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More aquisitions 

Posted in Technology with tags , , , , on September 4, 2016 by MISANTHROPIST

I invited a friend over the other night for a Thursday night casual. A few drinks and a smoke, catching up etc. While we were talking he informs me that he’s looking to get rid of an iPad and laptop. They’ve been up on eBay for about a week now. Mates rates apply here so I’m getting them both for a massive discount this would have cost me around £900 but I’m getting them both from £300. Nothing wrong with them aside from a little wear on the iPad. 

I got lucky by the sounds of it. I should be expecting them by the 15th of the month. Having them both should make blogging here easier and take the strain off my phone which I’ve been using for everything over the course of the last year.

Hopefully easier access to the Internet will give me something to do, I don’t know about you guys but I’ve never been a fan of surfing the Internet on a tiny screen. It’s a pain in the ass and cannot be good for your eyes.



Email me chatting shit

Posted in Technology, Work with tags , , , , on August 21, 2016 by MISANTHROPIST

I get in mid week to an email from upper management asking me how I examined 15 cases and didn’t accept any, surely that’s not possible. Well let me fucking tell you how it’s absolutely possible…

When you’re at your desk and only doing clerical and admin you don’t see the work going on, you see the numbers but obviously can’t infer any meaning from them. Well I could personally, it’s an A or B type scenario. I’m not making any mistakes. I just won’t accept a non case. It would be a waste of time or money for everyone. I do however send people in the right directions if their case is criminal or untraced.

But still that email fucked me off, before even consulting my manager I fired back with spreadsheets and a written statement of all 15 rejections, their reasoning etc. Safe to say they didn’t email me back. The reason this happened was because of preliminary vetting not being up to standard.

I’m doing my best to train them off my own back but they either don’t understand or are just firing through hoping they’ll get their numbers up. It just demonstrates a lack of understanding on their part. The fact the upper management email me about it before they check themselves is embarrassing.

The accusatory tone of it pissed me off more so. I’ve had similar emails before. Even my manager said its bullshit that they email us like that so I send my emails CC the boss of the company, my manager, admin, HR and also accounts on everything. Case by case updates. You ask for it you go it. I’m waiting for the complaint about the emails.

Personally I hate sending an email to someone a few hundred meters away when I can walk over to them and get the answer or desired result without waiting 30 mins for something that needs doing now. I hate unecessary emails.


Hover boards…

Posted in Idiotic groups/people, Misanthropy, Technology, Useless information. with tags , , , , , , on January 4, 2016 by MISANTHROPIST

Because nothing says douchebag like gliding across the pavement at little over walking speed and getting in everyone else’s way…
I’d go as far as adorning this post with pictures but you already know what they look like and you have probably been annoyed by any number of douchebags riding these things in malls and elsewhere.

I wonder sometimes about how my life would have worked out if I had stayed with my ex girlfriend and moved out to Brazil. Mainly because I’m sure I wouldn’t be seeing so many hover boards. A life of misery is probably worth the trade. 

I constantly find myself resisting the urge to drop-kick people off these things. I’m only stopped by a few small things. Like age or possible legal repercussions of assault.

My first problem is that they don’t hover, so what is the point? Maybe I’m being pedantic but yeah it’s basically a skateboard for people with poor balance. You can’t even do a 360 kick flip on them… Not that I could anyway but still… Lame.

The second issue is that it seems the majority of people using these things are douches with no consideration for anyone else who has to use the pavement. It’s public property and you’re technically using a vehicle so surely pedestrians have right of way? 

Read: get out of my way of I’ll drop you off that piece of crap and put my foot through it. Some people may take that as an indication of a underlying anger issue. When you have these assholes almost trip you on a constant basis you start considering options for retaliation.

I’m hoping that this, like all other shitty fads, will eventually die off. Maybe I’m a terrible person but I actually laughed when I found out they were catching fire. The thought of someone scooting along on fire amused me greatly.

I’m glad the police are telling people to get off them when they’re in crowded areas, but hey everyone is pro law enforcement when the law is on their side right? 

At least kids with pogs weren’t annoying anyone… These things are definitely my first pet hate of 2016. Annoying and ultimately pointless. Congratulations you look like an idiot, only more than usual.



Posted in Technology with tags , , , , , , , on March 15, 2015 by MISANTHROPIST

Now that I have money to spend this has become very relevant to me. I went down to the bank and had a new account opened up with all the utilities I require. I’ve received the card, my credit rating is glorious and I’m good to go but there is one thing that bothers me.

Contactless payment, since when has this been a standard service? I don’t know of any places that support this and as I understand it this service is still in its infancy. I’m skeptical about its security and will avoid using it. I’ve been wondering all week how long it will be until you register as having paid for something you never received or purchased.  How long before someone can rob you using a laptop and scanner. I would be surprised if this can’t already be achieved.


Finally got that iPhone 

Posted in Technology with tags , , , , on March 15, 2015 by MISANTHROPIST

I thought I’d take the time out to post since it’s around 2am, I can’t sleep and I’m bored. What do ya know? Surprise surprise there’s an app for that! Getting this thing set up was a lot of fuckery but so far it has been worth the work. I thought it would be easy but as the rules of the universe dictate “nothing is ever simple.” 

I brought a sim card for this thing without taking into account a recent merger of two of the largest networks, now in my head it should be as simple as purchasing a SIM card. However, this was not the case. I went through two sims and the person I purchased it from neglected to inform me that the sim I needed was specific, from before the merger. 

The networks store informed me I could pay £20 in order to get it unlocked and wait 28 days to get my phone back, at which point I became irritated and attempted to find alternative solutions that don’t take a month. The alternative solutions were rapid but cost £75 which is more than I paid for the device. I got a deal hence my waiting for it so long. Eventually I was informed that they did in fact stock the specific sim card I needed and they have it to me for free, which was unexpected. Finally I had a working phone.

I quite like the thing, I’m familiar with the iOS and it’s inner workings so that wasn’t a bother, another great thing is very few people are aware I have a number so no annoying calls just yet. One thing that put me off was the insistence on GPS and the 56 page terms of useage. Yes I read it and it can be quite off-putting.

I’ve tried to be quite ultilitarian when selecting my apps, generally only downloading the usefull ones like bus schedules, WordPress, data usage tracking app, newsreader, weather, educational apps. You get the idea? No angry birds or any of that kind of crap, don’t want to waste memory or time.

My new favourite saying, reflecting the douchebaggery of some apple users, is ‘I can do that because myphone’s an iPhone.’ There is no denying that these things are incredibly useful. For the seasoned user losing your iPhone is a registered disability, i see how individuals could become very dependant on it. Even without having banking apps these things store a worrying amount of personal information. Losing an iPhone could be costly.

I’m happy with the product in general, it does what I need it to do and more which is why I worry about dependency. Don’t want to become disabled if my phone breaks or battery dies, that’s just sad. Another thing I will say is it has already made posting even more convenient. I’m by no means an apple fanboy but I’d say this device was worth the wait now I have it. 


Vaping and the community.

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No, not weed. I’m talking about E-cigarettes. You may remember my initial concerns about them and how I said I didn’t quite trust them, I changed my mind on that recently and I’ve been using one for a while. They are pretty good, same satisfaction etc. Though I’m convinced there must be some danger like a flaking heating element or maybe some microparticle issue they have to be safer than normal cigarettes. I’ve done some reading for both sides of the debate and even seen the tobacco industry’s response to it whether that be investment or failing miserably to tout their own inferior versions of the product. I think it is much too soon for any scientific study of the health effects, these things haven’t been around long enough. Sure one could point to the quality control issues among other things but any adverse health effects are just theory at the moment. It’s a gamble I’m willing to take.

The point of this post, all that aside, is the vaping community. Known as ‘Vapers’ or ‘Vapists’ which if heard wrong could lead to a punch in the face. First off I don’t understand the whole concept of a subculture based on vaporizing nicotine, like 420 without the cannabis. Personally I find it lame. To base yourself around your usage of a product/drug is just sad. The second thing is, yes, we know you vape but you don’t have to be an asshole about it. There are certain places you wouldn’t smoke in if you have any kind of common decency and the same should go for vaping, an example of this is restaurants unless they specifically state that it is okay to smoke inside. That is becoming a rarity. I can understand wanting to vape in bars and many of the owners are pretty cool about it, you just have to be respectful and ask.

Even if vapor lacks the harmful substances contained in regular cigarettes you still shouldn’t be blowing it around children and some people, believe it or not, might be irritated by the vapor. It is rare but it does happen. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for taking advantage of vaping in places where you used to be able to smoke but be respectful about it. I get that non-smokers can be assholes about it, even outside and 10 meters away someone will always find an excuse to bitch about the smoke. Others will cough loudly to let you know they’re offended by it, those people are annoying passive aggressive idiots. I completely understand that but the more vapers act like douches about when and where they choose to vape the more likely the owners of establishments are to ban vaping inside. I like vaping but I dislike the vaping culture, it seems to primarily attract douchebags.

Get off your f**king phones for a moment…

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Lately one thing that has really drawn on my patience is phone people. You know that person who is always stuck to their mobile phone. A lot of people are guilty of this, I understand the importance of staying connected. I’ve pulled my phone out during a conversation to shoot a quick message to someone. It happens but when you’re talking to me I’m listening to you. If we’re having a conversation and you’re zoning out every five minutes into your Iphone what the fuck is the point of me even talking to you? It’s not only rude but down right disrespectful. It doesn’t happen often to me but when it does it pisses me off. Even worse than having it happen on a one to one basis is when you’re in a group, at a party say, and everyone is on their phone. In the past I’ve sent a group message from my phone saying ‘Get off your phones you anti-social fucks.’

People like this make me not want to own a mobile phone or use it only out of necessity, as little as possible. What is annoying is that you need a phone, it’s an inescapable convenience necessary to live anything resembling a life. What happened to just talking to people? Personally I even like getting emails but I’m not sitting next to you emailing people over drinks and not hearing half of what you’re saying. I usually end up telling them to talk to me when they’re done if I can be bothered at all by that point. People stress me out at times, not just this but a lot of little things. Annoying habits and the abandonment of common decency. If you can’t get your head out of your phone for five minutes then I don’t really want to talk to you at all.

It’s addicting, I know it is. I’ve seen people who never owned a phone for purposes of staying in contact suddenly turn into phone people when they get around to purchasing one of the newer models of smart phones. Even admitting it’s  an addiction and apologizing for the behaviour because to them it feels natural. I swear conversation is a dying art. I want to avoid becoming a phone drone. How bad is it when you almost get ran over in the street because you can’t take your eyes off of your damn phone. I’m not a Luddite at all really but this is ridiculous. When I get a phone I’m setting it so that after a certain time the only calls I can receive are from my girlfriend and immediate family, in case of emergencies. I’d rather just shut it off after 10pm though.

I’m calling bullshit.