Universal Fuck ups 

Fuck ups, across the board.

So being unemployed I applied for unemployment, as you do, which means I get to deal with my favourite people the JSA or their shitty convergence of existing services rebranded as Universal Credit. I avoided applying for as long as possible because I didn’t want to deal with them, when I did reapply I told them my reasoning for doing so and I informed them of my earnings. All above board and generally known as doing the right thing.

Lo and behold they manage to somehow fuck it up. They paid me the correct amount with deductions the first time, my second payment was the same amount. They had deducted my earnings not once but twice, all the while my advisor is telling me this is correct. Not sure if stupid or just not understanding? I think Hanlon’s razor applies here. So I call them to get it fixed and they say they will notify me when it has gone through, now they’ve made mistake three times. The wrong amount paid again. 

They also failed to notify me of it as they said they would. During my third phone call a rather confused representative I was talking to figured out that they owed me a whole months payment from previously, the time before I’d applied. Now this is all wonderful but in the time waiting for them to make three mistakes and fix them I’d run into debt so the money I had received went mostly to paying that off. I was back at 0 but that’s better than minus.

Now for me this is inconvenient but for someone who has children to feed, a mortgage or otherwise this could be a disaster. If anything I’m thankful that the confused lady on the phone listened and took time to look into my problem. I had to explain it many times but the result was definitely worth the effort. This convergence of services was supposed to make the process more efficient. That obviously failed in its objective. 

If anything it may speed up people’s journey into employment as they’ll get tired of the incompetence. I know I am, I’m already exploring the possibility of generating my own employment because universal credit and the local area has very little to offer right now. I’m basically tired of this shit. They can fuck things up multiple times without repercussions but god forbid I make a single mistake. 



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