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Ask me why I’m writing today.

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I didn’t even want to write today, I mean I have plenty to write about once I get it all organized in my head. I’ve done everything there is to do before I sat down to write. There is literally nothing better to do but there is something worth posting about. Since I got home I seem to be having trouble settling back in. I have no clue why this is but I know it isn’t leaving luxury. I just can’t get back into living here. I’m sure there’s a few factors involved and one of them seems to be the perpetual Sunday I’ve experienced thanks to the bank holiday, which is pretty much Sunday 2.0. It seems as if the week got stuck at Sunday. I absolutely hate Sundays.

I just can’t seem to fit back into my routines. My sleep has been all over the place despite waking up early most days, getting used to sleeping alone again. Which is never fun. My eating habits have been affected by this trip, the food out there was so much fresher which turned me off of food a bit. I’m eating sure but I’m not particularly enjoying it. I even tried having a little smoke and a few drinks but still everything feels kinda wrong. Then there is this place. I got used to having a developed social life I guess. We’d just go out and meet with her friends and other friends of friends. You know the drill.

The language barrier was fun, a misanthrope’s dream. Imagine going out and all its benefits without having to engage in lengthy conversations. That said I really liked the people I met and they tried to communicate best they could. It’s so different here, so boring, so dead. Even if I wanted to go out there would be nobody to go with. Then there’s the usual shit, I had to help a friend out who was in trouble. He needed some food. It is that shit around here that some people are struggling. I saw it in Brazil yes, but they don’t seem as socially isolated as we are. In Brazil a friend will feed you as hospitality.

It wasn’t the beautiful apartment or luxury I’d lived in that made me hate this area even more, I always said this place was a pit. It has never been more clear to me how boring, dull and limiting this place is. I’m having trouble getting back into routine but I don’t think I even want to. It’s easier to see monotony once it has been broken I guess. I have plans for the near future but until then I’m stuck in the now and the now is boring as fuck. I’d say the experience has changed me in ways or at least given me fresh perspective. I haven’t stopped taking my coffee black since I got home.

The other thing is that couple routine you get into, that was our routine and it was pretty awesome. I will admit I got used to choice and variety in my food. Not to mention the fact that almost everything can be got on delivery in Brazil, I think I also miss the convenience. Being with her was a lot of fun and now I’m just stuck here where nothing I’m doing is entirely satisfying, this coupled with the fact that I am not even close to settling back in here is making for a fun time. I will say living well contributed to the strangeness of every day things like cooking for myself. You don’t really think about the time these tasks take up when until you haven’t had to do them for a while.

I crave shrimp and cheese coxinha like a motherfucker right now. I have no idea where I can get it but I will find a way. I enjoyed my time in Brazil, it’s a lovely country and the people were warm and relaxed. I think I was only genuinely irritated by two people the whole time I spent there. A young couple behind us, we were on a bus between states and this douche was playing his music loudly so everyone could hear. I totally expect that shit in London but not in Brazil, then again teenagers will be douches, all over the globe. I will get to writing properly, as I have said I’m just not really feeling it. This post came out of thin air. I needed something to do and I had something in my head to write about.

All I’m hearing is bad stuff in the news and people with their problems against this colorful gray backdrop and I’m having a really hard time getting back into it because it isn’t something I want to be a part of. I much prefered the life I lived out there. Not even the luxury just living somewhere interesting and experiencing new things. I want to escape this terminal boredom. I don’t even wonder why the some of the people I know are depressed. It’s pretty bleak here. I’m hoping I can just sit down with the guitar and get back into the music and studio stuff but to be honest I’m just not feeling anything.

Even this post, I started with some sort of direction and then by the end it just feels blunt. I’m hoping it isn’t a completely clusterfuck and fully conveys my feelings, I guess that’s what I had set out to do. Kinda dazed and confused though.



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Well I have been away recording various pieces for my friend over the last couple of weeks, the recording process has involved a lot of Kronenbourg and smoke-filled rooms. As a result of this I’m now the lead guitarist at Clayton James. The project is coming together nicely with art work and various contributions. I haven’t enjoyed myself this much in a long time. Even the attempted robbery was fun but to be honest my mother is more intimidating than the three of them. Two stayed back to watch while one attempted the robbery. You never attempt to take anything that is mine, let alone my guitar. Needless to say that asshole caught the business end of my noise maker. To commemorate this even my guitar is now marked with a tally which may or may not increase as time goes by. I’ve also written ‘This here’s my noisemaker’ on the guard just because.

I’m happy it didn’t break because I would have been extremely upset and probably beat that individual half to death before strangling them with the strings. I love my guitar if you haven’t guessed that by now. More on recording, I never expected to be involved with any kind of electronic music let alone recording acoustic guitar but I’m just happy to be a part of something, it is nice to have some purpose especially when you’re ‘unemployed.’ It looks like I’m also going to be involved in shooting a music video to some degree. My friend is going all out on this project, then again it is his baby so I’d expect no less. He originally had it completed years ago but after his home was robbed everything was lost, maybe it was a blessing in disguise because he has said himself that the new work is better than anything he had produced before hand.

I’m sorry this update didn’t come earlier but I’ve been very busy and lacking the means to post.

Oranjeboom, alcohol and public drinking.

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Somebody once told me they’d never tried a good Dutch beer, I didn’t really agree or disagree seeing as I’ve had some passable dutch beer in my time. I remembered a brand of beer I recognized my father drinking all those years ago. It was called Oranjeboom. I don’t often drink lighter beers but if I’m going to drink something light and refreshing I’ll definitely spend a night drinking this stuff and since I rediscovered it I have done.
There’s a little visual aid for class. If you can get a hold of this where you are give it a go. It’s a lot better than most of the shit on the shelves at your local Off-License, Liquor store or wherever you purchase your alcohols. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on tap at bars or pubs. It is usually a little more expensive than other larger/beers and priced a little higher too. Money to match quality I guess. No real hangover. A good all-rounder really.

While we’re on the subject of beer I find the whole no public drinking law bullshit, I don’t know if any of you are remotely common enough to drink a beer during a long walk on a summer’s day. Well now I am legally not allowed to do at risk of a fine all because of a few idiots. I occasionally enjoy drinking in public, I’m never belligerently drunk and I don’t cause trouble while I drink. I just drink and now because of a few assholes anyone that wants to drink a beer in the park or wherever is suddenly a criminal.

Idiots and a Nanny State… great combination.

Happy Murica Day.

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I hope all of my US based friends and family are having a great day in the sun today chilling beers and grilling out. I’ve enjoyed the Independence day celebrations with people dear to me. You get a little shit but hey history is history and what can you do. I did find this little gem though.

ImageI miss the fireworks and casual discharge of fire arms in the evening. Independence day was actually one of the most fun and romantic evenings in my life. Yes romance between gunfire and explosions. I can’t really describe how beautiful and sublime that night was. Also you guys know how to throw a party.

Happy 4th of July America.

Thursday night moonlighting.

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My Thursday night was a little crazy to say the least. My best friend (probably my only true friend) decided to show up at my house at 11pm. You may think this is a little late for a weekday but my friend has the strangest work schedule. He works from 3pm until 11pm for the local authority. He cleans and is very well paid, surprisingly. It isn’t the most intellectually stimulating of jobs but it definitely lines his pockets. Anyway more about my night.

I have recently injured my foot so I have a limp and for some reason my calf was hurting badly, probably something to do with me constantly shifting my weight to avoid hurting myself. Earlier in the day I took some mild painkillers to deal with it. That was probably a mistake seeing as my friend decides to show up with Desperados and other beer. We usually get together to drink and discuss various goings on. My woman was out-of-town, she headed down to St. Louis Missouri with the family to see her aunt. So I was totally free.

We discussed our guitar playing, our ‘friends’ and plans for the near future getting more and more drunk all the while. Between talking and dicking around on Facebook we consumed quite a lot of beer. It was now around 2am and we were thinking of calling it quits. I don’t know if it was the fact that I was intoxicated or that I’d been extremely bored of late but I decided why not head out to the only 24hr gas station/ liquor store that I knew of. So we headed out into the early morning air to grab the next few rounds.

We’d started on a pretty strong beer called Stella Artois or ‘the only good thing to come out of Belgium besides chocolate.’
I have an irrational hatred of Belgium but that’s for another time. We finally reached the store where there was a line of around 3 people. A friendly yet skanky looking woman who was probably a hooker, a random black guy looking to buy talk time and a man who had just finished shift and was looking for the same thing as we were. The gas station didn’t sell talk time and the friendly hooker was quick to leave, this leaves the one guy who asked the middle eastern clerk for some Red Stripe Jamaican beer. This clerk either had very bad english or was completely retarded because he brought over some random Dutch beer and two cans of Australian beer.

It was all good fun trying to direct this idiot to what we wanted but after a while he began to hurt my skull so my friend asked politely to be let into the store so he could get exactly what he wanted. After I stepped back and he removed his hood the clerk allowed him into the store, watching, ultra paranoid the whole time. We finally got our stuff and left for my place. Upon returning we sat down and opened our Budweiser, I chose buds because I didn’t want to be too wasted and I had an appointment in the morning. After drinking four more of those things got real interesting.

I posted a generic Facebook status, I know my bad right?
The status sparked an inquiry by my woman’s mother that had me defending my position in her daughter’s life. Maybe I took the inquiry wrong because I was drunk, who knows.
I also decided to apologise for a previous wrong in which communications were mixed and I ended up taking someones head off over something they never said. After the brain racking from her mother and the apology I felt I’d made everything right. I then get a call from my woman asking me if I’m drunk which I handle very well, we talk for another hour and she falls asleep.

We continue drinking, planning and talking until we realise it’s 4am and I begin to realise how wasted I actually am. My friend offered to buy us breakfast at a local cafe, we started with a cheese burger and energy drinks while we waited for our fried breakfast and coffee. I drank more caffeine than I thought possible even pouring red bull into coffee. I drank so many energy drinks it isn’t even funny. I have a caffeine problem. We ate, read the news papers and talked to the cafe owner from 6am until about 7am then returned home to my place. At one point my friend was so wasted he mistook the Turkish flag for the crescent moon of Islam.

We headed back to my place and began to listen to the radio way too loudly for 7.30am. I think I even played guitar in the garden. My friend had to head back to his place for a change of clothes and I lay there on the couch falling asleep until he returned with some more energy drinks. We waited until it was time then left. We got to the bus stop to travel a few miles down the road and sat mostly silent on the bus until I realised that I had forgotten an important document. It turned out to be a non issue since I could talk my way around not having it. The appointment was swiftly over and we went to the bank in order to deposit some money.

While in the bank I caught the news and weather. The news kind of angered me, the government seriously believes that by removing branding people aren’t going to smoke?
It’s the same as when they put a 30pence tax on them to stop kids from smoking, it just isn’t going to happen. If these kids want the cigarettes I’m sure they’ll find an extra 30pence. If people want to smoke they’re going to do so. The government needs to stop raising taxes under the guise of helping people. It sickens me.

We left again for home where we had coffee and talked until it was 12.30pm and I needed to sleep, my friend had to go to work at 3pm so we said goodbye and split. I finally got into bed when one of my cats decided she wanted to be friendly and annoy the crap out of my, fighting me for space until 1.30pm. When I finally got to sleep my other friend shows up at my place and I pretty much just go back to bed because I didn’t have the energy to talk. At 2pm I finally slept. Exhausted from that long, long night.

That was one hell of a night, the best night in a while.
This post would have been a lot better with photos.