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She’s got a nickname.

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In the rare situation that I meet a girl I like and we get to know each other/become good friends or more I usually end up giving her a nickname. It’s a subtle affection really, only three women in my entire life have been given nicknames and one is no longer a part of my life so that’s down to two. This isn’t something I do regularly is my point. I’ve never received a negative reaction from it and they all loved it in someway or another. I think that’s my way of denoting that they are special to me or I really care about them.

First there’s Red, a lovely redheaded Irish girl who has been through her fair share of crap and loneliness in her hunt for someone special. There was definitely a romantic interest there but to sum it up I’m loyal to a fault and due to circumstance it would be a big no-no. I still care about her though, she’s there for me which I appreciate and I have always done the same. She recently embarked on a relationship with a decent guy whom I’m confident will be good to her. I won’t have to beat him until he’s a vegetable which is nice. She’s a kind, innocent girl and if I can help it I won’t let some asshole turn her into a cynical bastard like me. All in all I’m very happy for her and I wish her the best.

Then there is kittycat. I call her that because when she smiles the edges of her lips turn upward slightly like a cat. She’s also a great girl who carries a great deal with her but hasn’t let it destroy her. She likes me, there’s a definite romantic interest there. It’s also quite cute to see her reaction when I call her kittycat, she blushes, smiles then usually calls me names in Spanish but we both know she loves it. I’m lucky to have her in my life, she’s been a great friend and so much more. I can’t say enough good things about her. Her sense of humor is amazing and yeah speaking with her can be the highlight of my day. Maybe I’m a little more enamored than I first realized.

I’ve never seen anything wrong with giving a girl a nickname, especially if they like it but apparently some women find it offensive, am I really that old-fashioned? Well if it’s offensive to show a verbal display of affection then I guess I’m offensive. If you’re reading this seething with rage and while clasping at feminist literature then you should probably blog about how the cis gendered white male is oppressing women with his affections and after that get a life.

Brb, checking muh privilege.


Re-post. No, not the reddit kind…

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In retrospect airing my personal problems on the internet isn’t the smartest of ideas, going into details without fully explaining the Trilogy to you all would be pointless. All I can say is I’m hurt, quite badly actually. I hit a point where I didn’t think your heart could break twice. We all make mistakes but some are definitely worse than others. Careful deception implies a direct intent to deceive. I was always taught that you’re honest with the people you love. Turns out this is not always the case.  A volatile reaction to such a grand deception was a given. Honestly I’m not proud of the things I said but what’s done is done. The offer to fix things was sweet, really, but coating a blade in honey doesn’t make the wound any less painful.

I’d play as though I’m alright but the fact that I was drinking beer at 5am because I couldn’t sleep determines that was a lie. I guess it was a manly and acceptable form of a break down, well fuckin’ bravo me. I’ve never shook with anger before in my life. In fact before all this I don’t think I knew what anger was. I drank way too much and smoked cigarettes just sitting there for a while. I can’t let my life stop because of it. I’m just focusing on not falling into depression because it just isn’t worth it.  Depression helps nobody. I guess I’ve learned a lesson from all this. It sucks but pain is the best educator. Just to think, all of this pain could have been avoided by telling the truth, even a bitter truth. Sometimes I wonder if people will ever learn.

The most insulting thing is, that for a second there she thought I was stupid.

David ‘1984’ Cameron.

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Hello again readers, today I’m going to be writing about a special individual. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom: David Cameron. By all accounts a complete wanker. I once saw a wiki-leaks cable where the Central Intelligence Agency said something along the lines of  ‘An ineffective and indecisive leader.’ Good old CIA bang on, as per usual. If the NSA is reading this please pass a message onto the CIA for me? You didn’t have to spend all that money and use all that technology when I could have told you this after the first year of his reign as glorious overlord of the British government. Now usually this posh wanker is politically impotent and I really can’t say he’s done anything for anyone in his time as PM but his latest stunt would make Hitler, Stalin and Mao so proud.

You may remember my ‘dey turk our porn’ post from a while back, well this is the evolution of the bullshit we thought that we as a nation had put to rest. Cameron is redoubling his efforts and trying to pass the same law under the guise of tackling terrorism and extremism. For our safety! 1984 anyone?
This should be the last straw, dare I say that we were better off under Blair, I know I’m not voting for anything or anyone that supports censorship under the guise of protection. I will vote for anything or anyone that gets this idiot out of office. How is he even in office? He’s a posh wanker who is so out of touch with the realities of the common man that it isn’t even funny. Only under our current government could you be arrested for comments you made over the internet… We’re a country slowly being stripped of our freedoms.

scumbag cameron

I hear many people say write to your MP but is there really any point when they don’t address the question you’re asking, skirt around it and treat you like an idiot. If your local MP is conservative there’s no fucking point putting pen to paper because why would they concern themselves with opinions of the unwashed masses? Once they have your vote they cease to give a fuck about your opinion entirely. The next election cannot come around fast enough. I mean voting conservative is great if you’re middle class/upper class and have plenty of money but if you’re not either of those things you might as well grab the nearest phallic object and sodomize yourself with it repeatedly because that’s basically what you’re doing by voting for these  people.

A lot of people wonder why my generation are uninterested in politics and for the first time in my life I can say I understand it. What’s the point of playing a losing game? You vote for nationalists you get Nazis, you vote for conservatives you get the beginnings of a totalitarian regime, you vote for Liberal Democrats you get political impotence. Who is left to vote for that actually has a chance of winning. I wonder if the Monster Raving Looney Party are still on ballot papers?

Sorry, ranting a little bit there. No, I’m not sorry. I’m genuinely pissed off. They’re doing this because ‘hurr durr extremism’ but I’m pretty sure our nations security services were doing just fine dealing with it before someone had the bright idea to censor the last bastion of free press. This whole censorship idea is unnecessary and frankly disgusting. They are basically censoring contrary opinions and as nasty and as much as I disagree with them I will defend these assholes rights to express them. If we allow this then when does it stop? How far do these powers reach?
How long will it be before we cannot express our disdain against for our government before being thrown into work camps or re-education. Does it end before or after we live in a police state resembling George Orwell’s classic 1984?

Somebody send this idiot a copy of that book and make him read to see if he can draw the parallels that everyone else has. Back to what I was previously saying. If someone posts an extremist viewpoint on Reddit or 4chan then will big brother block these websites too? These powers are a little far-reaching for my liking, maybe they’ll even use these new powers to silence political opponents or who knows. All I know is that this cannot be allowed to happen for the sake of the freedom and my country. I hope that maybe the EU will step in a do something about this because in a word, this is just wrong. The quicker this Stalin wannabe is kicked out of office the better or I might end up in a gulag for this post.

I thought I saw a tear roll down Kim-Jong-Un’s cheek.

Oranjeboom, alcohol and public drinking.

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Somebody once told me they’d never tried a good Dutch beer, I didn’t really agree or disagree seeing as I’ve had some passable dutch beer in my time. I remembered a brand of beer I recognized my father drinking all those years ago. It was called Oranjeboom. I don’t often drink lighter beers but if I’m going to drink something light and refreshing I’ll definitely spend a night drinking this stuff and since I rediscovered it I have done.
There’s a little visual aid for class. If you can get a hold of this where you are give it a go. It’s a lot better than most of the shit on the shelves at your local Off-License, Liquor store or wherever you purchase your alcohols. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on tap at bars or pubs. It is usually a little more expensive than other larger/beers and priced a little higher too. Money to match quality I guess. No real hangover. A good all-rounder really.

While we’re on the subject of beer I find the whole no public drinking law bullshit, I don’t know if any of you are remotely common enough to drink a beer during a long walk on a summer’s day. Well now I am legally not allowed to do at risk of a fine all because of a few idiots. I occasionally enjoy drinking in public, I’m never belligerently drunk and I don’t cause trouble while I drink. I just drink and now because of a few assholes anyone that wants to drink a beer in the park or wherever is suddenly a criminal.

Idiots and a Nanny State… great combination.