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Alpha Misanthropos Hates: Justin Bieber.

Posted in AM Hates:, feminism, Idiotic groups/people, Misanthropy, News, privilege, Social Media with tags , , , , , , , , on January 28, 2014 by MISANTHROPIST

Remember I said I had a spot reserved for someone special?

This little fucker has been misbehaving lately, I’ve began to wonder if he’ll go the way of other childhood stars but as much delight as I’d take from that I’d hate to give him the attention. Lets face it, the talentless brat doesn’t deserve it. (Don’t worry too much, his musical career is over till he gets short of cash.) At first he was a mildly irritating child star but he’s growing into an even bigger embarrassment. I saw in the news that he had speeding tickets in Dubai and really hoped they’d cut off a limb or something but nope, he gets away with being an idiot because he’s famous. A lot of stars do that but at least they’re mildly entertaining about it. Justin just doesn’t make that cut.

People might be thinking, hold up, this is a bit strong isn’t it? Fans of the corporate sexless man-child might say I’m a hater. Guess what, you’re right! One thing that doesn’t comfort me is that, with time, all things either wither or cease to be relevant.I can’t believe he’s getting away with his recent stunt though, the kid could do with some time in jail. Might sort him out. Recently I read about him spitting at fans too and vandalizing a picture of President Clinton. Surely this little fucker needs to be punished, if some judge doesn’t rain his ass in he’ll end up dead before he’s 30. Which I’m also okay with…

The talentless little prick needs knocking down a few…