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Facebook’s latest feature.

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Remember in school when you were given course work? A few of you reading this would have increased the font size to meet the 4 or 5 page requirement. I came across it a few days ago when someone posted something and it came in a larger font, bold, I believed it was a meme generator job or a new app for Facebook.

This was not the case. Now all your bullshit is displayed in a larger, bolder, font. It took me ten minutes to realise that the smaller your word count the larger the font. Your drama and bullshit is now received in bold type. You may feel as if your opinions hold more weight in a larger font.




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Never wanted it, always complained about it. Hate it even more so than ever. 

If you’ve been with me for some time you may remember me complaining how my ex fiancée went about coercing a drunk, younger, me into getting a Facebook. Or rather just setting it up for me…

There was a time when I was quite active on Facebook, when it was a tool which was useful to me. It allowed me to converse with my friends in America and more recently the ones in Brazil.

Of late I’ve not had much contact from any of the individuals I met during my travels. Friendships are ephemeral after all I guess. No me importa nada mas. It isn’t an issue, just that now I have no further use for Facebook. 

I’ll keep it as an alternative avenue of contact but I have no real use for it anymore. Half of the crap on there is click bait or politics. It’s just boring and I’m really growing to hate it with a passion. I still wish I had been firmer with my first answer which was, for the record, No.


Facebook, Charity, Nominations and not giving.

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I’m tired of Facebook, I really am. I’m not going to go the edgy teenager route and say I’m quitting only to return 24hrs later because what is the point. Annoying as it is Facebook is genuinely useful for communicating quickly with friends across the world. Hard to believe a Misanthrope has friends across the globe isn’t it? Anyway we’re not here to talk about myself or to debate the usefulness of Facebook, today I have a rather specific gripe. It has more to do with the idiots I know than Facebook itself…

Stop nominating me for things, I don’t care what it is. Ice bucket challenge or whatever the new fad is. I’m guessing half of those idiots don’t even know what ALS stands for. It’s nice to donate money to charity but what is it with this fetishistic posting of photographic evidence? It isn’t enough that one has donated, everyone must know about it. When I give money or food to the homeless guy near the station do we take a fucking selfie together for my friends to know about my good deed? Because what’s the point of doing good if nobody can see you doing it?

90% of the people donating are unaware of how much of their donations go to those who need them, forgetting charities have administration costs and sometimes line their own pockets in the process. Nobody is smart about this sort of thing anymore and it hurts my head to think about how stupid people can be sometimes. I’m not doing anything because somebody nominated me and I’m certainly not going to be guilted into donating what little I do have because everybody on Facebook will know if I don’t. This sort of passive-aggressive bullshit makes me hate people and feel negatively towards charitable organizations.

If I give money, I’ll do it on the street where it counts and do it wisely so my charity isn’t taken advantage of. My country has its own problems too, how about we get those homeless people off the streets and into accommodation first?

Get off your f**king phones for a moment…

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Lately one thing that has really drawn on my patience is phone people. You know that person who is always stuck to their mobile phone. A lot of people are guilty of this, I understand the importance of staying connected. I’ve pulled my phone out during a conversation to shoot a quick message to someone. It happens but when you’re talking to me I’m listening to you. If we’re having a conversation and you’re zoning out every five minutes into your Iphone what the fuck is the point of me even talking to you? It’s not only rude but down right disrespectful. It doesn’t happen often to me but when it does it pisses me off. Even worse than having it happen on a one to one basis is when you’re in a group, at a party say, and everyone is on their phone. In the past I’ve sent a group message from my phone saying ‘Get off your phones you anti-social fucks.’

People like this make me not want to own a mobile phone or use it only out of necessity, as little as possible. What is annoying is that you need a phone, it’s an inescapable convenience necessary to live anything resembling a life. What happened to just talking to people? Personally I even like getting emails but I’m not sitting next to you emailing people over drinks and not hearing half of what you’re saying. I usually end up telling them to talk to me when they’re done if I can be bothered at all by that point. People stress me out at times, not just this but a lot of little things. Annoying habits and the abandonment of common decency. If you can’t get your head out of your phone for five minutes then I don’t really want to talk to you at all.

It’s addicting, I know it is. I’ve seen people who never owned a phone for purposes of staying in contact suddenly turn into phone people when they get around to purchasing one of the newer models of smart phones. Even admitting it’s  an addiction and apologizing for the behaviour because to them it feels natural. I swear conversation is a dying art. I want to avoid becoming a phone drone. How bad is it when you almost get ran over in the street because you can’t take your eyes off of your damn phone. I’m not a Luddite at all really but this is ridiculous. When I get a phone I’m setting it so that after a certain time the only calls I can receive are from my girlfriend and immediate family, in case of emergencies. I’d rather just shut it off after 10pm though.

I’m calling bullshit.

The Fappening.

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Best name ever in my opinion. I hated that movie, I still refer to it as The Crappening. If you don’t know what the fappening is by now then you have probably been living under a rock. It’s the name for the huge leak of celebrity nudes from Apple’s Icloud. The photos of nude celebrities were leaked and the internet consequently had a shitfit. Mods and fappers alike worked around the clock to appease their sexual appetite or the lawyers depending on which side we’re talking about. I don’t know if there’s any truth to this but one Anon had mentioned that the loss in revenue from men who no longer have to sit through shitty movies to see their favourite stars tits and or ass. Apple did something right for once it would seem and anon may have had a point.

Then the SJW’s were up in arms about the invasion of privacy and photorape. Yes these people are deadly serious and, yes, I’m a total shitlord and the whole SJW movement is a sad joke that no one is laughing at anymore. I mean the invasion of privacy is a fair point but I’m sure those pictures become property of apple as soon as they’re uploaded to the cloud? I would say the most basic thing you could do in this situation is not take nudes or if you’re going to at least store them on a secure device that is in your ownership. I read somewhere that the trading of celebrity nudes had been going on for some time in private on the deep web, then someone in the ring decided to share with the rest of the world and the rest of the nudes were posted because they had been essentially devalued by being spread so widely about the internet. Pretty much like celeb nude trading cards. Whole sets were going for considerable sums of money.

I’m not really here to argue about celebrity and privacy, or the other moral/ethical questions posed by this leak because I really don’t care. I haven’t gone looking for them but I’ve seen three or four through secondary sources. I’m not really interested beyond laughing at the shit storm they caused all over the internet. It’s tits and ass, nothing I haven’t seen before. Why waste my time when I can, you know, just get laid. I felt like I was one of the few people who didn’t care two ways about the celebrity nudes. Everyone has been going on about them since zero hour. I think I actually went to bed early that night and woke up to the shitstorm.  One thing I found really amusing was the Daily (The world is burning) Mail calling 4chan everything under the sun. I’ve seen equally terrible shit on their rag.  One publication called 4chan the Mos Eisley cantina of the internet.

My point is this: 4chan has ruined lives. Some very deserving, others not so much. I mean the lives of terrible people and 14-year-old white girls alike. Nobody gave a shit when that happened, they shouldn’t have taken nudes etc. When it happens to a celebrity the white knights of the internet are up in arms with the SJW’s about how their rights were violated but they’ll resort to slut shaming some girl who took a couple of nudes for her boyfriend who leaked them. An innocent mistake. It serves her right for being an idiot they’ll say. Double standard much? If anything the celebrities, who are exposed to violations of their privacy regularly by the paparazzi, should know better or at least be aware of the possibilities that could arise from taking such images. It doesn’t make it any better but celebrities are not immune to stupidity. Just like you or I!

Another thing that really killed me was a US news outlet reporting that the photos were leaked by the hacker known as 4chan. There are only two words for this high standard of quality reporting: Epic Fail. It seems that the media is no more educated on the internet than it was 10 years ago.

I bet most of the aforementioned SJW’s and White knights have viewed the images extensively before jumping to defend the honor of their fair maidens.

You’ve come at a wonderful time.

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ixW2qXoWell I’ve hit a point now where I’m deeply internally angry and I’m much less likely to tolerate crap, things will annoy me. Without a doubt people will piss me off. From Celebrities, politicians to your average joe. If I browse reddit for around an hour I find something that makes me either roll my eyes or rage. Reddit is usually great for writing material, both the user-base and the content. I’ll definitely have enough misanthropy in me to write because at some point I had to stop drinking. It doesn’t solve anything. When things hit rock-bottom, and I mean really go to shit, sometimes all you can do is pour a good whiskey or open a beer. I’m sure it’s been depicted on-screen many times.  Alcohol? Is not the answer, in such shitty circumstances it is the question. Honestly I don’t even want to drink anymore now.

Remember the safe word, things are about to get interesting.

I’ll have whatever he’s smoking…

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Lately I’ve laughed a lot at this guy, he has a face that could be used for ten guy memes. That said he did have a meme made of him. The internet did a good job of that one too. I’m not actually sure whether he is deeply pained by all the worlds ills or just high as fuck. Could be either. He posted some bizarre quotes on twitter that are really something to marvel at. See below. (Background for dramatic effect)

I sit there laughing at these and I have to wonder whether he is dead serious about this stuff or this is a clever ruse because at times I’m really not sure. Thetan related perhaps? Anyway here’s a few more for your enjoyment. Some nuggets of pure wisdom right here.


dvnhb_jadensmithdumbtweet_12_765281 zbedx_jadensmithdumbtweet_06_765281 pkrbe_jadensmithdumbtweet_14_765281

jaden-smith-forehead-meme-6At first I was skeptical but it’s gotten to the point where I laugh to hard to question any of it. It’s just incredibly lulzy philosophy from a 15-year-old. I wonder how long until he leaves this realm and transcends to a higher plane on account of being too deep for any of us to fully comprehend…

It’s time…
Edit: If you have the time or the patience go onto his twitter for more. It really is something else. I just came across another article about him calling him the Fresh Prince of Bullshit. I had to share that.