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AM Hates: The Royal Wedding

Posted in AM Hates:, England, Love, Misanthropy, People, The royal family on June 9, 2011 by MISANTHROPIST

I have no idea about the german flag on the side, one world cup and two world wars, that is all germany.

I am unsure if it is just me, well I’m pretty sure someone else is as annoyed as me but anyway, the royal wedding is really getting on my nerves. I am English for a start and I see it is a mindless publicity stunt to pique interest in the royal family. Honestly I nothing the royal family, sure they’re nice to look at and have some bling but they don’t actually do anything of value. Sure it’s a wedding and I’m happy for them but it has no real significance at all, other than the fact that two people are being joined in marriage. Even at home anyone under the age of 40 doesn’t really care about it.

So the man-child finally got married to his sweetheart, that’s nice for them but where exactly does that leave us, nowhere, we all know the Queen of England is going to live forever and he’ll never see the throne. The coverage is over the top however, I mean whole pull-outs in the news. Is there no interesting plane crash or something for them to cover?
Even worse is the fact the America seems to be somewhat fascinated by the whole affair, I can’t escape it. It holds so little significance for me personally that when asked by some waitress who is getting married I replied without thinking ‘ I dunno, the queen or something?’
Those are the lengths I’ve gone to in order to erase the whole thing from my mind. It really gets on my nerves, I want to kill every single American that asks me about it as if I have the inside scoop, the sharp objects begin to look real useful.

A.K.A Bender and Tinkerbell

Shit listed for life. No exceptions. Thanks for taking him away America we owe you big time.

Royal wedding, celebrate peasants, I’m surprised nobody was holding the talk show clap and laugh cards. If you clapped out of time it’d be off with your head and they’d feed your remains to the Queens corgis. Also I request an explanation for the invitation of another person who is on my shit list, David Beckham, what is the medal for he hasn’t done shit. For football or anything else. I also want to know why they invited Tinkerbell (Victoria Beckham.)
Also a big thank you to the USA for taking the Beckhams off our hands, no more crappy football (soccer) playing or shitty solo albums.

I have almost got it all out of my system, I will give one allowance on my Beckham point, at least it isn’t Bono. I’d take Beckham over that sunglasses sporting douche any time. I really don’t understand everyone’s fascination with this whole event, with one exception, women. Every little girl or so I’m told, dreams of marrying a prince. I can understand why women would enjoy this crap. The other thing, in the days before hand it was my second or third week in the USA and they were placing bets on the royal wedding?
From what she’d wear to all kinds of strange stuff. It was retarded to be honest. I think that’s all, I got it out.