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A quick one:

A little while ago I decided to go on a diet. The nature of my work meaning I’m at an office desk every day from 9-7pm. Not great for your fitness or physical health. Ever since I began on this diet I’ve notice that I’ve enjoyed every single meal I’ve eaten. I think it’s due to the better quality/sourced ingredients. I honestly assumed it would all be rabbit food but two months in I’m enjoying my food more than ever. I would complain about the portions but it is a diet and follows the restruant rule: the smaller the portion, the greater the quality.



I wouldn’t call it a post…

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Hey all, I was recently informed that I haven’t written in some time. To be honest I let it slip, it  wouldn’t be the only thing but somehow I’ve managed to keep a hold on the most important things. My job is stressful, you might say welcome to the real world but this job goes above and beyond.

I guess that’s what has me paid so well but all this effort is nothing if my client isn’t serious. I’ve become more cynical in order to weed out the bullshitters, to be honest I fucking hate my job. I might aswell get an education and move to the top rungs of the food chain. Either that or I just become a police investigator.

I haven’t been doing so well because of people wasting my fucking time and my work place filling with idiots who dilute the quality work of my team. When I’m briefing lawyers I do it professionally. I understand the code of conduct and standards set and wouldn’t be briefing them if I wasn’t sure. The fucking newbies have fucked it up for everyone.

I guess I can’t blame it on them entirely. Management and training, to be honest I’m not sure how you would train someone for this? I wouldn’t fucking recommend it either unless you were thinking to become a private investigator, educate themselves in civil law. I feel like a low budget Sherlock Holmes saying that.

I was specialising in medical negligence and negligence in the work place, in my eyes these are clean. Very difficult to fake, I take no pleasure in suing a hospital believe me. When two idiot RN’s lift a client with a spinal injury and paralyse them for life I feel like I have done my client a service. I try not to take on anything else because I like to help people that have genuinely been injured.

I fucking hate the term whiplash, a name for diagnoses of a number of symptoms specific to a car accident. How easy do you think it is to trick a doctor, as long as you’ve had the crash and point to your boo-boo I wouldn’t blame the doctor for thinking it, after all it’s consistent with crash injuries. My point being that public falls and road accidents are easily faked.

I don’t personally feel comfortable with that. I’m trying to help people, not help them commit fraud. I use investigative questioning the moment a clients story doesn’t add up, there are certain indicators that someone is lying to me. For that reason I only like dealing with certain cases. Then the newbies go fuck it up for everyone. Fuck me. I guess I don’t hate my job but a sequence of unfavourable events has made our lives harder collectively.

Basically I hate my job, if not for the money I would be gone. I’ve been thinking of doing it freelance. I could deliver better quality service on both ends and a few people a month could support me, I’m not interested in money beyond my own survival and I always put my clients interests before my own both legally and financially speaking.

My ex boss and mentor once said that I ask more questions than anyone else who has been there. I feel a need to understand the ins and outs of the service I’m providing. I miss that motherfucker but I can understand why he left, even I want to leave. I’m doing well but it isn’t stable. I have plans for the future beyond this place. As I said before I would burn to leave this place, luckily I have principals?

Consider this an update, I hate my fucking job. Money doesn’t make you happy but fuck me is it easier. My world is far from stable however I do enjoy the luxuries I never had, it’s not on credit, imagine my bank balance between lovely meals, alcohol and high grade cannabis. I’m working to get all that under control but shit my work day doesn’t help. All in all I’m doing well.

I took time off this month and it felt almost alien, I didn’t write or do anything but sleep and get fucked up, I don’t get to do that much or much of anything when I’ve finished work I want shower, spliff and bed. Tonight I didn’t even get to shower. You get the idea. It’s not glamorous but I like the raincoat and suit, liaising with clients, outwitting the institutions that seek to fuck them and giving the wolves a scent.

The fucking people I work with are a joke, I genuinely like at least 5 but other than that I’d rather not. Fuck management too, they’re shit I lost faith in the ability of the boss after she provided the most retarded solution. I can’t even get into that but it’s embarrassing. I have some admiration for our matriarch, she’s been at this longer than I’ve been alive. In many ways I’m glad she’s not my boss because I can learn from her I don’t have to go against her like I do my manager. Her advice is priceless as far as I’m concerned, we have a level of respect for eachother in areas we are knowledgable and that’s not something I can say for my manager.

I hope this was enough for anyone who was waiting for an update I can’t say I’ve had requests but I’ve been asked why I haven’t posted. Honestly I had to remind myself but I could do with a constant seeing as everything else slipped between the job.

This is for you, you know who you are because you were the one who reminded me to post. You’re doing great man, it’s not easy I know because I’ve been through it. It’s not comforting but their face fades and you forget the sound of their voice before that. Eventually it all fades, it’s a cut off point and I think you’re doing much better than I did in your position. I always have time for you just get ahold of me. Rarely are break ups so clean cut. Your conscience is clear, you’re good man and I understand what you’re searching for.

So uh, hey you guys… I need to sleep now. I didn’t check any of this before it was posted. I’ll do that later.


I was just waiting for my dinner.

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It’s weird that my first wage has yet to come in and I can waste £30 like I did yesterday. Well it was more like £50 but it went on dinner and drinks. It didn’t damage my bank balance too much. Usually by now I’d be looking for an omen that indicated I’ll be paid soon.  

I smoked a lot this weekend and drank quite a bit but it has been an enjoyable weekend. It isn’t productive or at all clever but that is how I choose to spend my time and it hasn’t thrown me into debt. Not such a bad thing.

I can’t say I’ve ever ended a week with unspent money so this is nice. I can go to work Monday without worrying whether getting a lunch on Monday will put me in the minus. I’m killing it at work doing better than anyone else expected.

It should mean that I’ll make great figures. Growing company with a chance to progress. I can’t complain really. I’d love it if my dinner was done. I spent half the morning on a personal call while ironing. I still fucking hate ironing.

Her mother specialises in this area so naturally she learned from her mother. We agreed that if she does the laundry I’ll cook unless she wants to make something particularly Finnish. Reindeer is good but I have yet to try a steak of reindeer or elk for that matter.

Things seem to be working out quite well. I’m trying beef tenderised using Coca Cola. It’s very soft while maintaining something of a bite.

– Misanthropist 

I wasn’t aware I was head chef…

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A little early today I know but I’m waiting on food, the purpose of this post. It’s the end of the month, that wonderful period of first world poverty before the wages come in and go out again; paying all manner of bills.

In this specific incidence I’ve had to be creative with what’s in the fridge in order to provide everyone with an adequate meal. It turns out I’m now cooking three different meals, Thai sweet chilli chicken with rice, an alteration of the previous meal to suit tastes. 

For me it’s chicken teriyaki. It’s been such a long time that I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. It’s hard to enjoy cooking like I used too when I’m doing it almost every day. Sometimes I don’t even want to see food by the time I’m finished. At least I’m losing a few.

I miss when cooking was fun.



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This could be useful to some of you. Ever met a girl, guy or whichever gender you happen to be attracted too, who has expressed an affinity for wine? (We at alpha Misanthropos do our best to be progressive in these rapidly changing times.) 

If that person isn’t a wine snob, let’s be honest if you blindfold a wine taster they won’t know the difference between a £5 bottle and a £50 bottle, bring along a bottle of Barefoot Ruby Moscato. Seriously 9/10 times you can’t go wrong with the stuff. It’s sweet, nice taste and women seem to love the stuff. I’m sure it’ll be greatly appreciated.

The consensus from the women I know who drink wine and live around the world is that this is good shit. Be it as a gift for a housewarming party or a bottle of ‘I think I like you.’ This is the stuff. I have literally never heard a complaint about it. 

Keep it in mind if you ever need to pick up a bottle of after dinner wine or something to keep you interested during their favourite movie that you absolutely cannot stand, it’s called:

Barefoot: Ruby Moscato.

You can thank me later.


Mad Max: Fury Road.

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I’ve also been going to the cinema lately with my friend. He crashes at my place on account of basically being thrown out on the street by the local government. Anyway, the cinema is a ritual I seem to have carried over from the time I spent with her. It isn’t nostalgia that takes me there, just distraction and that both times I’ve been super fucking stoned.

Visually I loved mad max, post apocalyptic settings are kinda my favourite. Probably explains my love of fallout. I felt that mad max fell short on plot though. It was there but very lightly hinted on. The plot was all implied seemingly. I know some people don’t like being spoon fed a plot but what is the point if the plot is barely expanded on?

I’m not sure if it’s because the other films aren’t fresh in my mind? One thing that really messed with my head:  those people on stilts walking through the tar sands. I wondered wtf is that. It dawned on me later when I was less stoned.

I enjoyed the film very much visually speaking but as for plot it seemed quite light. A little expansion would have been nice. Maybe I’m asking too much. You can only fit so much in the running time. One thing that particularly annoyed me was that the main antagonists death was anticlimactic and definitely disappointing.

I did love the tag line ‘Oh what a day. What a lovely day!’ I’ve had a few of those recently and that right there encapsulates how I’ve felt. Just one of those shitty days where everything goes wrong. Murphy’s law I think they call it. 

It was a good movie but if you’re looking for a plot it seems very light. Worth it just for the visuals or if you’re a fan of modified cars or you went an lauded the expendables as film of the year. It ended up being a good night in the end. We drifted into some Namco bar/arcade after and raided the local Mc Shame. Eating from McDonalds seems akin to fucking someone you find attractive but absolutely despise.

Film wasn’t bad, the evening was brightened by alcohol and the fast food equivalent of a bootycall.


F**king up my lunch.

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Lunch break at work is sometimes the best part of your working day, it’s that half an hour of your own time. It doesn’t seem like much but it can be a godsend if you’re having a hellish day. Usually on my lunch break I’ll go to the food van on the industrial estate I work in. On Friday this was not the case, during this very busy day I had not taken my lunch until just after 2pm meaning the food van was closed which is a damn shame because for a small food van they make an amazing, reasonably priced lunch. On this day I was forced to go to the garage for lack of knowledge of the area. I complain about gas stations often, they’re always way overpriced and their selection leaves a lot to be desired.

I went to the ATM and was pleased to learn I had been paid, not only that but my boss was happy with my performance so all in all I was having a good day until I entered the garage. As I expected there was a rather slim selection of sandwiches but that wasn’t the issue so much. It was the sandwich, we have a brand here call Ginster’s which I’ve always associated with quality so I decided to purchase their chicken and bacon sandwich thinking that it sounded nice. I was wrong on so many levels. First thing, it said deep fill 5mm is not deep fill. The second thing is who puts cucumber in a chicken and bacon sandwich. The third thing is, what component of a chicken and bacon sandwich is spicy? Finally it cost me £2.99.

In retrospect I should have gone hungry. It was the worst sandwich I’ve ever eaten. Worse than those sandwiches you make when you’re way too drunk or high, you know the ones where you wake up the next day and say ‘what the f**k was I thinking.’
Someone at Ginster’s needs to be fired. I couldn’t find a job for nearly a year and you have idiots like this in employment. I blame whoever decided to go forward with this sandwich. It was low quality and the deep fill thing was plain false advertising, whoever put the cucumber in the sandwich deserves to be shot. I have never had my lunch ruined by a product, I’ve never even complained so much about something I ate. It gave the guys in the warehouse a good laugh as they listened to 20mins of ranting about a sandwich, after which they informed me nobody buys anything from that place.