I never asked for this.

I get in on Friday, fire up my computer, open the spreadsheets, login to our system and after getting my morning out the way I hear a phone call saying you’re going to be speaking with our floor manager. Another colleague comes over and tells me that I’m going to be recruiting on top of all my normal work that day.

‘Floor manager.’ No, you’ve got the wrong guy. I really don’t want to deal with newbies. If they want training sure but I’m not too pleased about the prospect of carrying out primary interviews. I’ve combed for good candidates, some who speak other languages would be an advantage as well as previous experience, advantageous but not entirely necessary.

I’m going to end up heading up a damn team, I know it. I don’t particularly want it and if I’m put into that position, best pay me more. I don’t mind having a team of newbies but the turn over on lower levels is pretty high so I don’t want to waste my time with people who aren’t aware of my expectations or I don’t think will make grade. 

It’s a waste of my time, the company’s money and the applicants time. My main issue thus far is people saying the pay is too low. We need to change demographics to younger job seekers who are looking to earn nicely and learn some skills. I’m going to experiment the coming Monday with only selecting certain age demographics. I could probably get a better result hanging outside the Job Center than using monster.

Honestly, I hate recruitment and I do not want to be responsible for a bunch of fuckbois. I do not want to be the intermediary between candidates and the business. I didn’t ask for this. Is this what work place progression looks like?



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