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Check. Mate.

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Firstly I have to give special mention to my sibling. She’s hard headed and quicker to anger than I am. I’m quite proud of her actually. I expected her to lose her temper and end up dismissed. I also forgot to mention I work with my sister…

Basically I armed her with the law and we went over it all before hand but for some reason my sister was dragged in alone on the pretext that she was some kind of ring leader. She denied that, stated what we had spoken about and basically they outlined the companies policy on whistle blowing.

This isn’t the government so I don’t have to fear assassination. They may as well have raised a white flag. They’re protecting themselves on the pretext that my sister is afraid of losing her job. She isn’t. After they realised this they had no choice but to capitulate seeing as they’re moving against the law.

In short the whole thing is getting cancelled. My sister affected the work place and the managers on the floor are on her side because nobody wants to stay that late. It’s unreasonable and we are unable to do so, for the most part at least. Three of my colleagues left over it.

Everything came together quite nicely. Almost like chess. The pawns went forth and we lost a few by their own choice. All the knights, rooks and bishops did their part. Then the queen forced their King into a checkmate. I can’t take all the credit. A thank you to those who write the legislation that stops us from being abused by our employers.

I’m very proud of my baby sister for acting as the queen in this game. It was strange to watch as what I had set in place unfolded. I can only liken it to flicking back and forth between channels watching two shows at once. Like watching the first domino fall safe in the knowledge that the rest will follow it.

It went better than I expected. Knowledge is power I suppose. 




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Today has been one of those days. Two of the idiots I work with decided to take a day off together to rent a room together or something, well it became obvious what was going on when two friends phone in sick the same day. I spent a good half an hour trying to remember if some new game was released or football was on or some crap. The sales manager admitted that it sounded very put on… I’ve made sure everyone noticed the fact that they took the same day off. The guy from sales I don’t give a flying fuck about but my newbie, I’m annoyed with. Any other day would have been fine but today was a day of record sales meaning I’ve done two or three days work in one day. Those two idiots made everyone’s day hard today. Newbie is going to suffer for it too. Tomorrow will be a very hard day for him. I’m debating crucifying him outside with leaf springs and steering racks duck taped together.

On top of that newbie letting us all down there’s the fact that the Indian guys I worked with turned the heater up till it was just like home sweet home. I have a degree of respect for my manager but being Indian he will side with them on everything and generally believes they are harder workers, there’s a degree of truth to it but tell that to me who does their work in half the time and my friend and ex-coworker who could do the same work as three of them and it’ll feel like a snub to you too. Then there’s the small matter of the executives being present which means we can’t use our own methods to speed everything up and there’s always that tension in the air when they’re around. Always fun. Just when you thought work couldn’t be anymore stressful…

They also force us to wear high visibility jackets which is bullshit considering there’s no heavy machinery and the lighting is sufficient. The Hi-vis are just unnecessary… To top all of this off our idiotic management let the other guy go at 2pm so I did like two or three hours on my own until my co-worker was able to join me. I had no break, not even for cigarette and they wanted me to stay till closing for an extra hour. I responded with a doctor evil-esque  ‘how bout no.’ the company does me no favor and they can expect the same in return. That isn’t to say I don’t help out from time to time but I do that for my friends in the workplace, never the company. Today was complete and utter bullshit. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

beyTime to play whack-a-newbie…

I finally have a job.

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I finally have a job, not because of the government with their incentives and system designed to get me back into work but because of an off phone call from a friend at god knows what time in the morning. I was half asleep when I received the call at around six am. I was informed I might have a job, my friend had told a little white lie to secure me an interview. A lie about my experience that is. I must have responded ‘okay’ to this stream of information and as easy as that I was told to come in the next day for an interview.

I met my friend there the next day for my interview, from this point I knew this was going to be interesting. My interview was in a kitchen and the most informal interview I’ve ever been to. I was quickly talked too by middle management and then the boss. During this interview my friend comes out of the front, slams the door against the wall with the force of opening it and shouts ‘well you know what? You can go fuck yourself.’
The boss proceeded to laugh and tell him to get back to work and not to set a bad example for the new guy. He seemed more amused than anything else.

During the interview I was told my CV was impressive, which was nice to hear. Then he asked why I didn’t continue my studies. I told him I needed money to do anything, even study. He then proceeded to ask me why I’m applying there. Then some more general questions and he told me when I come in for a paid training day, again informal as hell…
I began today, made no errors in accuracy and generally impressed them with my ability to pick up the system they have in place, the boss was so happy with my performance he wants me in during the bank holiday, which is double pay. It’ll be my second day of work. So yeah by now I bet you’re wonder what the hell it is I do. I’ll admit it was never even considered when I thought about employment. I work in a logistics operation, which is a better way of saying I run around a large space collecting parts for orders with a bunch of crazy Spanish guys, a good friend of mine and some other guys I don’t know yet.

The general atmosphere of the place is a good one, everybody seems to get along and there’s plenty of comic relief in that place. It’s pretty fast paced work though, so I’m never going to be bored. I also have more lunch break than I know what to do with. One strange thing is that I find myself eating things I don’t normally eat because I’m so hungry. Mayo, pickle and other stuff I usually hate. I feel like I’m appreciating my food a lot more.

I’ve actually been wondering what the hell I should do with my money. It’ll certainly improve my situation and I’ll be able to buy myself things. *Must not spend money like an idiot.
I haven’t really had money to spend on anything other than essentials for a few years so this will be nice. I guess I’ll have to get a cellphone, since I’m getting one might as well go all out with an iPhone five. I’ve seen some pretty good deals. I’m curious about androids too, If I’m getting a phone it may as well be a good one. Other than that I just need some new clothes for work and then the rest is for savings/general living costs. I think I’m going to have more money than I know what to do with.

but yeah I have a job…

Working Life.

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I’ve seen it on TV and a friend of mine once achieved this status but pushed too far and got fired because he didn’t know his limits. I want to get to a point in my working life where I am so good at what I do that I can get away with almost anything. Where they pay me because they need me more than I need them. I hope to achieve this. I want to be able to skip out on team meetings because my input is clear and network with a co-worker or two who will send me messages detailing the results of these meetings. I want to go up in the world, not too far but far enough that I have clout in the workplace but can’t be made 100% responsible when things go pear-shaped. As I put it earlier, I want to stroll through life, untouchable, like a hot river of fucking lava.

You’re probably thinking that this situation is on TV because it isn’t real but with some clever maneuvering and social engineering my job will be an experiment of sorts. That I can opt out of If it becomes undesirable or I get a better offer. I will keep you updated on this as time goes by. If I am wrong you can enjoy saying ‘I told you so’ for once.