Firstly I have to apologise for my absence. Work tried pulling some shit so I left and after two weeks of bumming around drinking and smoking I found myself in bed at around 3pm, fucked by all accounts, when I received a phone call from what constitutes HR at my old work. Apparently a perfect position salary is the same but higher earning potential. 
Now I hadn’t bothered looking for a job but when I was asked I had interviews. Since I had not bothered to even look and the new unemployment was a fuckery I couldn’t be bothered to deal with I accepted a start on Monday, giving me two days to get ready.

I got back and it turns out my position is a gatekeeper. I make the decisions on the initial acceptance of a case. Once I accept I investigate and then submit. Not a bad job but I’m also training, providing feedback. I have about 50 people below me. I don’t really deal with them personally. 

It is my responsibility to contribute to their development in terms of knowledge. It’s better work and less fuckery. It’s better although waiting on IT to fix a problem is annoying. I always attempt to fix it first. 

The strangest part of all this is that when our staff register was reformed, that morning, I went to sign in and my name is in the management bracket. That said my pay this month is sad on account of having left my old position just under a month ago now.

My new job is half the stress but relentless recording of information, feed back, emails, updates, meetings etc. My new manager is amazing. The team consists of me and her, a middle aged Asian woman from up north. 

I enjoy working with her. I would like to take the opportunity to quote her on IT issues: ‘You’re taking the piss out of my life.’ Under us is around 50 other people. When it’s dead I have to clean up old files, resolve or delete. Maybe chase up requested information. 

They should have given us our own office. Then again being mixed is better for communication. I’ve always fucking hated sending an email to someone 200 ft away. Also I still chill will my old team mates. I’m enjoying work again which is nice.

I don’t know what else to say



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