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The General Election.

Posted in Politics with tags , , on May 21, 2017 by MISANTHROPIST

Now I was anti Brexit and I always will be. I feel that we’ve basically shot ourselves in the foot. Brexit is over now, a mistake to be undone in the future if possible. What we have on our hands now is a General Election. I hope everyone reading this goes and votes, informs themselves and makes whatever they feel is the best choice for themselves. 

In my case I am undecided all I know is this our chance to get rid of Theresa May for good and a Conservative government under her. I’m by no means a fan of the Conservative party but at least Cameron had competency. I read many headlines about a future under May. One that what freedom we are reasonably give is slowly eroded further than it has already been. Either that or I’m angry about the porn. 

I’m concerned that the snoopers charter was passed into law. I read that the government want to block anything they deem damaging. I’m concerned about the language used it is very broad and in law broad language allows for abuse. I cannot see why any working class person would vote Conservative. Even still a Conservative government with May at the helm.

To me a vote outside of the main parties, in our current climate, would be a wasted one. It’s either going to be Labour or Liberal Democrats. The only two parties that I believe have the ability to fix this mess or make the best of it. I’m hesitant to trust the Lib Dems and won’t be won over by legal cannabis. I must say I’m still happy they’re not voting Tory.

Of course my NHS is something I want to keep. It is not perfect by any means but deserves more love and we need to spend some more money on her. The alternative is basically unthinkable for many families on the breadline and would be damaging across the board. 

I’m not even much of a fan of England, it’s made acceptable for me by being busy, earning money having that beautiful European woman in my life. She’d likely be in London right now with me if not for the clusterfuck caused by the Brexit. So yeah I’m slightly salty. Even still I don’t see a bright future for anyone who isn’t already in the sunshine under the Conservatives.

I urge you all to vote. This is your chance to get rid of an incompetent prime minster, who is poised to erode what little freedom you maintain in this country. Who is afraid to face the British public let alone take a question. Just read up on her if you’re not from England. You’ll see why this is important to me. She is and always was a poor fit to be a leader. She was never elected as one either.

To the UK residents reading this, she basically couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. However you vote use it wisely. Don’t let Her win. 



So Dilma won

Posted in Brazil with tags , , , , , , on October 27, 2014 by MISANTHROPIST

I don’t know if that small title will mean much to you but Dilma Rousseff is in for a second term. As a gringo I knew shit all about Brazilian politics until me and my girl spoke about it. She’s very happy that Dilma won. She’s taught me an awful lot in the time we’ve known each other about society there, a little history mixed in with politics. I’ve gained an understanding of the candidates in their election. It has been interesting to learn about a culture that isn’t essentially my own. I got an entire lesson from her about all of it going back over a year. Politics and international relations is her thing.

I’ve been told that Dilma had made some mistakes and seemed to have strayed at times, that’s the nature of politicians I can’t really point fingers here. She spoke of Dilma as if she had done a lot of good and helped the people who need it most, that she had actively fought to make Brazil what it is today which is refreshing compared to Cameron and Co. Around that time I saw that Brazil had been taken off the World Hunger Map and that their economy although it had slowed is still growing. Around about the same time I heard about some oil, she joked that she wondered if the US would warm up in relations with Brazil now they’ve found oil. Brazil seems to be doing well as a whole, making progress and slowly prospering despite it’s problems.

I wish I could sit here and type all of this stuff but shit I could write a small novel. Although I wasn’t a part of it, it was entertaining to see it all unfold. The local candidates were some of the most personable individuals I’ve ever seen chatting openly and joking with constituents over twitter. There was an unfortunate plane crash where a candidate died while I was in the country. I saw some candidates making career moves it was genuinely exciting to watch it all unfold. I guess what matters now is where Brazil goes from here.

So if you’re a Dilma Rousseff Supporter congratulations.
Hopefully I can get rid of David Cameron come the next election.

US Presidential Election 2012

Posted in America, Government/government bodies., People, The Internet. with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on November 7, 2012 by MISANTHROPIST

I’ve been trying to avoid posting about this but it has a large part in my life even when I’m not there. I’ve been watching the map as the US 2012 Election as polls close and results come in, it’s actually pretty tense to keep checking the map as it updates every 30 seconds. It’s about 2am here and between looking at shit on Facebook and talking about the election with friends from the united states I have nothing to do but watch that map roll with updated figures.

Personally, though I don’t have a say in the matter, I prefer Obama. He was never my ideal candidate for presidency but I’ve grown to like the man. There are some promises he hasn’t delivered on but can you really expect Obama too clean up the mess left by the Bush&Bush in one term. I’m just hoping that if he gets a second term he has a lot to live up to. I like President Barrack Obama for getting results and as a person. I still think he has a lot to prove as a president of the USA.

Lets hope Obama wins this because the alternative doesn’t bode well for the common man.
I have a hard time trusting Mitt Romney, I’ve caught him out lying, I’ve seen that he is clueless about foreign policy among many other foul ups. Including when he was recorded speaking his mind about some issues, some of the things he believes about working class people are borderline retarded. I could never vote republican/conservative. They’re just so out of touch with the common people. Romney for example, a big business owner and a very rich man. He doesn’t have the working class in his interests. The only way you’ll benefit from Romney being president is if you’re rich.

I’m going to go back to watching this unfold because I can’t concentrate enough to write a decent article right now.

Let’s hope for America that Obama wins.