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There was an interesting vote at work today on the issue of our employment. Some are self employed and others like myself are on contract. To you Americans this probably seems stupid but I honestly can’t be asked with the hassle of my own tax.

Or I couldn’t. I’ve done some reading and now understand my taxes well and understand deductions. I understand deductions quite well. It is more work but at the end of the day I will be the beneficiary of that work unless I decided to hire an accountant.

I’m wary of the taxman. I don’t like HMRC much because I’ve experienced a lot of fuckery as a result of their mistakes. I’ll make sure I make no mistakes on my side. Looks like I’ll be paying 20% after my personal allowance. It looks doable from my perspective. 

I just need to see what I can deduct. I have a few ideas already. It’s kinda funny how I was against it and now I’m thinking of what I can deduct from my taxes. I’ve decided I don’t care anymore. If it comes to paying my own tax I’ll have a plan. I’ve already got three quarters of a plan.

I’ll find out tomorrow either way. Employment is getting interesting. I just want to get paid already. I promise I’ll stop talking about work now.



And if it isn’t one idiot it’s another.

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Another idiot, only this time he has a law degree. Now to preface this post: you know the procedure. I won’t name people or institutions involved. Also I’d like to say that partially I understand why they wouldn’t take the case. Risk. Risk that they would lose and have to pay fee. With the circumstances surrounding the case I’m sure they could have won. We work with so many different law firms that we could have just passed her to another had the lawyer not been rude to a 70 year old woman…

The client herself was sharp as a tack and rather well educated. She had been a pleasure to speak too. She even knew how to use a computer which surprised me considering her age, she was what is known as a silver surfer. Her case was pretty clear cut to me. I saw no reason she couldn’t win, even if there had been doubts on one side, the sheer amount of people who had experienced the same thing would have counted towards the case our lawyers were making.

She worked at a hospital, the same hospital she would end up falling down in as a result of the flooring being slippery. By her own account patients and staff had both been injured as a result of this flooring. Now to me it would make sense to spend about £2000 paying out for the flooring to be changed rather than endangering patients and staff by pretending it wasn’t an issue.

In our initial conversation she had told me that a payout wasn’t what she wanted, she wanted the recognition and she wanted something done to ensure the safety of staff and post ops/ patients going back and forth in the hospital. That is a goal I emphasised with. How are you going to continue on in negligence if it has been made clear to you on numerous occasions?

I had wanted to be a doctor, if I had worked in a place like this I think I would have spat the pacifier over this even if it meant losing my job in this particular hospital. I personally believe this is a gross negligence on the part of the hospital in question. Especially after your elderly patient who came in for an unrelated operation then fell in the same corridor and shattered her hip requiring her to need another surgery.

The hospital were aware of numerous cases. Yet nothing had been done. Shut the corridor for a day or two in order to prevent the possible deaths on patients. I’m sure there is another entrance that can be used, or maybe carry the work out at night. If none of this is achievable then lay something over it that has grip. An even cheaper option would be to stop buffering the damn floor to the point it’s like an ice rink.

Shiny floors are nice right? I hear claret adds to the shine. Everything was in order, all information was gathered and when the lawyer was doubting the case from a business point of view I thought ‘No worries, I’ll explain to her myself what’s happened and then I will resource her to another firm that isn’t maned by complete pussies unwilling to take a risk for a greater good.’

That’s when the lawyer was rude to her… Now maybe it’s just me, even as a seasoned Misanthropist, I am usually never rude to old people. Manners and conduct is important to those people and this woman isn’t senile. She was able to describe her injuries to me with all the detail of a fully qualified MD. She had won my respect quite early on.

I called back after the lawyer had finished and by that point, because of his bad attitude we had lost her. She said she would call me if she decided to go ahead and I could not sway her. All because of a damn idiot with a law degree. When he rejected her case it wasn’t as a lawyer it was as a businessman. I can respect that to some degree but listen to her and don’t be rude, her next words could be the arrow you need to hit bullseye.

As far as I’m concerned we’ve lost her but I hope that she continues with another lawyer who will take a risk and will win the case for her because I don’t want to look through the paper and hear that she or someone else had died as a result of that unsafe flooring.

I was rather pissed off at that lawyer and basically I’ll bite my own tongue off before I send another client toward that firm.



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Good news for the blog, my job also happens to fuel the Misanthropist in me. I see people getting fucked over by employers, insurance companies and a lot more. It really helps you in your disgust or distaste for humanity. Provides plenty of fuel for the fire as such. The one I’m definitely can’t detail is something involving the NHS…

You can imagine I’m sure, that said I support junior doctors and nurses in their struggle against the government.



Belly of the beast/ Choatic life/A magical place…

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To tell you the truth I wasn’t going to write today. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been preoccupied lately or I just couldn’t be bothered. For whoever is reading, I do enjoy writing because it’s an outlet. My life isn’t a party. I’ve had some great experiences but I haven’t made bank. 

All that said I have missed writing and I have posts on specific subjects in the works as you read this. I really should have prefaced this post by making a note that I recently tried to get my life in order. For the most part it worked, things have improved. 

I’m much happier than before. This isn’t all silver linings however. Once again my life is absolute chaos but we have plenty of time to get into that later. The most recent fuckery is this:

As you are aware I’m looking for work. I’ve been out on work experience. Guess where? I’m working at the job centre… See what I’m getting at? If you’ve been reading for a while and know my history dealing with these people you’ll also know that there is no way I would ever do this without some degree of coercion on the part of the job centre or their employees.

On one hand this could be a terrible experience and on the other this could be very entertaining and prove great material for a post, or many. It’s been a fuckery from the get go and I have a feeling it’ll only get worse as the days go by. The job centre in question isn’t located in the most savoury part of London.

Whatever the case is with my experience I’m looking to make some record of it here. For entertainment and future reference. I would be happier if the experience rewarded me with something feasible. If it helped say get an interview that would be amazing. 

Being entertained by the experience and having material for my blog is a reflection of how low the bar has been set. In truth anything above that would be surprising and anything below it will be good awful. I’m trying to enter this experience without bias which, in all honesty, is next to impossible.

I cannot prepare my brain for the wonders of the job centre… Somebody get me a drink…


Ain’t that some shit 

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I should be in Rio De Janiero eating shrimp and sipping Devassa in a nice little beach side bar/restaurant with the woman I love. Forgive me if I’m a little pissed off but I got drinking San Miguel, under a parasol with a microwaved Mc Rib, in England. I feel like somewhere I drew the short straw…


Into the grey. 

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I’ve decided that I have to start doing something with my weekends. I’m bored of wasting money and time. I have to plan a day. I’ve already got company, I just had to think of a place to go and a thing to see or do. Eventually I settled on the idea of smoking a joint or two and traveling into London to spend a day stoned at the aquarium. 

I’m hoping to find somewhere nice to eat. Beer optional. I always enjoyed the aquarium, the visuals and seeing all those different species of fish. I also like the way they set up unusual displays, like a ford KA as a fishtank. I’ve never been stoned there before. I imagine it’ll be interesting.

Sure it’s a bit of a journey but it should be a good day and money well spent. I always loved the shark tank, they swim there ornate, looking almost inanimate. You see them snap to life as they are fed and you realise just how deadly that strange animal that glides before you actually is.

I’m actually looking forward to it, I haven’t been for a long time. My other ideas include the natural history museum and the British museum. I’d go out to eat but apparently my plus one refuses to travel just for the point of eating. Well he couldn’t score a perfect ten, could he.

I guess I have something to look forward too at least.


Wrecked Again!

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I’ve been meaning to post the last few days, Monday was an absolute haze. I was enjoying the weather with a beer and the sun baked me. By the evening I was absolutely wrecked, I’m not sure I could formulate a sentence let alone an entire post.

That was all made worse by the fact that people decided to leave the house for female hair related fuckery and nobody thought to take those wonderful pieces of metal which we use to open doors! They returned at gone midnight. Nobody needs to be up that late if they are tired and have work in the morning. 

Then to make this day even worse, I get a little soft under the haze of alcohol and cannabis and think that a nice friendly chat with the ex is a smart idea. That descended into a debate, she’s never been good at those. Especially when she’s on the backfoot, she decided she’d go. So there I am at 1.45am on the morning before work. Alone and thoroughly pissed off. 

(This came to mind.)
Lovely hangover I woke up with, self inflicted of course. I crawled into my work clothes after my coffee and cigarette. Proceeded to slam down an aspirin and roll a joint then I headed to work.

Due to my lack of anything to do my Mondays have become an extension of my weekend. 4 day weekends are not something I can complain about. I lead a charmed life, I know. I really need to use my Mondays more productively. 

I’d use this time to learn something but I find myself terminally disinterested in anything at this moment in time. On the other side of the free Mondays coin I seem to be the only person who doesn’t work on that day. There’s also the point that the only thing to do around here is the pub. 

I’ve been considering taking a day for some time but first I’d have to have money and secondly a plan. One thing that my ex never understood was my need for a plan. We don’t have the same mobility here as she does. Also in comparison to Brazil, the place I live in is rather dead. No carnival, no live music and the women/people in general aren’t as warm.

In England there are good times and bad times… But mostly shit times. Until I can figure out something to do looks like I’ll be wrecked again.