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Sunday 2: Ranted (R)

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It’s Sunday again and in a few hours, while half of Britain is violently masturbating to Songs of praise I will be fucking bored out of my mind as on any normal Sunday. The fact that Sunday is shit coupled with my fucking oven dying on me and having no money means that this Sunday will be especially shit, a Sunday of Sundays if you will. If my friend is busy with his girlfriend and my significant other is busy I am what is known as fucked.

I’m reviewing for you and myself what I can do tomorrow. The weather is shit which has never stopped me before but my friends are also shit which has stopped me many-a-time, so going out is a no. I have no money so anything involving money including eating a nice meal or getting drunk off my ass is out of the question. I began considering kicking children but alas there are none around and I’m told that it’s cruel and the screams are not of enjoyment but pain. The TV is a pile of wank as always. Why do you even have to pay to view it. It isn’t like there’s ever anything on unless you’re fond of jersey shore or shitty soaps that are, for some reason, a national favorite.

There’s fuck all to do except grill chicken, at least there’s the internet with all of it’s idiots, pornography and cat videos. What a good time that’ll be. I can watch porn while laughing at cats, give me a bottle of cider, some cheap cigarettes and fake designer clothes and I’ll just join the unwashed masses who have no idea what voting is let alone how to vote. The furthest ahead they can plan is to try to tell me they need a pound to see their daughter in hospital.

This man was obviously lying to me so I said if that was my daughter was hospitalized I wouldn’t be stopping to beg for change. I’d be hauling ass down to the hospital. By the way I’m not that much of a dick, I know he was lying because this is a regular thing. I straight away tell him to fuck off when he asks me for money nowadays.

I guess the point of this post is that tomorrow is going to be one hell of a shitty day. I’m writing this to reveal to you a microcosm of my shitty existence right now. If it wasn’t for the lucky lady who  puts up with my shit I’d have gone crazy a long time ago. I’d like to have kids but I’m really not ready yet but when I am and they arrive I’m keeping them far away from this shit-hole. I’ll tell them stories about it before bed and they’ll wake me up with nightmares about Burberry-clad chavs chugging liter after liter of cider and trying to ‘borrow’ a cigarette from you.

When the time comes and I have enough money I think I’m going to do something special every Sunday. Later in life I think I will take Sundays to do something special with my children. Their mother is going to make them go to church till they’re 18 as a sort of tradition until they’re old enough to make their own decision. Which is when I will turn them to the dark side. Nobody should have to wake up that early on a Sunday, not even god if he’s there listening. I might take them for ice-cream or all of us for a meal. We also agreed that our children will attend no church activities without their mother because I’m uncomfortable with the prospect of my children being molested. Misanthropy= distrust+News reports=No fucking way.

Since we’re on this subject, family life is different in America. At least in the middle class. I love how family will go out for meals. The American family is still pretty strong compared to here. I enjoy the closeness for the most part. It awesome that these people can and want to spend time together. It’s nice. I have no contact with most of my immediate family and all my extended family. I wouldn’t change that though. Coming from a lower class background I am instantly better off in America. The money goes further and family don’t need to live by the paycheck. It’s nice to be able to want something and have the change in your pocket to go get it.

If I don’t change it Sunday will forever be a shitty day in my mind, as soon as I have the power I will change that. It looks like my Sunday will be full of guitar. At least it’s productive. That and the company of the lucky woman who gets to hear my bitch about my day should get me by. This has been a weird rant and thanks for sticking with me through laughing, cringing or being outright offended. All this bullshit and I can’t even have a damn cigarette.


My peers make my skull hurt and I live in a grave-pit of industry.

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This is what I need. I hope he has an ipod too.

This would be perfect right about now.

Today I awoke on a Sunday. Which usually means a crappy day of nothing. I usually detest Sundays for many reasons. No matter where I am Sunday still seems to suck. It seems like whatever way I go about it Sundays are always crap. This Sunday was different, I went downstairs for coffee and a cigarette and then set out for a short walk to the shops. It seemed like an okay Sunday. It could have even been a good one but then a friend showed up. I took it upon myself to get clean and change and go out. I told them him to give me 20mins. I only took 10mins and went outside to meet them. They went to another friend’s place who lives about 2 doors away. This is where it gets bad and our story begins.

I enter my friend’s house and there is now three of us. We were talking about some music and comedy just light conversation and banter they started talking about music. Of course not my kind of music but still some of it was interesting. Then out of nowhere they start talking about fucking X-Factor and this went on for about 15mins, as if it couldn’t get any worse they went on youtube and started to watch the X-Factor auditions for over an hour. With this and my other friend jerking it over his new TV I really couldn’t handle it so I left.

I don’t know what drives three men and one girlfriend to watch X-Factor. I would totally expect that of the girlfriend but of the two other guys in the room. Mind= Blown. I just couldn’t sit and watch one more X-Factor. A while later the first friend and his girlfriend came back to my place and again I went out. Mainly because I didn’t want them in my place on this day. We talk outside my house for just over ten minutes then they leave to see another friend. This guy just happens to be friends of my old friend who I no longer talk too.

All the while my woman is on a family road trip so the contact is minimal. An emergency caused some unforeseen circumstances for me. As I’ve mentioned before the guy I don’t talk was a good friend but he has many problems. One of those is not being able to deal with conflict and getting issues solved. He’s pretty avoidant of his problems in general. So If I went around there I doubt he’d stay or in the unlikely event that he did he would sit in silence or just huff and puff until he left. It wasn’t worth me going really so I didn’t which means I ended up stuck inside.

I had hoped that just relaxing at home would be good and for a time it was, then came dinner time and I haven’t restocked on food so it was some chicken in bread. Not even a sandwich. That was my oversight, it just made today that little bit shittier. I go up to my room because by now I’m just about done. After a few hours I emerged from the pit that is my bedroom. A mess of wires, guitars, game systems, extension chords and all manner of crap. It isn’t much but it’s my personal space I suppose. I used to have a spot where I’d go sit and think.

A little hill in a large industrial area on the outskirts of London. A  wonderful place, elevated, windy and overlooking the skeleton of by gone industry in the area. It was always a nice place to be, to clear my head, because some times it’s nice to be alone. Escaping from life and taking a step back like that is always nice. That hill is now on the back of a school, with screaming 16 year olds now. I sometimes miss the old days.

Later on I get onto my computer and through Facebook of all things I have to contact my friend and his girlfriend who left for the other friend’s place. I don’t understand how I need to use Facebook to contact a friend nowadays. The worst part is that this sort of crap is so ingrained now that I didn’t even think to call him instead. Damn I really hate Facebook. I asked how he was doing and if I came up because of obviously that information would be in my interest to know but he says he doesn’t get involved.

These three guys bullshit and gossip like either women or gay men. Telling me nothing was said in front of him and he doesn’t get involved is only a half truth. I know things have been said but no details. I can ask the other friend directly and probably receive a lie or an omission. I appreciate his need to stay neutral in affairs but you’d think a good friend would tell me with the assurance that I will not act on any information I recieve. Still I got nothing.

To round of my shitty Sunday I ate an onion and pepper omelet with toast and tea. It isn’t much but it was just about the highpoint of my day. My peers hurt my skull. Maybe it’s because I’m different. Not in a look at me I’m such a unique snowflake way. Mainly that I really don’t fit in with many of my peers. I mean I can talk, drink, laugh and have a normal conversation with them. I’ll say it but I’ll never really feel it. When some of my friends talk I feel as if I’m just adding to a conversation but am in no way invested in it. It sucks really because I’ve lost a friend whom I could talk to properly, I don’t want to have conversations about football transfers or the fucking X-Factor.

Another thing was that when I logged onto Facebook, my old pool of friends, ex-friends and other people I know or once knew were talking about a shameful TV show called ‘The Only Way Is Essex.’
One has posted that TOWIE is bullshit. I respond with ‘You don’t say.’
He then responds with a negative comment about my time in America and that despite it’s flaws I love the USA. I replied to him saying that he bitches about America but he consumes a large amount of USA based or inspired media. I bet him that his favourite shows are mostly American. I got a like and no response. I had agreed with him in the first place and he still took a little friendly shot at me. Why? What was the point…because of the crowd? I don’t understand.

Maybe things have always been this way and lately I’ve been running on such a high that I didn’t notice. Looks like we’ve hit a low now and I’m just starting to remember how much my peers piss me off and what a hopeless place I live in. It’s not far from the river and it littered with the skeletons of big and local industries. I live in a hopeless shit-hole. Things used to be better, they constantly try to spruce up and revive the area to no avail, wasting money on crap like flowers to line roads and a fucking set of metal poles with blue lights on them, meant to create the effect of driving in the fucking sky. No wonder this place is a graveyard. Because we’re so close to London despite our shitty standards of living things are still too expensive. I saw a damn can of Rockstar Energy for £2.50 or around about $5. That’s crazy.

Things are shitty lately and I have to find a way out of this pit. I really need to get away from here.

Olympic Madness.

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I recently saw a newspaper article about an olympic spectator with Parkinson disease who was arrested by officers of the Surrey police force for not smiling in a disproportionate response to a perceived threat. Are we really that paranoid right now?

I supposed our paranoia is warranted judging by another news report I read about a man sneaking de-activated weaponry through olympic security to prove its flaws.  This man, arrested by police is an ex-soldier and martial arts instructor aged 54 who hardly fits the bill for a terrorist. Especially the current breed. Why didn’t the police just pull him aside and ask him if he was alright, I’m sure that would be sufficient to tell if he harbored any ill will.

Then I read that the man had a number of knives on him which turned out to be rubber and for display, presumably for martial arts purposes. So first I ask myself why the harsh response from police but then I wonder why he would think it a good idea to take rubber knives into an olympic event. What damage could he do with a rubber knife?
Bear in mind the only description I got was a ‘Rubber knives for display purposes.’

I’m not sure what is more idiotic, the response of the police or the guy bringing rubber knives into a major event with him, I’m not going to forgive him because of Parkinson’s because bringing rubber knives into an olympic event is not a symptom. Then again how far has his Parkinson’s progressed, not far if he is going to major sporting events alone. I know Parkinson’s can cause someone to act differently than normal but it looks like in a major sporting event that unusual behaviour can cause you to be arrested.

I went into this thinking the police over-reacted but now I’m not 100% sure of the either side. Either way the whole situation is madness.

Olympic Bitching.

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We are not Amused.

London 2012 Olympics, Our Verdict: Not Amused.

Here I am again bitching about the 2012 Olympics. I slept through our ‘historic’ opening ceremony due to alcohol consumption but from what I saw, it looked like a scene from Lord Of  The Rings. The other thing I took away from it is that James Bond and some fireworks can make anyone forget that our country is in shit creek without a paddle.

Any economic benefit from the games is only temporary, once the games are over London will again fade to obscurity on the world stage, the new buildings will be rarely used and they’ll cut most of the olympic work force. So while you’re enjoying the games we’ve spent £24bn in order to show off to the world while ignoring our real problems. That £24bn is ten times that of the original budget. Why could we not have given the games to some other country and admit we can’t afford it.

At the end of the day the common man suffers, all the prices have gone up along the olympic route. The little shit hole I call home has gotten increasingly expensive to live in. Everyone I know is currently experiencing some financial difficult as a result of the prices rises and one government fuck up after another. I wonder if the games will be what finally fucks up our economy. Our current government is one monumental fuck up after another.

I really want nothing to do with the Games. It is putting us out-of-pocket and nobody asked for it, the government is so out of touch with the people and so idiotic in their decision-making. It doesn’t take a genius to know that hosting these games is a pretty bad idea for us. Maybe the benefits outweighed the losses at one point but that is no longer the case.

Again I want nothing more to do with this. I’ll probably have something else games related to bitch about. Everyone is patriotic as fuck right now, which isn’t a bad thing. They’re just patriotic at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons.

An Olympic Waste Of Money.

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I don’t understand how my country is going to crap and yet we can afford to waste of money showing off to the rest of the world. Prices all along the route have gone way up, the government are over taxing everything causing the retailers to up their prices and for what, so we can show off to the world while we forget our problems. A packet of 20 cigarettes now costs me £8 at most and £6 at least, I know I should quit but yeah I’m not going to any time soon. The worst thing is that where the prices have gone up the wages have not. This area is one of 70% unemployment and high crime. They will make things harder than they already are, again, in order to show off to the rest of the world.

Want to see the real London? Go to Hackney, Barking, East Ham, The Heathway. That’s the real London, the London that these assholes in parliament will never see and never even consider. While they sit making decisions to ‘benefit’ the people they should consider the growing economic and social problems our country is experiencing. They never will because they have never seen it, I doubt they left their big central London houses or family owned estates to see what actually happens day-to-day in London. Yes I am angry. I’m angry at our government and the country in general.

It’s highly amusing that the government actually thinks that the olympics will stimulate our economy. Sure, it will for a short time but once the games are over and they let half of the work force go what will we have achieved. We’ve sunk so much money into the games, money we could have used. At best this was a waste of money and at worst we’re looking at a recession . Our government is full of idiots. Why would we waste so much money on this bullshit. I’m completely pissed off with the olympics now, it’s not like we’re going to win much. Hosting the Olympic games was the worst decision our current government has ever made. What idiots.

I would have been clearer here and added some figures but I’m so frustrated that it’s a  bit of a clusterfuck in my head right now, I’m just angry.