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Jurassic World or Movie Night

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Seems I was wrong about the Diabolus Rex. The model was the same but the name was Indominus Rex which I think means untameable king. I prefer Diabolus myself but I’m not the director and yeah…

First off, as I expected, the turn out was pretty big with most of the cinema filled. A stark contrast from being two of the four people filling an entire screen room as with mad max. I didn’t think we would get the tickets for a moment. To begin I’d say that this didn’t feel like much of a Jurassic park movie. It was as if they’d taken all of the most popular elements of the previous movie and added them together. Other than the use of the name and signature beasts this really didn’t feel like a Jurassic park movie in the way that the previous three had.

Indominus Rex was an interesting idea, as a concept it just seemed like they had to go bigger, to wow the audience. The plot directly addressed that when speaking of Indominus’ conception. They needed something to impress visitors, an intelligent and aggressive animal, large, loud and scary. Basically they created a monster.

It became a little ridiculous when indominus was also spliced with cuttlefish DNA to fill in some gaps, accidentally giving it the ability to hide itself within the environment by changing it’s skin colour. Bear in mind that this thing is about the size of a tyrannosaur… See what I’m getting at?

The indominus Rex was entertaining to watch though ridiculous at times. Another thing that struck me was the lack of dinosaurs. Beyond the main attractions we know from the previous films I think I counted fewer species of dinosaur than ever before. There was the appearance of the marine dinosaur, I can’t actually remember the name but it plays a very small part in the film. 

I liked how they touched on ethics, with respect for the animals and the mention that what they were doing was never natural. Also the all to realistic asshole who sees the potential for military application in the velociraptors after seeing that a pack type bond had been built between them and the trainer.

The dinosaurs are a lot more intelligent this time around with communications between them. I thought that was kinda over the top even if the main attraction was part raptor. I also want to take a moment to ask wtf did they splice the flying dinosaurs with? Looked like a raptor’s head sewn onto a bat’s body… 

For me there were only two or three moments where it felt like a Jurassic park film and they were only because of direct references to the previous films.  All in all I’d say it wasn’t badly done at all but it just didn’t seem like a Jurassic Park film. That said I have a feeling it’ll do well in the box office but some people will be surprised by how little it seems to resemble a part of the series.  It was okay to watch. My friend wasn’t so impressed, falling asleep for give minutes during the movie. 

After Jurassic World we fell back into the Namco bar for drinks and I kinda broke into a mcshame. The drive through was open but they wouldn’t serve me even when I did my best automobile impression… So as they let a few people out I slipped in and got my burger. I had the munchies and was operating on some base level with the intent of getting food. 

Somewhere during that time I lost my friend, he must have thought I went home because he headed back himself leaving me to walk home at one AM eating a burger and smoking a cigarette. Got home eventually, then passed out. A pretty good night, and Jurassic World was enjoyable.  



Mad Max: Fury Road.

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I’ve also been going to the cinema lately with my friend. He crashes at my place on account of basically being thrown out on the street by the local government. Anyway, the cinema is a ritual I seem to have carried over from the time I spent with her. It isn’t nostalgia that takes me there, just distraction and that both times I’ve been super fucking stoned.

Visually I loved mad max, post apocalyptic settings are kinda my favourite. Probably explains my love of fallout. I felt that mad max fell short on plot though. It was there but very lightly hinted on. The plot was all implied seemingly. I know some people don’t like being spoon fed a plot but what is the point if the plot is barely expanded on?

I’m not sure if it’s because the other films aren’t fresh in my mind? One thing that really messed with my head:  those people on stilts walking through the tar sands. I wondered wtf is that. It dawned on me later when I was less stoned.

I enjoyed the film very much visually speaking but as for plot it seemed quite light. A little expansion would have been nice. Maybe I’m asking too much. You can only fit so much in the running time. One thing that particularly annoyed me was that the main antagonists death was anticlimactic and definitely disappointing.

I did love the tag line ‘Oh what a day. What a lovely day!’ I’ve had a few of those recently and that right there encapsulates how I’ve felt. Just one of those shitty days where everything goes wrong. Murphy’s law I think they call it. 

It was a good movie but if you’re looking for a plot it seems very light. Worth it just for the visuals or if you’re a fan of modified cars or you went an lauded the expendables as film of the year. It ended up being a good night in the end. We drifted into some Namco bar/arcade after and raided the local Mc Shame. Eating from McDonalds seems akin to fucking someone you find attractive but absolutely despise.

Film wasn’t bad, the evening was brightened by alcohol and the fast food equivalent of a bootycall.


Jurassic World.

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With the release of the trailer in the last few days it can be said that after a decade in development hell Jurassic World is upon us. I’ve been saying for a while now that they had better not ruin my childhood as sequels usually suffer from never quite living up to their predecessors. I didn’t mind the second Jurassic Park but the third wasn’t that great. I’m not sure if they were genuinely bad sequels or I just grew up, either way Jurassic Park sparked a life long interest in dinosaurs, unfortunately paleontology is a far cry from being chased by T-rex. All that said Jurassic Park is noted for being nowhere near accurate and I am okay with that, it’s a movie. Entertainment and nothing more. If you expected it to be factual you should probably be watching a documentary and not a Hollywood blockbuster. Who cares that they don’t have feathers? Sit back and enjoy the damn movie.

After having watched the trailer I know that Isla Nubar is now a fully functioning theme park, quite different from Hammond’s original vision but stunning nonetheless. We see crowds, sophisticated transportation systems and for the first time in the series we’re introduced to marine reptiles. There’s the fan favourites the Velociraptors which are closer to Deinonychus than their namesake. It has everything a Jurassic Park movie should contain, so far so good right? Then comes the problem. Remember how the Tyrannosaurus Rex was the main attraction in the first movie? Well they’ve revisited that in a way that makes me skeptical. The Diabolus Rex, Diabolus meaning Devil I believe. Nice name but here is what bothers me, this new T-Rex isn’t any old cloned dinosaur it is a genetically modified super dinosaur. You think they would have learned the first three times… Anyway, here’s a concept picture.

Sorry if I have annoyed you with what could be considered a spoiler, then again it’s nothing you don’t know if you haven’t already watched the trailer and Googled Jurassic World so I’m pretty sure I can get away without slapping spoiler warnings all over the title. This isn’t reddit, get over yourselves. Even though I am pretty skeptical about the whole genetically modified super dino angle, I’m hoping this installment can capture the magic of the first film in a way that the second and third failed to do. I’m willing to pay money, sit on sticky seats, put up with annoying children and adults all while practically fisting the person next to me due to lack of arm room so this had better be good. If this is a disappointment myself and so many others will have waited a decade for nothing so understandably people are going to be pissed. If it is a let-down I can’t see me ever going to the cinema again.

So let’s hope it doesn’t turn out like this:

It will be the first time I’ve been to the cinema since Guardians Of The Galaxy, which I was dragged into under duress by my wonderful girlfriend. At first I didn’t even realize we were seeing a movie…
I was surprised by GOTG actually. Before that the last thing I watched in a cinema was Borat which I had to see three times because the first two times I was completely wasted, I’ve always been a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen though and the movie was pretty good. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Jurassic World will be a decent sequel to the first movie despite the genetically modified super dinosaur angle but something in me makes me believe I will be unimpressed and that this movie will capitalize on the scenes and dinosaurs we fondly remember from the first and second movies. I’ve already seen part of the trailer the is reminiscent of the child hiding from T-Rex in the first movie but I remain hopeful. All I can do is go into the cinema with a clear head and attempt to enjoy the movie I’ve waited so long for.

Please don’t be a flop.

If you own a Scarface canvas painting you’re probably a douche.

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A number of people I know have canvas art. In their bedrooms, living room or somewhere in their homes. Sometimes canvas art can be nice but it’s rare, it usually just looks tacky. A popular piece of canvas art for people my age is a Scarface piece, a large number of the guys I know have Tony Montana’s image on their wall somewhere and it makes me think ‘Is that all we aspire to be?’ Just because we’re working class plebs doesn’t mean our only option in life is dealing cocaine. Is that something to aspire to, really?

Dealing Cocaine is a dance with the devil. You can end up mega rich but at some point you’ll either end up killed by a rival dealer or if that’s not an issue you’ll most likely end up in prison. Even dealing coke has certain qualifications. One being that you’re not a complete idiot, many who dabble in dealing coke just don’t have that qualification. There are other ways to get out of this meager existence we lead, unfortunately half the people I know are either too stupid or just lack the opportunities. Personally, although I like Scarface you would never catch me hanging that on my wall. Here’s the profile of the type of person that has this sort of thing hanging up in their bedroom:

-Male aged 15-25.
-Probably been in prison/cautioned for minor offenses.
-Probably dealt in lower class drugs like Cannabis.
-History of anti-social behavior.
-Aspirations of power and money.

For some it’s fantasy and enjoyment of a great film, for others Tony Montana is like a god. I can imagine them praying to their canvas Tony Montana fresco while they weigh up their Tenners (Similar to a dimebag for our American audience.) People that have these things tend to be douches to the point that they become laughable to me and I can’t take them seriously in any context, maybe I’m too judgmental but if I see that in your house I’ll probably think less of you, after that it’s on you to prove to me that you’re not a douche-bag.

If you want a real super villain to aspire to, I have a good suggestion. You’ll have more wealth than a small country, the power to make a nation starve, you’ll be able to rob millions of people simultaneously over the time it takes to have dinner with colleagues. Become a Banker.
I’m gonna go get my canvas painting of Bernie Madoff made right now!

The Movies.

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The lovely woman in my life told me she’s seeing a movie tonight with some of her family. It made me think about the movies. When I was younger I saw all of my favourite movies in a cinema for the first time. Nowadays with the Internet you don’t have to go to a cinema to view a movie. Some will argue that you can’t beat the atmosphere of a cinema/theater.

I disagree with this primarily because the large man sitting next to you who is accidentally invading your personal space, the idiot teenagers and sticky floors and seats do not contribute to the atmosphere. Arguably this isn’t the cinemas fault but it still doesn’t make it a pleasant place to be. Why would you pay for overpriced seats, overpriced food and overpriced drinks when you can watch a movie at home?

Think about it when you’re at home you can watch a movie any way you please. With whatever food, drinks (Alcoholic or otherwise) and anything else you might want. I respect the idea of paying for watching a movie and all but I don’t really think these actors/directors really need all of that money they receive. I agree that as long as you’re not downloading every single new release before they are officially released it should not be a problem.

I don’t know anyone who will go to movies really, with the exception of those who will only go to certain films. I remember that going to the cinema with my mother and father was pretty awesome when I was ten years old. My mother would watch the movie with my sister and my father would fall asleep soon after the lights went dim…..Ah those warm family moments.

Nowadays I’d wonder why anyone would tolerate a cinema. In fact my significant other has been complaining about cinemas since we met. She never wanted to go. Maybe it’s the company. Who knows.

And with the end I felt my childhood take it’s dying breath.

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As a child in 95′ I went to see the movie Toystory with my parents and fell in love with it as many children did at the time. Life was simple back then, no pressures, my father was still at home and my mother wasn’t struggling to make ends meet. I had a happy childhood, a luxury which few could afford. I had good, loving parents a nurturing environment where a 5 year old me watched David Attenborough documentaries by choice. Where the world’s natural wonders were always brilliant and amazing, never one without the other. At risk of sounding cliche: it was a simple time, a better time.

Then came 99′ and with it Toystory 2 which a 9 year old me enjoyed very much. The themes were slightly different, having matured slightly with the audience. Life was still good, I had no worries beyond whether to pack my P.E kit and the occasional spelling and math test. Life was uncomplicated and blissful, a learning experience. To quote something I once heard or read “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.”

Then came Toystory 3 in 2010, by then I was 20 years of age and it never appealed to me to go and see this movie. I was 20 my mind was on my education, drinking, my girl, getting laid, learning, my problems and various adult preoccupations. I grew up too fast in retrospect. I had to. My father left home, leaving us in debt and my mother struggling to hold it together. Everything worked out but we still feel the repercussions of his debt to this day. Things were very much different. The wonder had gone, nothing had beauty and everything hurt. I had became misanthropic, hateful and distrusting over the years.

2012 came, sitting with my woman in her living room surrounded by her family she decided to put Toystory 3 on, I was receptive because we both hadn’t seen it and well, what the hell? So she puts it on and I notice how the themes are more adult, how there is a sense of danger in the movie and that the bad guys were decidedly more evil than before. The reasons for their evil were greatly developed, more so than ever before.

The movie had grown with its audience. The claw saved the day, that still tickles me a little. In the end Andy donates his toys to a little girl whom will play with them, he goes off to college and the movie ends. I saluted Pixar and everyone involved in what had been a large part of my childhood, so much so that I remember the meals I ate as I watched it well over a hundred times between 95-99. Birdseye chicken dippers, potato waffles and hoops with tomato ketchup. I looked back with nostalgia, thinking about how the world and I, myself had changed. I saluted Pixar one more time and with that my childhood took its dying breath.