An acceptable birthday 

I woke up, had a black coffee because there was no milk and I’m not going to the store that early. Because fuck that. So I drank the coffee, had my morning cigarette. Got dressed and left for work as usual. I arrived at work and said nothing about my birthday, it’s not the kind of thing I get excited over. I opened some cards and that was all.
A few happy birthdays during the day, the guys brought me a Philly cheese steak for lunch which was nice of them. Considering I was having beer for lunch. I went through the day as normal pretty much. I’ve never been someone who gives a damn whether someone acknowledges my birthday or not. 

I got home later that night to a bottle of jack which I of course shared with whoever was drinking at the time. My dinner was amazing but the portion was way too small. I was left hungry and wonder whether to order a pizza, I didn’t end up doing so in the end. I went to sleep an hour or so later.

Apparently someone’s buying me a game on the Xbox that has yet to materialise. It wasn’t a great day by all accounts



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