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AM Hates: Katie Hopkins and so does everyone else!

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Sometimes you look at someone on the television and think ‘Why are you expressing your opinion in front of an audience, what makes you so special, what the fuck do you do?’

This is why I’m not big on television, if I had lived in America I might have reached for the nearest gun and fired two shots into my TV in rage and disgust. (Always double tap.) Apparently all you have to do nowadays is win The Apprentice. (Edit: She didn’t even win it.) I didn’t know of this poor excuse for a human being until around about 12hrs ago and my life was richer for it. I’ve never heard so much shit from one person in all of my life. I spent about 10 minutes wondering if she was just a gimmick, there for shock value like Simon Cowell. That said at least Cowell is funny with it and has a good idea what he’s talking about. It’s almost like she tries to drop knowledge and truths on us during these discussions but she just reveals herself to be a terrible human being.

Firstly I’d like to say I feel sorry for her children. Work comes first and they all share one birthday at a convenient time for her and one cake? You can be an asshole to many people in your life but to your kids, that’s something else. I verily dislike this woman. She’s the kind of person who takes shots at people and groups for the sake of it. She was saying how she wouldn’t hire someone who is fat or has a tattoo and that she won’t allow her children to socialize with other children based on their economic class and name. She’s just a prick of a human being. It comes to something when you go onto Google, search her ‘Katie Hopkins Should…’ and the first two suggestions are ‘be shot/die.’ Some people try so hard to be controversial they just end up being annoying, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to punch a woman in the face before…

I was going to write a long post about her but I don’t feel like getting irritated by her any longer, in a recent karmic shift she lost her column, unfortunately she’s still on the Today Show. There’s a reason I don’t watch that crap, now I will just instantly change the channel. How is she even on TV she may be business minded but she’s most of the things I hate in a person. One thing I’m comforted by is the fact that people like this come and go, we find them funny eventually, then they give us someone to hate and after that they burn out altogether. The sooner the better. I think the lesson we can learn from Katie Hopkins, as a society, is:

If you actually feel like viewing this deplorable excuse for a human being yourself look at her twitter page of ignorance or just Google her. I’d say she’s not worth the energy but this is a spectacle indeed. Really something you have to see for yourself. She’s about as pleasing to the eye as she is to the ears so avoid an Image search unless you really must. I can help wanting to slap the dumb fuck who impregnated  this piece of human detritus. I feel bad for those poor kids must be like North Korea at home. I mean I know some people’s work comes before their children, I find that wrong personally but even those people don’t let their work affect their children’s birthdays. Their parents may be absent but the kids still have their own personal day. How must those kids feel when their friends ask them and they have to explain that they all share one birthday? Their friends inform them this isn’t normal and they are instantly weird.

It’s sad but those kids will probably end up alienated because their mother is a bitch, hopefully they’ll grow up to hate her just like everybody else does. Bitch is unsuited to have children, if she wasn’t paid like she is social services might removed those damn kids from her custody and give them to their father. Sometimes mother doesn’t know best.


Alpha Misanthropos Hates: Justin Bieber.

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Remember I said I had a spot reserved for someone special?

This little fucker has been misbehaving lately, I’ve began to wonder if he’ll go the way of other childhood stars but as much delight as I’d take from that I’d hate to give him the attention. Lets face it, the talentless brat doesn’t deserve it. (Don’t worry too much, his musical career is over till he gets short of cash.) At first he was a mildly irritating child star but he’s growing into an even bigger embarrassment. I saw in the news that he had speeding tickets in Dubai and really hoped they’d cut off a limb or something but nope, he gets away with being an idiot because he’s famous. A lot of stars do that but at least they’re mildly entertaining about it. Justin just doesn’t make that cut.

People might be thinking, hold up, this is a bit strong isn’t it? Fans of the corporate sexless man-child might say I’m a hater. Guess what, you’re right! One thing that doesn’t comfort me is that, with time, all things either wither or cease to be relevant.I can’t believe he’s getting away with his recent stunt though, the kid could do with some time in jail. Might sort him out. Recently I read about him spitting at fans too and vandalizing a picture of President Clinton. Surely this little fucker needs to be punished, if some judge doesn’t rain his ass in he’ll end up dead before he’s 30. Which I’m also okay with…

The talentless little prick needs knocking down a few…

AM Hates: Perez Hilton.

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How the hell do people like this even exist?
This man annoys my very soul, he hangs around celebrities even taking up skirts of Miley Cyrus and isn’t in prison!
His ‘website’ reports celebrity gossip and various bullshit that nobody really cares about other than curious 18 year olds or bored housewives who discovered the internet. How does he even have a site?
I guess he never runs out of content because celebrities are always doing stupid things. I just don’t understand how you can run a successful website on shock value, gossip and the oh I’m so very gay angle.

Yes we know, you’re very gay, shut up about it already. He basically a celebrity wannabe who surrounds himself with fame, money and maybe even a little talent, you report on it to feel important and I get that but some of the things he has done are inexcusable. Before we get to that I want to address one more thing: I don’t know who is the bigger idiot Perez for writing this crap or the denizens of the internet/the public for lapping it up. I really can’t decide. It hurts my brain to even try to comprehend that people would search for this low-end excuse for celebrity news every single day.

I still struggle to believe he thought it would be a great idea to publish an up skirt of a young woman like that, I mean If I were Billy Ray Cyrus I would have beat him black and blue for disrespecting my family and my little girl like that. Perez’s career seemed admirable enough at first. He worked for various gay rights organizations within the media, promoted gay events and even became the managing editor of a gay mens magazine. He was very active in the gay community which is always a good thing, I’m all for freedom of sexual orientation. This is in no way gay-bashing. I have one question for the gay community, Isn’t he just embarrassing for you guys?

Later he had his brush with the dark side and began blogging about celebrity gossip and whatever he could get his hands on, he became a total attention whore who snapped pics of himself with celebrities at any opportunity he could. Encyclopedia Dramatica, dictionary of the Internets, defines attention whores as such:

”Most commonly found on the Internets, an Attention Whore is almost invariably a sixteen year old girl who desperately craves attention in any form. The majority of Attention Whores are completely insane and most still attend high school. Massive attention whores have Histrionic Personality Disorder. Some of them are 300 pound women who think they’re cute by dumping crap on other people to massage their flat egos.”

Encyclopedia Dramatica is only half right here, Perez seems to have birthed a new species of attention whore. The Gigantowhorus.

Now to get to that inexcusable behaviour, Perez made a thing out of forcibly outing closeted gay stars saying something along the lines of ‘you act like what I’m doing is a bad thing.’
Encouraging people to come out is a good thing but forcing them is entirely different, maybe they weren’t ready to come out. You could argue that celebrities lose their rights to privacy when they become celebrity but they are still human beings and their sexuality is one part of their lives that you of all people should have nothing to do with. If they choose to come out then good on them but if not that is their choice alone.

Perez frequently questioned Niel Patrick Harris about his sexuality and he did eventually come out, the man is still one of my favourite actors of all time. His sexuality could never change that. This little trend of harassment continued for some time. Perez Hilton you disgust me, so much so that I’d actually give you time of day. You’d love that extra attention I bet somewhere deep inside you’d even feel a bit special and I wouldn’t want that now, would I?
I’ve also read that he has vendettas against celebrities, what the hell, that’d be like a poodle growling at a giant, I’d be surprised if they even noticed.

He befriended Paris Hilton at one point and it has been noted that his reporting is biased as he will not represent Paris in a negative light at all. Sad little attention whore, anything to stay in the limelight. I can’t believe he could be so two-faced as to be active in the LGBT community and yet ignore homophobic comments made by Paris Hilton, he is truly a harlot. Now I’m not a fan of Fergie, for the most part I dislike her music and her constant wiggering but I have to give her a hand for referring to Perez in her song pedestal. Very well handled.

Someone, somewhere had to punch this guy in the face. Eventually they did and pictures were posted of Perez Hilton looking pretty beat up, the world applauded. I’ve read in other places that he can be a bit of a bully. I invite him here to start an argument and get laid down because at the end of the day he’s just a silly little attention whore. Every time he opens his mouth something idiotic comes out. I really can’t stand him. Hopefully they’ll find a new whore next year.

Sorry if this post is incoherent, the guy just pisses me off. Rant over.

Reddit and that fucking Karma/voting system…the worst idea ever.

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The karma/voting system on reddit produces a burning hatred within me, it has made me consider leaving reddit a number of times. Reddit itself is a reflection of humanity, that which I most hate. This may lead you to ask the question “why are you there then?” I will answer that question with this statement: “the Internet is sub-par in quality for the most part, boredom lead me here and the karma system has made me begin to wonder why I stay. I stay because there is little that comes close to the information compiled there and little on the web that entertains me. I have too much time on my hands.” That said let me get to the point.

Reddits karma/voting system inspires the online equivalent of attention seeking, people do stupid, outlandish things to procure positive karma. These acts range from posting risqué pictures of themselves naked for strangers to jerk over, to pictures of their animals in poses and situations that have been implied to have occurred naturally when they are obviously engineered. Because we all carry around cameras 100% of the time!

The point here is that people will do anything for karma or upvotes, citation? The whole damn website. Karma/upvotes have this strange perceived value here, much like money in the real world. It is only valued by the individual’s perception of its worth. In the same way that dollar bills are just paper, karma is just a number on a screen. I do not personally understand how people place so much value upon it. They take great risks: risking their personal lives, well being and privacy to obtain it. Karma for me is the greatest evil of the reddit community. Now for the sheer stupidity of it all, karma won’t buy you a car, impress anyone outside of the reddit club, get you a girlfriend, buy you a house or do anything for you really.

Karma/upvotes for many are an ego stroke, increasing a person’s sense of self worth at least but at most it is extremely addictive. I believe that people get the same dopamine rush or “high” that a gambling addict gets or someone addicted to a video game such as World Of Warcraft. To this end users begin to engage in karma seeking behaviour. You may have seen many posts about people saying that reddit takes your soul or is inescapable, well this is quite true. Karma is in effect a drug for some people and I can imagine for others it can be quite a destructive force in their personal lives. I bet the contents of my wallet that without prior responsibilities a lot of redditors would slip into a habit of browsing reddit 24/7 with or without the intent to garner karma.

Now here’s the misanthropy. Are we that weak minded that we require recognition from strangers in the form of a number on a screen to feel any sense of self worth? Looks like we are. Are we so pathetic that we would actively seek this approval from others by posting outlandish and/or popular things in order to get more karma and upvotes? Yes again. Our ego, our narcicism, our materialism, our stupidity and all the worst parts of the human psyche follow us onto the Internet. It’s fucking sad, it really is, and it makes me hate humanity all the more. All our evil comes with us, even on the web and it follows us home.

I’ve seen people go into fits of rage over losing large sums of karma or being downvoted to shit and I think to myself how can one put that kind of value on this thing called karma which in name and nature strays so far from the original concept. Reddit has managed to bastardize this interesting concept and turn it into some sort of commodity. How can we call ourselves intelligent and participate in such ego stroking, narcissistic, attention seeking bullshit?

It is amazing to think that karma and the voting system was originally supposed to bring the best content to the top of reddit. In reddit like any democracy if your opinion, wants or needs don’t align with one of the majorities then you may as well have no vote or opinion at all. My opinion or interests do not matter unless they are shared by a majority, they are not so there is no point of me upvoting or downvoting anything at all. The entire system flawed and open to widespread abuse. It doesn’t do what it is intended to do so I will have little or no part in it. I rarely upvote anything. If I took part in the voting system I would end up downvoting mostly everything. Voting on reddit is pointless for me.

Humanity is still heading down that dark path, corrupting everything it can lay its filthy hands on. The reddit karma system is an extension of the worst facets of society and humanity in general. It is pure 100% concentrated stupidity and it’s Eco-friendly, easily recycled and reused like so many advice animal memes. The reddit karma system is the communities’ greatest evil, worse than the racists, trolls, bigots and everything else.


AM hates: 5th November

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I hate, no, have always hated November 5th. In merry old England it is known as Guy Fawkes night, bonfire night, firework night or whatever other crappy name people want to call it by. Being in the USA I don’t have to worry about it this year, though I might as well tell you why I hate it so much.

A) I was born with super sensitive hearing which has its perks but sucks when your parents insist on sitting you less that 500 meters away from a huge display that physically hurts your ears every time a single firework goes off. What pisses me off more is that my parents insisted I was a wuss, not that little 5 year old me cried out of sheer pain or anything. God people are fucking idiots. Which brings me to our next point.

B) Idiots, there’s lots of them the world over and they all have one thing in common, they’re attracted to pretty colors and explosions. In my day I’ve had a few fireworks launched at me, I dived into a friends porch and as soon as that thing exploded I set about the pleasurable task of beating seven shades of shit out of that asshole. I honestly believe you should have an I.Q. test before being allowed to purchase fireworks.

C) The history, kids these days either aren’t aware of it or don’t care, I’m a sucker for history so it really grates me that people don’t know this. I wonder what would have happened if Mr Fawkes had succeeded in his plot! Would England be a better place for it? Let’s face it the queen has been reduced to a tourist attraction, not that I’m a monarchist or anything but parliament aren’t exactly doing a great job, whichever idiot we choose we’re going to get screwed.

D) Fireworks are sure to go off for seven days after said event. I enjoy the colors and I love a good party around a bonfire but these idiots take it to new extremes when they let off fireworks at 1 or 2am. I don’t sleep much but when I want to sleep I enjoy not being woken up by loud bangs and idiots shouting.

E) The casualties, every year some one gets blown up usually through sheer stupidity which is pretty funny but when someone’s child or pet gets blown up by an idiot it is less funny for all involved. Another thing is when some kid gets burned because their idiot parents let them play with a sparkler also property damage sucks, peoples cars get lit like a roman candle and something always gets burned down.

F) Fireworks send my pets crazy, the dog wants to kill them which is good but my cats shit bricks and hide out for days.

G) Firework retailers simply don’t give a damn in England they make so little money that they will sell to anybody, the greedy bastards are probably responsible for a good few deaths.

All these things make me hate the night, from my personal annoyance to idiots who let them off. It is a night I will not be missing at all. Another thing to thank America for I suppose. I think the best firework related incident was the factory fire where I got to watch a few thousand pounds worth of them go up for free from the comfort of my living room minus the loud bangs. Fun, fun, fun.

AM Hates: Chicago.

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My face in chicago

Pissed in chicago

Maybe I am biased from the experience with delays but I really hate chicago, the place just sucked. From the mexican minibus driver that spoke little or no english to the overly friendly chinese guy. The place is just like London in many ways, I probably hate it because it reminds me of home. Currently I hate home and most people in it.
Everyone is packed so tightly and people are a lot less friendly in chicago, I don’t care so much about that. I just hate how crowded it is, a lot of people were douches. I suppose I don’t have a good reason but I do hate chicago. Never again. I dislike chicago and a majority of its inhabitants with a passion, it’s more the place than the people. I’ve come to realise I prefer the suburbs to the city.

AM Hates: The Royal Wedding

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I have no idea about the german flag on the side, one world cup and two world wars, that is all germany.

I am unsure if it is just me, well I’m pretty sure someone else is as annoyed as me but anyway, the royal wedding is really getting on my nerves. I am English for a start and I see it is a mindless publicity stunt to pique interest in the royal family. Honestly I nothing the royal family, sure they’re nice to look at and have some bling but they don’t actually do anything of value. Sure it’s a wedding and I’m happy for them but it has no real significance at all, other than the fact that two people are being joined in marriage. Even at home anyone under the age of 40 doesn’t really care about it.

So the man-child finally got married to his sweetheart, that’s nice for them but where exactly does that leave us, nowhere, we all know the Queen of England is going to live forever and he’ll never see the throne. The coverage is over the top however, I mean whole pull-outs in the news. Is there no interesting plane crash or something for them to cover?
Even worse is the fact the America seems to be somewhat fascinated by the whole affair, I can’t escape it. It holds so little significance for me personally that when asked by some waitress who is getting married I replied without thinking ‘ I dunno, the queen or something?’
Those are the lengths I’ve gone to in order to erase the whole thing from my mind. It really gets on my nerves, I want to kill every single American that asks me about it as if I have the inside scoop, the sharp objects begin to look real useful.

A.K.A Bender and Tinkerbell

Shit listed for life. No exceptions. Thanks for taking him away America we owe you big time.

Royal wedding, celebrate peasants, I’m surprised nobody was holding the talk show clap and laugh cards. If you clapped out of time it’d be off with your head and they’d feed your remains to the Queens corgis. Also I request an explanation for the invitation of another person who is on my shit list, David Beckham, what is the medal for he hasn’t done shit. For football or anything else. I also want to know why they invited Tinkerbell (Victoria Beckham.)
Also a big thank you to the USA for taking the Beckhams off our hands, no more crappy football (soccer) playing or shitty solo albums.

I have almost got it all out of my system, I will give one allowance on my Beckham point, at least it isn’t Bono. I’d take Beckham over that sunglasses sporting douche any time. I really don’t understand everyone’s fascination with this whole event, with one exception, women. Every little girl or so I’m told, dreams of marrying a prince. I can understand why women would enjoy this crap. The other thing, in the days before hand it was my second or third week in the USA and they were placing bets on the royal wedding?
From what she’d wear to all kinds of strange stuff. It was retarded to be honest. I think that’s all, I got it out.