maintain an attitude towards those living in ISIS held territory that pertains to ‘They aren’t us, fuck them, let them fend for themselves.’ If you open your eyes, aside from skin colour and religion they are you. Those people are human beings and we have a responsibility to them, nobody deserves to have to put up with this sort of shit. Many people maintain the simplistic view that our money should not be spent feeding, housing and clothing these individuals in one of many wonderful prison facilities across the land but if that is the case then what do they propose we do allow them to run around in their sandbox to rape and murder at will? I’d much rather they be locked away where they can be of no further to anyone.

A lot of people also argue against attempts at radicalization/rehabilitation, many of them not realizing that a lot of the individuals who travelled overseas originally did so to fight against an opressive regime. Others did leave with the intention of fighting for ISIS but when they got there it wasn’t what the believed it would be, such is the folly of idealists. Many have tried to return home, few people actually have the stomach for war let alone outright genocide of a people. That isn’t to say we should feel sorry for them or they should not be punished, they deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of our laws. Again, we should deal with our problem. When you do not allow these individuals to return home they becomes stateless and in making them stateless we create much more than an individual who make a huge fucking mistake, we create a desperate situation that can only lead to more violence. We create an enemy of the state with no other option but to fight against us.

Even without considering those points allowing them to return home and monitoring their activities would provide valuable intelligence in our fight against ISIS. Another main point of this post is that there are many more intelligent ways of dealing with our current situation. Barring them from reentering the United Kingdom is the absolute wrong answer. If this isn’t a misguided attempt at dealing with our problem and rather an attempt to gain the popular vote then our leadership is even more incompetent than I ever imagined, dangerously so. The fact that many of my contemporaries don’t understand or are indifferent to my points about civil liberties is saddening. It basically means we’re already waiting to get fucked. I can understand people being angry and reacting emotionally to what is a barbaric and desperate situation but what I cannot understand nor forgive is the indifference, that is worse than the stupidity. That indifference has allowed some of the greatest evils in history.

People are stupid, our government more so and I have very little faith in my generation. Either way this is our problem and it’s about time we dealt with it, intelligently and precisely.

Scottish Independence.

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In a short time the Scottish people will be voting for their independence. That’s fair enough, I can see why they would want to be independent of the United Kingdom. They are under represented in parliament and some still cling onto our history in the same vein as those brits who go on about the empire we haven’t had for some time now. In our history we built a wall to keep them out and now they want out the PM wants them to stay. Funny how things change. I would say we are stronger as a United Kingdom but that’s up to the Scottish people. What really bothers me is that they’ve not really thought it through. First they wanted to hang on to our currency, of course they did. The pound sterling is one of the worlds oldest and strongest currencies. We didn’t make the same mistake as the United States by selling our gold reserves. Unfortunately for Scotland independence doesn’t work like that. Pissing and moaning about independence isn’t really valid if you want to keep our currency.

I have nothing against the Scots, I don’t even believe that one single poll on independence is an accurate representation of the opinions of the Scottish people and though it pains me to say it David ‘1984’ Cameron was correct in saying that the people shouldn’t vote yes just to give the Tories a kick in the balls. I also believe he was right in offering Scotland more powers of governance as they are not a region of England but a country as part of a union. The Scottish National Party would have the people believe that independence would be a smooth affair which is idiotic considering they wouldn’t have a currency. You could always do what Northern Ireland did with the Euro, see how that works out for you guys. The rebuttal was something to do with oil reserves off of Scotland, something about wealth from oil but seriously how long do you think that would last?

I’ve heard estimates ranging from 10-20 years and I don’t believe that’s enough time to build a strong independent nation who don’t need no England. I mean if it is what the Scottish people really want then so be it but their independence should include a good solid plan. We don’t want any drunk text messages when things go wrong in a decade’s time. Scottish independence would be a huge gamble, sure England might lose out in the short-term but if the shit hits the fan Scotland would be screwed. I’m actually annoyed by the whole thing, not Scotland wanting to be independent but how poorly planned the whole affair is on the part of the political parties pushing for a yes vote. They’re endangering the financial and economic well-being of the Scottish people whose interests are supposed to be paramount. Wait, what am I saying? We all know that’s not how politics really works…

There are other issues at play however such as families who are split between northern England and Scotland, if they were to go ahead and become independent then families would be separated. Then there’s the Scottish army regiments we would lose. I’ve met some of these people, yes I was going to join the army once. They are some of the funniest and most fearless fuckers I have ever met and it would be a shame to lose such an asset to our armed forces. I find myself hoping they don’t leave the United Kingdom but if they do it’s their choice. I hope the Scottish people won’t let the SNP fool them into thinking that independence would be smooth sailing. It won’t be.

I can’t believe I’m agreeing with David Cameron.
Gotta be better than Alex Salmond though.
God I need a drink.

Ask me why I’m writing today.

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I didn’t even want to write today, I mean I have plenty to write about once I get it all organized in my head. I’ve done everything there is to do before I sat down to write. There is literally nothing better to do but there is something worth posting about. Since I got home I seem to be having trouble settling back in. I have no clue why this is but I know it isn’t leaving luxury. I just can’t get back into living here. I’m sure there’s a few factors involved and one of them seems to be the perpetual Sunday I’ve experienced thanks to the bank holiday, which is pretty much Sunday 2.0. It seems as if the week got stuck at Sunday. I absolutely hate Sundays.

I just can’t seem to fit back into my routines. My sleep has been all over the place despite waking up early most days, getting used to sleeping alone again. Which is never fun. My eating habits have been affected by this trip, the food out there was so much fresher which turned me off of food a bit. I’m eating sure but I’m not particularly enjoying it. I even tried having a little smoke and a few drinks but still everything feels kinda wrong. Then there is this place. I got used to having a developed social life I guess. We’d just go out and meet with her friends and other friends of friends. You know the drill.

The language barrier was fun, a misanthrope’s dream. Imagine going out and all its benefits without having to engage in lengthy conversations. That said I really liked the people I met and they tried to communicate best they could. It’s so different here, so boring, so dead. Even if I wanted to go out there would be nobody to go with. Then there’s the usual shit, I had to help a friend out who was in trouble. He needed some food. It is that shit around here that some people are struggling. I saw it in Brazil yes, but they don’t seem as socially isolated as we are. In Brazil a friend will feed you as hospitality.

It wasn’t the beautiful apartment or luxury I’d lived in that made me hate this area even more, I always said this place was a pit. It has never been more clear to me how boring, dull and limiting this place is. I’m having trouble getting back into routine but I don’t think I even want to. It’s easier to see monotony once it has been broken I guess. I have plans for the near future but until then I’m stuck in the now and the now is boring as fuck. I’d say the experience has changed me in ways or at least given me fresh perspective. I haven’t stopped taking my coffee black since I got home.

The other thing is that couple routine you get into, that was our routine and it was pretty awesome. I will admit I got used to choice and variety in my food. Not to mention the fact that almost everything can be got on delivery in Brazil, I think I also miss the convenience. Being with her was a lot of fun and now I’m just stuck here where nothing I’m doing is entirely satisfying, this coupled with the fact that I am not even close to settling back in here is making for a fun time. I will say living well contributed to the strangeness of every day things like cooking for myself. You don’t really think about the time these tasks take up when until you haven’t had to do them for a while.

I crave shrimp and cheese coxinha like a motherfucker right now. I have no idea where I can get it but I will find a way. I enjoyed my time in Brazil, it’s a lovely country and the people were warm and relaxed. I think I was only genuinely irritated by two people the whole time I spent there. A young couple behind us, we were on a bus between states and this douche was playing his music loudly so everyone could hear. I totally expect that shit in London but not in Brazil, then again teenagers will be douches, all over the globe. I will get to writing properly, as I have said I’m just not really feeling it. This post came out of thin air. I needed something to do and I had something in my head to write about.

All I’m hearing is bad stuff in the news and people with their problems against this colorful gray backdrop and I’m having a really hard time getting back into it because it isn’t something I want to be a part of. I much prefered the life I lived out there. Not even the luxury just living somewhere interesting and experiencing new things. I want to escape this terminal boredom. I don’t even wonder why the some of the people I know are depressed. It’s pretty bleak here. I’m hoping I can just sit down with the guitar and get back into the music and studio stuff but to be honest I’m just not feeling anything.

Even this post, I started with some sort of direction and then by the end it just feels blunt. I’m hoping it isn’t a completely clusterfuck and fully conveys my feelings, I guess that’s what I had set out to do. Kinda dazed and confused though.