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I don’t usually write posts about this sort of thing but lately I’ve heard many people I know complain that a hairdresser has messed up and they’ve had to get it corrected, even my close friend had the same issue a  few months back. I’ve never had this problem. I’ve come to conclusion that I am lucky to have had the same hairdresser for 11 or so years now.

She originally worked in a salon that my mother used, eventually that shut down as businesses do and she continued her work alone. For what I’m paying I’m getting amazing value, she sees men’s haircuts as easy and doesn’t charge much for them. The difference between going to herself and a barber is that I can show her three styles and she’ll tell me best fit.

I always end up with a great job and in 11 years I’ve neither had nor heard a complaint about her. For her skill level you’re not paying near as much as in a salon or barber. The only shave I’ve had better was in Brazil with a straight razor. My advice to these people is simple. Find a good hairdresser and stick with them, ask their input instead of simply telling them to do something.

If you do this and your hairdresser is worth their salt you’ll never be disappointed and as a regular customer, like anywhere, there are benefits. If you’re not lucky as I am and don’t have a private hairdresser then I would as a rule say: 

Don’t be afraid to travel and don’t be afraid to pay a little more.

Some things in life can’t be skimped on, your hair is one of them. Sure you may be lucky enough to find a place with great value but there’s some security into going to an establishment where everyone who touches your hair is going to be highly qualified.

I’m not the kind of person to really care about this sort of thing but suddenly, mainly due to work my image has become important. I’ve had to pay more attention to it than I’d like. It seems to pay off because I’ve had a lot of people comment on it. I think I’ve repeated the contents of this post to about four different people this month. 



Life building in progress… Insufficient funds.

Posted in General with tags , , , on June 22, 2015 by MISANTHROPIST

The need for budgeting has never been more apparent. It’s Monday and I have nothing already. A summation of this weekend would sound something like: Wasted time and wasted money. On the plus side I’m an Xbox up and I’m owed £80 so later in the month I’ll have that coming in, likely in various payments of £20. 

In that way I’m not completely screwed. I’m okay for general living. Even when I have money left over and I have the disposable income there’s still little opportunity to save. None of this would be without admitting my lifestyle hasn’t helped my financial well being lately. I also have major and minor birthdays coming up.

Why is it that a huge majority of people who are most important to me are born in the summer months? It looks like I’ll have to make those cuts. It isn’t too bad. I save a considerable amount smoking the e-cigarette and I already have that. My new rule for drinking is if I drink as a part of a meal or day out that is fine but I’m not gonna drink if I’m sitting on my ass. 

Those small cutbacks should save me a shit load. But then even if I saved as much as possible I would still have minimal. I do need an alternative income, as I’ve previously mentioned. What will that be? I still don’t know but I could use extra funding. The cost of living here is a total drain. Dat taxation.  My only real solution is an alternative income or a better job? To be honest I like that free Monday. If I can use that time more productively to make my own money that would be great.

As you lot can see I don’t actually have a plan here. That’s why I called it life building. Looks like the post breakup bender is officially over. Now for the hangover.