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My thoughts, these walls, this night.

Posted in Business, General, Useless information., Work with tags , , , , , , on January 13, 2017 by MISANTHROPIST

I’m not usually awake at this hour anymore, let alone writing and that’s because I sleep like a real person. I’m finally used to being alone and since I began succeeding in my endeavours I’ve slept the sleep of the dead. 

I’m a manager and business co-owner, ain’t life just awful strange? How loss translates into motivation, how I ended up here. Sometimes I think about where I will go from here. I appear to have success in a business environment. 

I’m looking at two pay days in the next month. One final payment  from unemployment and two separate payments related to the job. I should use this extra money wisely. 

In terms of meeting new people it’s been mostly internet based for the moment. I’m selling myself pretty well but how many times must I sell myself before all my pieces are gone. It gets tiring putting the effort into what is likely to amount to nothing. 

Then again I got three relationships and travelled the world as a result of meeting people on the internet so I know it can pay off. It’s a total crapshoot however and you’re likely to go through a lot of people before you find one you connect with and even then nothing is promised.

On an unrelated note it snowed today, it hasn’t snowed here in longer than I can remember. As the snow fell around me I thought of her for a moment. Then I was as cold as the snow falling from the sky. All I can do is learn from my mistakes and never repeat them. 

Today saw me get soaking wet three times then snowed on, my friend waited outside the store for 20 minutes while I was shopping. I have no idea what possessed him to do that but I stopped asking questions a long time ago. It’s a shame it had been raining all day otherwise the snow may have settled.

I’m definitely in a strange place right now in terms of the way I feel about everything. At one point I’m pleased with myself and what progress I have made. Then again of all the things I did fix I couldn’t fix that which truly mattered to me. 

Someone can be your whole world one day and a stranger the next, if life has taught me anything it’s that the futures we plan with the ones we love are not reliable. I’ve planned 3 now so I feel as if I’m speaking from experience. 

All I can do is take action to better myself and my economic situation. This is my first step onto the ladder and there is no way I’m going to let anything mess this up. Especially not being upset about her, I really don’t have time for that. This will be a time of work, focus and learning.

I’ll be applying this to my own businesses one day. Let’s give her something to regret. Nothing will take precedence over looking after myself and becoming successful. Unfortunately my bank balance is more reliable than love. 

I remember thinking you can have money or happiness. I went for love and happiness, it didn’t work out multiple times so now I’m going for money. I don’t need the kind of love where you give up on the other person because things got hard. I don’t need the love of a coward.

When she’s gone I’m left with myself. I began to ask myself logically what she brought to the table and when I examine it, it isn’t much. If I were to pursue another relationship I’d want it to be with an equal. Not a glass rose. 

That is one thing I do miss about the Brazilian. We both shared that fire, both have strong personalities. Had it not gone south we would have been a great couple to this day because we were well suited. Two lions. I have days where I miss that woman.

I have to stop looking back and focus on what is in front. I need to create the rituals for massive fucking success. When I get there I’ll be proud, then I can focus on finding a plus one.



An acceptable birthday 

Posted in Useless information. with tags on August 25, 2016 by MISANTHROPIST

I woke up, had a black coffee because there was no milk and I’m not going to the store that early. Because fuck that. So I drank the coffee, had my morning cigarette. Got dressed and left for work as usual. I arrived at work and said nothing about my birthday, it’s not the kind of thing I get excited over. I opened some cards and that was all.
A few happy birthdays during the day, the guys brought me a Philly cheese steak for lunch which was nice of them. Considering I was having beer for lunch. I went through the day as normal pretty much. I’ve never been someone who gives a damn whether someone acknowledges my birthday or not. 

I got home later that night to a bottle of jack which I of course shared with whoever was drinking at the time. My dinner was amazing but the portion was way too small. I was left hungry and wonder whether to order a pizza, I didn’t end up doing so in the end. I went to sleep an hour or so later.

Apparently someone’s buying me a game on the Xbox that has yet to materialise. It wasn’t a great day by all accounts


500 posts…

Posted in General, Useless information. on January 13, 2016 by MISANTHROPIST

501 officially.

Seems kinda important. Who has even been following for that long? I must be interesting someone. I’ve been writing for so long, I probably need a life or something. When I think about the contents of this blog I wonder if I’m interesting or you’re all sadists…

Only time will tell. Thanks for reading.


Hover boards…

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Because nothing says douchebag like gliding across the pavement at little over walking speed and getting in everyone else’s way…
I’d go as far as adorning this post with pictures but you already know what they look like and you have probably been annoyed by any number of douchebags riding these things in malls and elsewhere.

I wonder sometimes about how my life would have worked out if I had stayed with my ex girlfriend and moved out to Brazil. Mainly because I’m sure I wouldn’t be seeing so many hover boards. A life of misery is probably worth the trade. 

I constantly find myself resisting the urge to drop-kick people off these things. I’m only stopped by a few small things. Like age or possible legal repercussions of assault.

My first problem is that they don’t hover, so what is the point? Maybe I’m being pedantic but yeah it’s basically a skateboard for people with poor balance. You can’t even do a 360 kick flip on them… Not that I could anyway but still… Lame.

The second issue is that it seems the majority of people using these things are douches with no consideration for anyone else who has to use the pavement. It’s public property and you’re technically using a vehicle so surely pedestrians have right of way? 

Read: get out of my way of I’ll drop you off that piece of crap and put my foot through it. Some people may take that as an indication of a underlying anger issue. When you have these assholes almost trip you on a constant basis you start considering options for retaliation.

I’m hoping that this, like all other shitty fads, will eventually die off. Maybe I’m a terrible person but I actually laughed when I found out they were catching fire. The thought of someone scooting along on fire amused me greatly.

I’m glad the police are telling people to get off them when they’re in crowded areas, but hey everyone is pro law enforcement when the law is on their side right? 

At least kids with pogs weren’t annoying anyone… These things are definitely my first pet hate of 2016. Annoying and ultimately pointless. Congratulations you look like an idiot, only more than usual.


This evening…

Posted in General Dumbassery, Useless information., women with tags on November 11, 2015 by MISANTHROPIST

I’ve been bored this evening, you know one of those evenings where you have done everything that needs doing. You have all the options immediate to you but none of them a particularly appealing? Everything you really want to do is unavailable to you so you’re just lost…
I decided to write for this reason. I had a little smoke and a few drinks this weekend for the first time in a while and I felt it. Then I asked myself why I’m doing that. I finally worked out that I’m doing it to escape. Escape boredom that I can do very little about at the moment.

At least I enjoyed the alcohol that time. The other thing is that now I don’t have anymore tasks I can complete I’m noticing how lonely I am. I’m making strides socially but nothing concrete. There’s a lot of things I miss.

Without anything else to distract me I’ve thought about getting myself out there. I’ve resolved to treat it as I would any other task. There are multiple facets to the problems. Smaller objectives to be met. 



A most immense hangover.

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Last night I ended up inviting some friends over for drinks. Nothing big or fancy just drinks and casual conversation. And today, well today, I’m suffering for it. I didn’t think I drank very much besides beers and some whiskey. It might be the fault of the copious amounts of marijuana we smoked? Either way I feel like death.

So yeah, here I am hung over as fuck and chemically reminded of why I decided to drink less a few months back. It was a decent night but this hangover is not worth it at all. My friend and lodger has left for the night to go watch a film and get laid, from what he told me he feels similar to myself. Everyone else is unavailable for whatever reason, so here I am. Alone again.

I brought myself a nice new coat for the winter when I was drunk last night. Good buy. I’m a talented personal shopper when I’m drunk. It’s just that usually I don’t have the money to spend. I need to grab myself some jeans tomorrow because honestly there is shit all else to do on a Sunday. If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll be aware that I detest Sunday.

I’m really stuck on what to do so I decided to write because I don’t do that nearly as often as I’d like to. On Monday its time to get my affairs in order, the lack of organisation or a solid plan is beginning to become irritating. I’ve finally been paid and I can’t wait to start job hunting properly.


Time to attempt to relax

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I have no idea how this will be achieved but it needs to happen. I’ve smoked some to wind me down and now I’m sitting in my room, dim light of the laptop the only thing cutting through total fucking darkness. Seems like a nice enough environment. Now I just have to entertain myself.

I was considering breaking out the old PS2. Shooting people in the face can be quite therapeutic I just say. Yes I really do hate a lot of people right now. I just can’t be bothered with the long ass set up. I recently ran into classical art memes and edgy Egyptian memes which are the only things that have made me smile in a long time.

 Maybe i should try rain sounds. Funny to think that all this wouldn’t matter if I was sipping devassa, eating shrimp and getting laid on a nice beach in Rio. Isn’t it funny? How getting laid almost nulls and voids everything else. I’m really at a loss here. I have no idea what the fuck to do. 

I have to write an important letter tonight but other than that there’s not much else I have to do. I think what would be nice right now is laying in here with someone. You know the nice nights where the lights are off and you’re both in bed together. I miss that. 

This is pretty sad. I used to be such a chilled out person but now I literally don’t remember how to relax. I might have to write some more just for something to do. This is one of those nights where nobody is around. Everybody is busy. I really do need to learn how to have fun on my own again. I also need to relax before work but I’m still dealing with her birthday shit. Things haven’t been great but I’ve been mailed so many things by that girl I have to reciprocate lest I feel like an asshole.

Still, what to do?