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Myself and my entire team were high as fuck today from 10am right through to 6pm. I recently gave an ex colleague and producer of e-liquids some chemistry advice and he came to my co-worker and mutual friend with a proof of concept cannabis e-liquid. It worked a charm, a high like hashish and almost no odour.
My manager was smoking it in front of the CEO of the company and she didn’t say a thing, no odour. We mixed flavourings to cover up any odour and I’d say that it worked. Conversations were had about Leonardo da Vinci’s works so it’s kinda obvious people were high. 2deep4u.

Actually I’m still smoking it as I write. The flavour and buzz are all there but the odour is strangely absent. All they can smell is strawberry and vanilla. I’m actually vaping it with 6mg nicotine to give it a kick. I’ve already worked on the chemistry to increase potency and decrease contamination so the next batch should be powerful.

We even did a blind test, accidentally in a way as just when we were about to inform the subject he could end up high my manager chimes in with ‘no you won’t get high off it’ needless to say he ate a huge meal at lunch and went home early, probably to rethink his life.

My other co-worker was smoking it like Bob Marley despite the fact she doesn’t smoke cannabis at all. It was quite funny to watch her play with a water bottle for half an hour. Another co worker was staring at his computer for a good 30 mins. I was searching for a word for my manager and when I found it what felt like 20mins was actually two.

It was a slow but interesting day at my work today. I thought you might enjoy the story. I should write again soon, I’ll get back to you with more as soon as possible.



Silly boy.

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Everything is done barring the dinner. Now I remember that a few years ago, at the height of my debauchery, I drank and smoked my way through the flu. This is not a recommended course of action but it did make me feel better. It worked or at least it felt like it did…

So here we are again years later, financially better off, with the flu and here I am considering the same course of action because honestly I am done with the flu right now. This course of action will certainly relieve my suffering in the short term and any lasting effects can be blamed on my illness.

I might as well enjoy my day. All I’m doing now is that weird thing that women do where you don’t have the funds but you’re shopping in advance.

Fuck it, here I go again.


The moment of clarity.

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It’s been a strange few days for me, I’ve had a strange degree of clarity regarding my current situation. Maybe it’s that I haven’t been drinking and my tests came back fine. Maybe it’s because I’m not stressed with a relationship? (I loved her a lot but believe me you have no fucking clue.) I don’t know but I’ve arrived here.

You know the self improvement stage after a relationship ends? The one I probably should have reached months ago? I’m finally there. I don’t know if it’s the sheer amount of caffeine, lack of alcohol or whatever but suddenly I’m hyper aware and hyper-motivated.

That’s probably the reason I’m awake at this hour and still active. I always did enjoy the night. I’ve spent the evening organising my life which I’ll get into in my next post. I’ve been eating a lot healthier and I’m back to smoking the ecig because the financial and health benefits seem like a no brainer.

I miss her, I really do. Every time I see a plane overhead I wonder if she’s on it and I wonder if she thinks about me. Then I steel myself with the assurance that none of it matters. I’ve learned many lessons from that woman, both good and bad. I intend to use them to my advantage.

I’m not sad so much as determined now. I don’t have time for sadness and self pity. To paraphrase Palahnuik:

This is my life and it’s ending one moment at a time.

I’m also noticing other women a lot more, I guess I’m craving physical attention. It’s been a while. I’m mainly focuses on myself and organising this cluster fuck. I’m not looking for a relationship but I’m definitely open to the possibility.

I remembered today that I was always more of a smoker than a drinker. It makes more sense to drink less and buy better alcohol for my enjoyment. I’ve always preferred smoking cannabis. It’s a nicer evening. No stupidity, negative emotions or hangovers. I’m going to smoke more than drink but even that must have limits.

On the subject of drugs, I really miss acid. I really want a woman I can do that sort of thing with, it’s an intense emotional bonding experience. I’m also really getting into black coffee again as a matter of preference.

I’ve found myself a few decent job vacancies I have to apply for this evening. I really need to get off universal credit. As a general rule I would not buy a console or game until such time has passed that all bugs are worked out. Universal credit is still in beta it seems and as you’d expect it is a complete cluster fuck.

I need to get off it as soon as possible. In short, I’m doing much better. This moment of clarity was absolutely vital. I’m enjoying sobriety, this is going to have to be a regular occurance. Vice is vice but it must be controlled, I really don’t feel comfortable with the concept of becoming a complete wastrel.


Back on the E-cigarette.

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I’m smoking my ecig again, no point in having spent money on the thing if I do not use it. Brought myself lime and coffee flavour liquids. Should last me the week and save me a large amount of money.  

The other thing is that I’m able to smoke it wherever I want within my work place. I can smoke and get my work done without interruption. Everybody wins.

Round three. Fight?


Vaping and the community.

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No, not weed. I’m talking about E-cigarettes. You may remember my initial concerns about them and how I said I didn’t quite trust them, I changed my mind on that recently and I’ve been using one for a while. They are pretty good, same satisfaction etc. Though I’m convinced there must be some danger like a flaking heating element or maybe some microparticle issue they have to be safer than normal cigarettes. I’ve done some reading for both sides of the debate and even seen the tobacco industry’s response to it whether that be investment or failing miserably to tout their own inferior versions of the product. I think it is much too soon for any scientific study of the health effects, these things haven’t been around long enough. Sure one could point to the quality control issues among other things but any adverse health effects are just theory at the moment. It’s a gamble I’m willing to take.

The point of this post, all that aside, is the vaping community. Known as ‘Vapers’ or ‘Vapists’ which if heard wrong could lead to a punch in the face. First off I don’t understand the whole concept of a subculture based on vaporizing nicotine, like 420 without the cannabis. Personally I find it lame. To base yourself around your usage of a product/drug is just sad. The second thing is, yes, we know you vape but you don’t have to be an asshole about it. There are certain places you wouldn’t smoke in if you have any kind of common decency and the same should go for vaping, an example of this is restaurants unless they specifically state that it is okay to smoke inside. That is becoming a rarity. I can understand wanting to vape in bars and many of the owners are pretty cool about it, you just have to be respectful and ask.

Even if vapor lacks the harmful substances contained in regular cigarettes you still shouldn’t be blowing it around children and some people, believe it or not, might be irritated by the vapor. It is rare but it does happen. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for taking advantage of vaping in places where you used to be able to smoke but be respectful about it. I get that non-smokers can be assholes about it, even outside and 10 meters away someone will always find an excuse to bitch about the smoke. Others will cough loudly to let you know they’re offended by it, those people are annoying passive aggressive idiots. I completely understand that but the more vapers act like douches about when and where they choose to vape the more likely the owners of establishments are to ban vaping inside. I like vaping but I dislike the vaping culture, it seems to primarily attract douchebags.

Quitting smoking-ish Day 5

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I say quitting smoking-ish because although I’m not smoking cigarettes I’m still vaping nicotine so I guess it isn’t really quitting. I’m well and truly addicted to nicotine which is not something I’m entirely comfortable with. Could be worse, right? It’s actually surprisingly satisfying despite the fact it is not a cigarette. I’ve begun screwing around with the flavours mixing rum and coconut for a malibu type flavour. It’s not bad actually. I have so much e-liquid I’m stocked for a few months. I’m hoping I’ll see the effect of cutting out some of the chemicals and byproducts associated with smoking, at the same time I’m hoping these E-cigarettes have no health issues in store for me.

Not bad so far… Not bad at all.

Quitting smoking.

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It’s about time I quit smoking, this would be my second attempt. It’ll be good for me to quit but yeah I’m not even going to bother with something like champix, I rarely experience the side effects of medications but with champix I wouldn’t even risk it. I know I said¬† before that I was concerned about the hazards of the E-cigarette and its lack of regulation but it seems I’ve found a safe retailer and well made liquids. I wish I had the equipment to test the content of the liquids for myself but unfortunately I don’t. So here goes I guess. It’s an interesting little thing, essentially a vaporizer used for smoking marijuana but somebody had the bright idea of putting liquid containing nicotine in it.

One thing I’m quite taken by thus far is the flavours. Coffee, Lemonade and other flavours I enjoy. Takes the sting off of missing the other chemicals and byproducts of combustion found in normal cigarettes. It’s oddly satisfying, and so far I am pleased with the results. I also liked the idea of being able to smoke in public places and not out in the rain but we’ll see how long that lasts. I’m reasoning to myself that not going out every hour for a smoke will in some way increase my general efficiency in many of my endeavors. We’ll see how that holds up into the month. One thing I know for sure is that it’ll save me a shit ton of money. I’m quite pleased with that.