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She’s got a nickname.

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In the rare situation that I meet a girl I like and we get to know each other/become good friends or more I usually end up giving her a nickname. It’s a subtle affection really, only three women in my entire life have been given nicknames and one is no longer a part of my life so that’s down to two. This isn’t something I do regularly is my point. I’ve never received a negative reaction from it and they all loved it in someway or another. I think that’s my way of denoting that they are special to me or I really care about them.

First there’s Red, a lovely redheaded Irish girl who has been through her fair share of crap and loneliness in her hunt for someone special. There was definitely a romantic interest there but to sum it up I’m loyal to a fault and due to circumstance it would be a big no-no. I still care about her though, she’s there for me which I appreciate and I have always done the same. She recently embarked on a relationship with a decent guy whom I’m confident will be good to her. I won’t have to beat him until he’s a vegetable which is nice. She’s a kind, innocent girl and if I can help it I won’t let some asshole turn her into a cynical bastard like me. All in all I’m very happy for her and I wish her the best.

Then there is kittycat. I call her that because when she smiles the edges of her lips turn upward slightly like a cat. She’s also a great girl who carries a great deal with her but hasn’t let it destroy her. She likes me, there’s a definite romantic interest there. It’s also quite cute to see her reaction when I call her kittycat, she blushes, smiles then usually calls me names in Spanish but we both know she loves it. I’m lucky to have her in my life, she’s been a great friend and so much more. I can’t say enough good things about her. Her sense of humor is amazing and yeah speaking with her can be the highlight of my day. Maybe I’m a little more enamored than I first realized.

I’ve never seen anything wrong with giving a girl a nickname, especially if they like it but apparently some women find it offensive, am I really that old-fashioned? Well if it’s offensive to show a verbal display of affection then I guess I’m offensive. If you’re reading this seething with rage and while clasping at feminist literature then you should probably blog about how the cis gendered white male is oppressing women with his affections and after that get a life.

Brb, checking muh privilege.


Idiots, social networking, society, celebrity and the individual.

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An idiot I have the displeasure of knowing recently posted to Facebook regarding the death of Nelson Mandela. I’m usually one for the whole ‘X died, who gives a damn’ thing. A shining example of me being a good human being is the death of the actor from the Fast and the Furious films. I really don’t care beyond wondering if it was ironic or consequential. The films were bad and so were the actors. It’s unfortunate but it is what happens when you dick around in machines at high speeds. Don’t take that as malice because it isn’t. I’m kind of irritated by the whole thing because I saw maybe one mention of the stunt driver who also died. Am I an asshole or is the majority made up of terrible individuals who fetishise celebrities to the point where the death of a non celebrity in the seat next to him is of little consequence regardless of the fact that you could probably relate to him more than Paul Walker.

I went just a little off track but not entirely off topic. The idiot I was referring to earlier posted something along the lines of:

‘What is wrong with people posting all of this Nelson Mandela stuff, he’s dead, get over it. He has no affiliation to you or any influence on yourself or your life so stop putting up posts you retards.’

Now normally I might agree with him had he been talking about a celebrity or whomever but this is Nelson Mandela and he may have no real influence on your life but he has achieved much in his time. I mean even if we are to take this whole thing down to a base level compare the achievements of an idiot who makes idiotic and baseless comments over Facebook to the achievements of a man who was once a president, a man who made a difference. His achievements are too long to list and yours include looking like a fucking retard for all to see over the internet.

As a white male. Yes I checked my privilege. Nelson Mandela’s work may not have personally affected me but I can still look at a great achievement and say that the man did good with his 95 years on this planet which is more than I can say for most. If anything Mandela lived a meaningful life that benefited many and if there were a final judgement I’m pretty sure he’d do just fine. I can’t decide whether this is a commentary on society and its obsession with celebrity, an obituary, or a stark reminder that your stupidity and ignorance does not provide you an opportunity to bitch about something you obviously have zero understanding of.

I can’t believe I know this person… Other than that I’m really not surprised by any of this.

It Was My Privilege

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I want to talk to you all about something that has been on my mind lately, well now its kinda burned into my mind. The image that is burned into my mind is not a good one. The issue is Feminism (I checked my privilege and capitalized it)
I don’t have a problem with women so don’t mistake this whole post for misogyny, I’m all for women having equal rights to men in every area. Wait why the fuck am I apologizing for myself. My mistake, silly me…

I was on Facebook lately and a friend of a friend of mine posted an article in from a well-known US news source, it was about women and their rights. I read it and didn’t agree with everything that was said in it. I especially don’t like the stance that every man is a rapist, so I commented on it. I was then accosted by the girl who posted it. Obviously a feminist. Before I get into anything (I’m not talking specifically about the individual involved) there is a point when feminism becomes radical and then there’s the sad point where feminism becomes misandry. These specific man hating feminists and some of the things they say and promote are completely ridiculous and they make feminists and feminism in general look like a joke, which is the exact opposite of what they want. These ‘feminists’ are why you ladies can’t have nice things. There’s a point when it just becomes war on the danglers in general and you don’t want equal rights but to take away the rights of men.

I think that a woman shouldn’t think every man is a potential rapist, don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of putting the fear of god in people to warn them of potential danger but it gets ridiculous at the point where all men are demonized for the actions of a few animals. The other thing I can’t stand is the cherry picking, its pathetic. You already have a point, no need to dress it up. Then the other thing is being told I’m privileged. Yes I’m white and male and I know that in years gone by this carried privileges but now days this is much less true and where I’m from we’re had multiculturalism and tolerance hammered into us while we were still to young to see color and creed. Where I’m from we’re united in our shitty environment and shitty situation as I said when you’re at the bottom rung of the ladder everyone is on equal footing. Telling me I’m privileged in any way because of the color of my skin or my sex makes me laugh. I invite you to come see where I live, you’ll see my point. We’re all equal in this shit hole.

Another thing is a feminist telling me how she has no rights or how she’s being oppressed… posting her opinions freely on social media, from her cell phone that she owns and paid for with her own money… need I go on?
Sure I recognize that women aren’t completely equal but there are women having their genitals mutilated in Africa, and women who aren’t allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, who can’t go out without the company of a man, women who are really oppressed, the women who jumped under the kings carriage for their rights were oppressed. So sorry you’re not top of the list. right now. Lets worry about the women who have been killed for dishonoring their families or that poor little girl in the news. That’s oppression and you don’t know what the fuck that is. And by god I hope you never do…

The worst thing is that even when you agree with a lot of their points they fuck it up for themselves by being rude or sometimes just plain crazy and for a lot of people it was shocking at first but now its hilarious to the point where feminists in general became massive targets for trolls, so yeah if you sit in your feminism 101 class and look to your left, then look to your right, one of those two women are likely to make you and your sisters look like a joke. You know what warms me the most, when a man and a woman just work together and not against each-other. I find with many feminists the target is the man and not the inequality and I can’t understand why they can’t be fucking polite. When I converse with someone I’m always civil but when you’re being shitty and rude because I disagree with some facets of your belief system, (You know the conspiracy to keep all women down?) That’s when I start being an asshole and you get a little wake up call. If you could talk to me, I may even be able to see your point of view. But no, there’s no moderation with them. I mean shit we’re not the enemy. Not all of us.

I don’t have a problem with the basic ideals of feminism but what I have a problem with is the feminists I’ve described here.
It has been my privilege.