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She always said if we broke up she would end up ruining an entire culture for me. False. I love Brazil, it has its problems but it is a beautiful place full of some of the warmest people I’ve ever met. I look forward to going again one day. I absorbed so much of their culture that I feel more at home there than I do in my own home. 

I do miss her, I really do, as you miss anyone you once loved. Maybe I still love her but it’s irrelevant now isn’t it? The memories will always be there and I can’t deny that she had an influence on me. A huge one, both good and bad but how would I let the actions of one woman ruin an entire culture for me? For a smart woman she sure could be stupid as fuck. 

I may even go out to some of the Brazilian bars in London. And, I know what you’re thinking… Gringo is going hunting for girls. Who could blame me really? They’re fucking beautiful. I totally have a weakness for that accent now but that isn’t it. I miss the food, the drinks etc. There’s this beautiful casual way of life in Brazil. Everything is done in time, not rushed. I really love that.

I also enjoyed the ease with which I could socialise. The women seemed to like me and they weren’t afraid to let me know it, I find that refreshing. It’s so rare to have a girl just outright say she likes you here. Cultural difference I guess? It’s also rare to strike up a random conversation that leads to a friendship here. Honestly if I could manage it I would just skip country.

I have a feeling Id be happier there if I could make a decent living. I miss the wildlife and beautiful natural scenery. There’s really nothing like that here. I understand why Brazilians come to London but I also understand why they return home. Who would want to stay here forever unless their situation at home is infinitely worse?

I’d trade the relative safety of London for Brazil any day. It’s funny, how full of yourself can you be to believe you could wreck someone’s view of an entire group of people?

In a closing statement, I’m not going to claim that everything that happened was her fault. I fuck up, I make mistakes and my words are sometimes razor edged. I always attempted to right my wrongs and let her know she was more important than whatever we argued about. And finally, I do not fetishise those women. I do however have a massive weakness for them probably as a consequence of my positive experiences with them.



Ain’t that some shit 

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I should be in Rio De Janiero eating shrimp and sipping Devassa in a nice little beach side bar/restaurant with the woman I love. Forgive me if I’m a little pissed off but I got drinking San Miguel, under a parasol with a microwaved Mc Rib, in England. I feel like somewhere I drew the short straw…


Electric Feel.

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Wrecked Again!

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I’ve been meaning to post the last few days, Monday was an absolute haze. I was enjoying the weather with a beer and the sun baked me. By the evening I was absolutely wrecked, I’m not sure I could formulate a sentence let alone an entire post.

That was all made worse by the fact that people decided to leave the house for female hair related fuckery and nobody thought to take those wonderful pieces of metal which we use to open doors! They returned at gone midnight. Nobody needs to be up that late if they are tired and have work in the morning. 

Then to make this day even worse, I get a little soft under the haze of alcohol and cannabis and think that a nice friendly chat with the ex is a smart idea. That descended into a debate, she’s never been good at those. Especially when she’s on the backfoot, she decided she’d go. So there I am at 1.45am on the morning before work. Alone and thoroughly pissed off. 

(This came to mind.)
Lovely hangover I woke up with, self inflicted of course. I crawled into my work clothes after my coffee and cigarette. Proceeded to slam down an aspirin and roll a joint then I headed to work.

Due to my lack of anything to do my Mondays have become an extension of my weekend. 4 day weekends are not something I can complain about. I lead a charmed life, I know. I really need to use my Mondays more productively. 

I’d use this time to learn something but I find myself terminally disinterested in anything at this moment in time. On the other side of the free Mondays coin I seem to be the only person who doesn’t work on that day. There’s also the point that the only thing to do around here is the pub. 

I’ve been considering taking a day for some time but first I’d have to have money and secondly a plan. One thing that my ex never understood was my need for a plan. We don’t have the same mobility here as she does. Also in comparison to Brazil, the place I live in is rather dead. No carnival, no live music and the women/people in general aren’t as warm.

In England there are good times and bad times… But mostly shit times. Until I can figure out something to do looks like I’ll be wrecked again. 


I think it’s about time.

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She’s been in my life for a while now so I figure it’s time to learn her language. Especially since her parents approve of me and things are looking long term. This is one thing I have to be optimistic about if nothing else. Anyway, remember I spoke earlier about educational apps? Well I downloaded a few resources and along with my previous knowledge I should be speaking good Portuguese soon enough. I’m just debating whether to tell her or surprise her later. I was at it for three hours today and I realised that time spent around her family has given me a level of understanding.

I may also need to know this because there is a possibility I could end up in South America, next on the list might have to be Spanish. When I told her before that I’m picking up what she’s saying I don’t think that she understood just how much I comprehend. I don’t know if it’s our cultural differences but I never get tired of her speaking her own language or her small mistakes. It’s actually endearing as fuck.

I guess learning her language is a passive commitment.


I haven’t been writing too much.

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There’s not many excuses for my lack of posting, I have a four-day weekend and I’m not doing anything in particular on my off-days. I’ve noticed my alcohol consumption increasing rapidly, which is something I should really take control of. In the last week I’ve been drinking some amount for six out of the seven days, it’s not clever. I need to sort that out. As far as work is concerned I’m doing great, I’ve been there three weeks or so and I’m already the fastest on the floor. I’ve learned more in my three weeks than anyone else has in their twenty years running, I’m something of a record holder. I guess that means I was worth hiring. If I keep on I’ll be going up. Record Store day is around the corner, that’s gonna be a busy few weeks leading up to it I’m told. Not looking forward to that.

As you can see from the mix and matched content of this post I have no idea what I’m doing here. I’m posting because I feel I should, you see, I have all these great ideas for posts during the week then I pass out from exhaustion and forget them. That’s really beginning to piss me off. On another note, it looks like my partner’s father isn’t into the idea of paying for her to be educated in my country so I’m left with a choice, I either break it off with her and mark it down as pointless or I eventually move to Brazil. It matters to me, she matters to me so it looks like I’ll be doing the latter. Do any of you remember when life was simple?

I’m getting that iPhone tomorrow, finally. I’ve waited long enough. On that note I have noticed a trend, as your capital goes up your patience decreases. I could wait for that phone and get it for a great price or I could just go spend the extra and have it now, in other words I’d be paying because I can’t be bothered to wait. The same goes for people, now I work I have less patience for people’s shit. I guess I come off as being an asshole or obnoxious but I really have no time for it. I guess this is one of those random update posts, anyways I hope you enjoyed it.


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It has occurred to me tonight how much I miss Brazil. It was a beautiful place. Sure it has its problems but the people were warm and welcoming. I miss the green spaces, happy people and how you could randomly strike up a conversation. Do that in London, see how they can’t wait to get away from you. Maybe I had the fact that I’m a gringo on my side also the English accent seems to be a universal novelty. Good thing I’m used to that by now. The social aspect of things in brazil was great, everything was so easy-going. I could strike up conversation easily and meet new people in a way that just isn’t possible in London. Even the poorest of people seemed like they had something that was missing back home. Despite their circumstances they seemed genuinely happy.

I loved how easy-going everyone was. You made an arrangement to go out at a certain time but were expected to be up to an hour late. In the event you were late nobody became needlessly pissed off about it. You would just have drinks until they got there. I also miss the ease of living, I could practically get anything delivered to the door, from fast food to cigarettes. The food was also fucking amazing, from her home cooked meals to something I got from a street vendor on a drunken night out in town. Everything was so easy. Another thing is that in London we have this problem, you can’t really go out without a plan. You can’t just hang around outside, in Brazil we could go to a beach or some other beautiful spot and even if it was just enjoy a few cans or a little smoke with friends the weather and scenery was beautiful. We just don’t have that kind of environment in London, socially and geographically speaking.

I can’t see why anyone from Brazil would want to spend an extended amount of time in London, other than the exchange value of the pound sterling. I think coming from Brazil to London would make anyone miserable. In comparison London seems dead. I had a wonderful time in there with a wonderful woman and her amazing family, maybe that’s it. I’m blinded by love or just taken by a place so warm yet so alien to me. I enjoyed America while I was there but Brazil has been a different thing entirely, more challenging for me but a lot more rewarding at the same time. Another thing is I keep drinking Cachaça. Fucking Pitu. I don’t even like it but it has become a drink of pure sentiment. Needless to say I fucking miss Brazil. I hope to see it again soon. I wasn’t even in the usual tourist spots, I’d recommend traveling outside of the usual tourist traps if you ever find yourself in Brazil. See the country outside of Rio and the south. I recommend Recife.