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She’s got a nickname.

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In the rare situation that I meet a girl I like and we get to know each other/become good friends or more I usually end up giving her a nickname. It’s a subtle affection really, only three women in my entire life have been given nicknames and one is no longer a part of my life so that’s down to two. This isn’t something I do regularly is my point. I’ve never received a negative reaction from it and they all loved it in someway or another. I think that’s my way of denoting that they are special to me or I really care about them.

First there’s Red, a lovely redheaded Irish girl who has been through her fair share of crap and loneliness in her hunt for someone special. There was definitely a romantic interest there but to sum it up I’m loyal to a fault and due to circumstance it would be a big no-no. I still care about her though, she’s there for me which I appreciate and I have always done the same. She recently embarked on a relationship with a decent guy whom I’m confident will be good to her. I won’t have to beat him until he’s a vegetable which is nice. She’s a kind, innocent girl and if I can help it I won’t let some asshole turn her into a cynical bastard like me. All in all I’m very happy for her and I wish her the best.

Then there is kittycat. I call her that because when she smiles the edges of her lips turn upward slightly like a cat. She’s also a great girl who carries a great deal with her but hasn’t let it destroy her. She likes me, there’s a definite romantic interest there. It’s also quite cute to see her reaction when I call her kittycat, she blushes, smiles then usually calls me names in Spanish but we both know she loves it. I’m lucky to have her in my life, she’s been a great friend and so much more. I can’t say enough good things about her. Her sense of humor is amazing and yeah speaking with her can be the highlight of my day. Maybe I’m a little more enamored than I first realized.

I’ve never seen anything wrong with giving a girl a nickname, especially if they like it but apparently some women find it offensive, am I really that old-fashioned? Well if it’s offensive to show a verbal display of affection then I guess I’m offensive. If you’re reading this seething with rage and while clasping at feminist literature then you should probably blog about how the cis gendered white male is oppressing women with his affections and after that get a life.

Brb, checking muh privilege.


AM Hates: Katie Hopkins and so does everyone else!

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Sometimes you look at someone on the television and think ‘Why are you expressing your opinion in front of an audience, what makes you so special, what the fuck do you do?’

This is why I’m not big on television, if I had lived in America I might have reached for the nearest gun and fired two shots into my TV in rage and disgust. (Always double tap.) Apparently all you have to do nowadays is win The Apprentice. (Edit: She didn’t even win it.) I didn’t know of this poor excuse for a human being until around about 12hrs ago and my life was richer for it. I’ve never heard so much shit from one person in all of my life. I spent about 10 minutes wondering if she was just a gimmick, there for shock value like Simon Cowell. That said at least Cowell is funny with it and has a good idea what he’s talking about. It’s almost like she tries to drop knowledge and truths on us during these discussions but she just reveals herself to be a terrible human being.

Firstly I’d like to say I feel sorry for her children. Work comes first and they all share one birthday at a convenient time for her and one cake? You can be an asshole to many people in your life but to your kids, that’s something else. I verily dislike this woman. She’s the kind of person who takes shots at people and groups for the sake of it. She was saying how she wouldn’t hire someone who is fat or has a tattoo and that she won’t allow her children to socialize with other children based on their economic class and name. She’s just a prick of a human being. It comes to something when you go onto Google, search her ‘Katie Hopkins Should…’ and the first two suggestions are ‘be shot/die.’ Some people try so hard to be controversial they just end up being annoying, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to punch a woman in the face before…

I was going to write a long post about her but I don’t feel like getting irritated by her any longer, in a recent karmic shift she lost her column, unfortunately she’s still on the Today Show. There’s a reason I don’t watch that crap, now I will just instantly change the channel. How is she even on TV she may be business minded but she’s most of the things I hate in a person. One thing I’m comforted by is the fact that people like this come and go, we find them funny eventually, then they give us someone to hate and after that they burn out altogether. The sooner the better. I think the lesson we can learn from Katie Hopkins, as a society, is:

If you actually feel like viewing this deplorable excuse for a human being yourself look at her twitter page of ignorance or just Google her. I’d say she’s not worth the energy but this is a spectacle indeed. Really something you have to see for yourself. She’s about as pleasing to the eye as she is to the ears so avoid an Image search unless you really must. I can help wanting to slap the dumb fuck who impregnated¬† this piece of human detritus. I feel bad for those poor kids must be like North Korea at home. I mean I know some people’s work comes before their children, I find that wrong personally but even those people don’t let their work affect their children’s birthdays. Their parents may be absent but the kids still have their own personal day. How must those kids feel when their friends ask them and they have to explain that they all share one birthday? Their friends inform them this isn’t normal and they are instantly weird.

It’s sad but those kids will probably end up alienated because their mother is a bitch, hopefully they’ll grow up to hate her just like everybody else does. Bitch is unsuited to have children, if she wasn’t paid like she is social services might removed those damn kids from her custody and give them to their father. Sometimes mother doesn’t know best.

Alpha Misanthropos Hates: Justin Bieber.

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Remember I said I had a spot reserved for someone special?

This little fucker has been misbehaving lately, I’ve began to wonder if he’ll go the way of other childhood stars but as much delight as I’d take from that I’d hate to give him the attention. Lets face it, the talentless brat doesn’t deserve it.¬†(Don’t worry too much, his musical career is over till he gets short of cash.) At first he was a mildly irritating child star but he’s growing into an even bigger embarrassment. I saw in the news that he had speeding tickets in Dubai and really hoped they’d cut off a limb or something but nope, he gets away with being an idiot because he’s famous. A lot of stars do that but at least they’re mildly entertaining about it. Justin just doesn’t make that cut.

People might be thinking, hold up, this is a bit strong isn’t it? Fans of the corporate sexless man-child might say I’m a hater. Guess what, you’re right! One thing that doesn’t comfort me is that, with time, all things either wither or cease to be relevant.I can’t believe he’s getting away with his recent stunt though, the kid could do with some time in jail. Might sort him out. Recently I read about him spitting at fans too and vandalizing a picture of President Clinton. Surely this little fucker needs to be punished, if some judge doesn’t rain his ass in he’ll end up dead before he’s 30. Which I’m also okay with…

The talentless little prick needs knocking down a few…

Idiots, social networking, society, celebrity and the individual.

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An idiot I have the displeasure of knowing recently posted to Facebook regarding the death of Nelson Mandela. I’m usually one for the whole ‘X died, who gives a damn’ thing. A shining example of me being a good human being is the death of the actor from the Fast and the Furious films. I really don’t care beyond wondering if it was ironic or consequential. The films were bad and so were the actors. It’s unfortunate but it is what happens when you dick around in machines at high speeds. Don’t take that as malice because it isn’t. I’m kind of irritated by the whole thing because I saw maybe one mention of the stunt driver who also died. Am I an asshole or is the majority made up of terrible individuals who fetishise celebrities to the point where the death of a non celebrity in the seat next to him is of little consequence regardless of the fact that you could probably relate to him more than Paul Walker.

I went just a little off track but not entirely off topic. The idiot I was referring to earlier posted something along the lines of:

‘What is wrong with people posting all of this Nelson Mandela stuff, he’s dead, get over it. He has no affiliation to you or any influence on yourself or your life so stop putting up posts you retards.’

Now normally I might agree with him had he been talking about a celebrity or whomever but this is Nelson Mandela and he may have no real influence on your life but he has achieved much in his time. I mean even if we are to take this whole thing down to a base level compare the achievements of an idiot who makes idiotic and baseless comments over Facebook to the achievements of a man who was once a president, a man who made a difference. His achievements are too long to list and yours include looking like a fucking retard for all to see over the internet.

As a white male. Yes I checked my privilege. Nelson Mandela’s work may not have personally affected me but I can still look at a great achievement and say that the man did good with his 95 years on this planet which is more than I can say for most. If anything Mandela lived a meaningful life that benefited many and if there were a final judgement I’m pretty sure he’d do just fine. I can’t decide whether this is a commentary on society and its obsession with celebrity, an obituary, or a stark reminder that your stupidity and ignorance does not provide you an opportunity to bitch about something you obviously have zero understanding of.

I can’t believe I know this person… Other than that I’m really not surprised by any of this.

Oranjeboom, alcohol and public drinking.

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Somebody once told me they’d never tried a good Dutch beer, I didn’t really agree or disagree seeing as I’ve had some passable dutch beer in my time. I remembered a brand of beer I recognized my father drinking all those years ago. It was called Oranjeboom. I don’t often drink lighter beers but if I’m going to drink something light and refreshing I’ll definitely spend a night drinking this stuff and since I rediscovered it I have done.
There’s a little visual aid for class. If you can get a hold of this where you are give it a go. It’s a lot better than most of the shit on the shelves at your local Off-License, Liquor store or wherever you purchase your alcohols. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on tap at bars or pubs. It is usually a little more expensive than other larger/beers and priced a little higher too. Money to match quality I guess. No real hangover. A good all-rounder really.

While we’re on the subject of beer I find the whole no public drinking law bullshit, I don’t know if any of you are remotely common enough to drink a beer during a long walk on a summer’s day. Well now I am legally not allowed to do at risk of a fine all because of a few idiots. I occasionally enjoy drinking in public, I’m never belligerently drunk and I don’t cause trouble while I drink. I just drink and now because of a few assholes anyone that wants to drink a beer in the park or wherever is suddenly a criminal.

Idiots and a Nanny State… great combination.