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I’ve been speaking with a client today, well no more like over the course of a week regarding an accident he had. This one is a pretty bad one 70mph collision with a barrier due to break failure. He’s been very hard to get ahold of until yesterday. 

Today in the final part of the process on the phone to a lawyer he fucked up, in a single sentence, everything I had done to try to help him get the matter resolved. That sentence was ‘I have no injuries, minor or otherwise.’

First thing before I explain the rest of this case redacting names of both the company and individuals involved I must first express this sentiment ‘Who in the fuck hits a barrier going 70 and doesn’t have at least a minor injury?’ The thing is the company said he needed this part fitted and it was their part that caused this collision…

X’s breaks were fitted by a company who carries out thousands of this type of repair per day. He left their garage with squealing breaks and returned to have that checked out, the company told him they were repaired and he could go on his way.

Then a day later his breaks caught fire during a journey on a major motorway. He then, dissatisfied with the previous results, attended  an independent garage who advised him that his calipers had over heated. He then continued to use to vehicle after everything had been checked and cleaned, this resulting in his crash.

We established that he could take that company to court over it but we would have one of our solicitors look it over to do a last check before it goes to court which then wasted a week of investigative work and my own time. Everything was there and all he had to do was say he had incurred some sort of injury as a result of the accident, something he had told me during our initial contact.

I really wanted to help him considering the company had denied liability and this same fuck up could have resulted in X’s death. Companies need to be held accountable for these kinds of mistakes. They almost were had this man not fucked up during the call with the lawyer.

This man just wasted my time and made us look like idiots to our lawyers… 

I want to injure this one personally, there goes justice.



Hover boards…

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Because nothing says douchebag like gliding across the pavement at little over walking speed and getting in everyone else’s way…
I’d go as far as adorning this post with pictures but you already know what they look like and you have probably been annoyed by any number of douchebags riding these things in malls and elsewhere.

I wonder sometimes about how my life would have worked out if I had stayed with my ex girlfriend and moved out to Brazil. Mainly because I’m sure I wouldn’t be seeing so many hover boards. A life of misery is probably worth the trade. 

I constantly find myself resisting the urge to drop-kick people off these things. I’m only stopped by a few small things. Like age or possible legal repercussions of assault.

My first problem is that they don’t hover, so what is the point? Maybe I’m being pedantic but yeah it’s basically a skateboard for people with poor balance. You can’t even do a 360 kick flip on them… Not that I could anyway but still… Lame.

The second issue is that it seems the majority of people using these things are douches with no consideration for anyone else who has to use the pavement. It’s public property and you’re technically using a vehicle so surely pedestrians have right of way? 

Read: get out of my way of I’ll drop you off that piece of crap and put my foot through it. Some people may take that as an indication of a underlying anger issue. When you have these assholes almost trip you on a constant basis you start considering options for retaliation.

I’m hoping that this, like all other shitty fads, will eventually die off. Maybe I’m a terrible person but I actually laughed when I found out they were catching fire. The thought of someone scooting along on fire amused me greatly.

I’m glad the police are telling people to get off them when they’re in crowded areas, but hey everyone is pro law enforcement when the law is on their side right? 

At least kids with pogs weren’t annoying anyone… These things are definitely my first pet hate of 2016. Annoying and ultimately pointless. Congratulations you look like an idiot, only more than usual.


Lad Culture.

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This isn’t a new thing, just these idiots went digital. I’ve been irritated by these sorts since I first encountered them on nights out in the wild. Who uses the word squad to describe their group of friends? And what is it that makes a nando’s cheeky? 

The whole lad thing has exploded. You’re not a lad, you’re a wanker sunshine. 


a british phenomenon; beer chugging, banter loving, footie watching, womanizing man – a LAD.

Only three of the four are usually true. Honestly, this is what people aspire to be. I’m surrounded by these sorts ever since the whole lad phenomena began. A lad is easily spotted at the bar. Usually they’re wearing a football shirt and talking about football or taking the piss out of someone (read: Banter.)

Sometimes they can be found awkwardly attempting to dance and ultimately mate with whatever catches their fancy, all while attempting to show off to the other lads. It seems like a sad existence. You live for football, banter and the pub and I doubt there is anything you can contribute that is of any use unless I decided to go into betting on sports.

Luckily, seeing as I’m unemployed and stuck inside I don’t have to run into any of these idiots in bars or in the town centre. What happened to my generation? Or is it me? I’m not sure but I know there are more important things in life than talking shit, drinking, football. I’d rather make bank than waste my time on trivial things like those.

To this day I do not know what makes a Nando’s cheeky. My ex used to bitch that Nando’s wasn’t even Portuguese or close. She refused to eat there on principal. Maybe it’s cheeky because it masquerades as an ‘Experience’ and ‘Portuguese.’ It presents itself as a restruant when it is basically and upmarket chicken shop. Now that’s cheeky.


If you’re anti vaccination you’re also an idiot.

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The only thing worse than an idiot is an idiot who puts the lives of others at risk, just because you’re a parent doesn’t always mean you know best. There’s a reason that doctor holds a degree in medicine, doctors aren’t immune to stupidity I know but your baby isn’t immune to your stupidity or the myriad of nasty viruses going around that could take your little ray of sunshine from the cradle to the grave faster than you realize how idiotic you’ve been. On the upside tiny little coffins are much cheaper than full-sized ones. Put your own life at risk with your stupidity but for god’s sake not your child’s life. In short I can’t stand anti-vaxxers. The thing that irks me even more so than the idiots who decide not to vaccinate their kids are the celebrities like Jenny McCarthy who present the idea to these impressionable idiots. Again your doctor holds a degree in medicine and Jenny McCarthy does not.

Please show me a shred of evidence that vaccinations cause autism and then I’ll consider your warped, idiotic point of view before telling you again that you are an idiot. Jenny McCarthy was a playboy model, not exactly known for their functioning brain cells now are they? She’s also an author, that said anyone can call themselves an author if they decide to put out their beliefs and are endorsed by other bigger idiots. Personally I can’t believe how fast the idea has caught on and the diseases that are re-emerging due to the legion of fuckwits who won’t vaccinate. I mean it never occurred to anyone that she’s profiteering from an unfounded scare that has no basis in medical science, do they not realize that the research their beliefs are founded on has been disproved and even called fraudulent? The man who made the original claims was struck off and is unable to practice medicine in the United Kingdom. I hate my country at the best of times but I’m actually embarrassed that this idiot breathes the same air as me.

Measles, Mumps, Whooping cough and Chicken pox are all preventable and yet here they are making a come back with significant outbreaks in states like Indiana and California. I can’t even remember the last time there was a significant outbreak of any of those diseases before these anti-vaccination idiots started spewing what I can only call blatant bullshit. I once said that I’d never be amazed or even remotely surprised by human stupidity but I was wrong. Color me surprised. I’m at a point now where I believe that Jenny McCarthy and other public figures using their influence to scare or discourage people from vaccinating their children should be held accountable at some level for any deaths that occur. They are misusing their influence and media exposure with potentially life-threatening consequences. Either that or they should be excluded entirely from media coverage that isn’t mocking them for their stupidity.

I’m genuinely angered by this but I take solace in the fact that the death of your child is on your head and not mine. I also empathize with the men and women in the medical profession who have to deal with the aftermath of your idiocy. I’m glad it won’t be me explaining why little jimmy isn’t coming back to school ever again, better yet have Jenny McCarthy explain it to them. Fucking idiot. This post would have been a lot less ranty had I been calmer at the time of writing but I find this level of stupidity infuriating and personally I believe anyone stupid enough to follow the advice of a ‘celebrity’ over a doctor should not be allowed to reproduce.

AM Hates: Katie Hopkins and so does everyone else!

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Sometimes you look at someone on the television and think ‘Why are you expressing your opinion in front of an audience, what makes you so special, what the fuck do you do?’

This is why I’m not big on television, if I had lived in America I might have reached for the nearest gun and fired two shots into my TV in rage and disgust. (Always double tap.) Apparently all you have to do nowadays is win The Apprentice. (Edit: She didn’t even win it.) I didn’t know of this poor excuse for a human being until around about 12hrs ago and my life was richer for it. I’ve never heard so much shit from one person in all of my life. I spent about 10 minutes wondering if she was just a gimmick, there for shock value like Simon Cowell. That said at least Cowell is funny with it and has a good idea what he’s talking about. It’s almost like she tries to drop knowledge and truths on us during these discussions but she just reveals herself to be a terrible human being.

Firstly I’d like to say I feel sorry for her children. Work comes first and they all share one birthday at a convenient time for her and one cake? You can be an asshole to many people in your life but to your kids, that’s something else. I verily dislike this woman. She’s the kind of person who takes shots at people and groups for the sake of it. She was saying how she wouldn’t hire someone who is fat or has a tattoo and that she won’t allow her children to socialize with other children based on their economic class and name. She’s just a prick of a human being. It comes to something when you go onto Google, search her ‘Katie Hopkins Should…’ and the first two suggestions are ‘be shot/die.’ Some people try so hard to be controversial they just end up being annoying, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to punch a woman in the face before…

I was going to write a long post about her but I don’t feel like getting irritated by her any longer, in a recent karmic shift she lost her column, unfortunately she’s still on the Today Show. There’s a reason I don’t watch that crap, now I will just instantly change the channel. How is she even on TV she may be business minded but she’s most of the things I hate in a person. One thing I’m comforted by is the fact that people like this come and go, we find them funny eventually, then they give us someone to hate and after that they burn out altogether. The sooner the better. I think the lesson we can learn from Katie Hopkins, as a society, is:

If you actually feel like viewing this deplorable excuse for a human being yourself look at her twitter page of ignorance or just Google her. I’d say she’s not worth the energy but this is a spectacle indeed. Really something you have to see for yourself. She’s about as pleasing to the eye as she is to the ears so avoid an Image search unless you really must. I can help wanting to slap the dumb fuck who impregnated¬† this piece of human detritus. I feel bad for those poor kids must be like North Korea at home. I mean I know some people’s work comes before their children, I find that wrong personally but even those people don’t let their work affect their children’s birthdays. Their parents may be absent but the kids still have their own personal day. How must those kids feel when their friends ask them and they have to explain that they all share one birthday? Their friends inform them this isn’t normal and they are instantly weird.

It’s sad but those kids will probably end up alienated because their mother is a bitch, hopefully they’ll grow up to hate her just like everybody else does. Bitch is unsuited to have children, if she wasn’t paid like she is social services might removed those damn kids from her custody and give them to their father. Sometimes mother doesn’t know best.

If you own a Scarface canvas painting you’re probably a douche.

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A number of people I know have canvas art. In their bedrooms, living room or somewhere in their homes. Sometimes canvas art can be nice but it’s rare, it usually just looks tacky. A popular piece of canvas art for people my age is a Scarface piece, a large number of the guys I know have Tony Montana’s image on their wall somewhere and it makes me think ‘Is that all we aspire to be?’ Just because we’re working class plebs doesn’t mean our only option in life is dealing cocaine. Is that something to aspire to, really?

Dealing Cocaine is a dance with the devil. You can end up mega rich but at some point you’ll either end up killed by a rival dealer or if that’s not an issue you’ll most likely end up in prison. Even dealing coke has certain qualifications. One being that you’re not a complete idiot, many who dabble in dealing coke just don’t have that qualification. There are other ways to get out of this meager existence we lead, unfortunately half the people I know are either too stupid or just lack the opportunities. Personally, although I like Scarface you would never catch me hanging that on my wall. Here’s the profile of the type of person that has this sort of thing hanging up in their bedroom:

-Male aged 15-25.
-Probably been in prison/cautioned for minor offenses.
-Probably dealt in lower class drugs like Cannabis.
-History of anti-social behavior.
-Aspirations of power and money.

For some it’s fantasy and enjoyment of a great film, for others Tony Montana is like a god. I can imagine them praying to their canvas Tony Montana fresco while they weigh up their Tenners (Similar to a dimebag for our American audience.) People that have these things tend to be douches to the point that they become laughable to me and I can’t take them seriously in any context, maybe I’m too judgmental but if I see that in your house I’ll probably think less of you, after that it’s on you to prove to me that you’re not a douche-bag.

If you want a real super villain to aspire to, I have a good suggestion. You’ll have more wealth than a small country, the power to make a nation starve, you’ll be able to rob millions of people simultaneously over the time it takes to have dinner with colleagues. Become a Banker.
I’m gonna go get my canvas painting of Bernie Madoff made right now!

You’ve come at a wonderful time.

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ixW2qXoWell I’ve hit a point now where I’m deeply internally angry and I’m much less likely to tolerate crap, things will annoy me. Without a doubt people will piss me off. From Celebrities, politicians to your average joe. If I browse reddit for around an hour I find something that makes me either roll my eyes or rage. Reddit is usually great for writing material, both the user-base and the content. I’ll definitely have enough misanthropy in me to write because at some point I had to stop drinking. It doesn’t solve anything. When things hit rock-bottom, and I mean really go to shit, sometimes all you can do is pour a good whiskey or open a beer. I’m sure it’s been depicted on-screen many times.¬† Alcohol? Is not the answer, in such shitty circumstances it is the question. Honestly I don’t even want to drink anymore now.

Remember the safe word, things are about to get interesting.