Email me chatting shit

I get in mid week to an email from upper management asking me how I examined 15 cases and didn’t accept any, surely that’s not possible. Well let me fucking tell you how it’s absolutely possible…

When you’re at your desk and only doing clerical and admin you don’t see the work going on, you see the numbers but obviously can’t infer any meaning from them. Well I could personally, it’s an A or B type scenario. I’m not making any mistakes. I just won’t accept a non case. It would be a waste of time or money for everyone. I do however send people in the right directions if their case is criminal or untraced.

But still that email fucked me off, before even consulting my manager I fired back with spreadsheets and a written statement of all 15 rejections, their reasoning etc. Safe to say they didn’t email me back. The reason this happened was because of preliminary vetting not being up to standard.

I’m doing my best to train them off my own back but they either don’t understand or are just firing through hoping they’ll get their numbers up. It just demonstrates a lack of understanding on their part. The fact the upper management email me about it before they check themselves is embarrassing.

The accusatory tone of it pissed me off more so. I’ve had similar emails before. Even my manager said its bullshit that they email us like that so I send my emails CC the boss of the company, my manager, admin, HR and also accounts on everything. Case by case updates. You ask for it you go it. I’m waiting for the complaint about the emails.

Personally I hate sending an email to someone a few hundred meters away when I can walk over to them and get the answer or desired result without waiting 30 mins for something that needs doing now. I hate unecessary emails.



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