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An acceptable birthday 

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I woke up, had a black coffee because there was no milk and I’m not going to the store that early. Because fuck that. So I drank the coffee, had my morning cigarette. Got dressed and left for work as usual. I arrived at work and said nothing about my birthday, it’s not the kind of thing I get excited over. I opened some cards and that was all.
A few happy birthdays during the day, the guys brought me a Philly cheese steak for lunch which was nice of them. Considering I was having beer for lunch. I went through the day as normal pretty much. I’ve never been someone who gives a damn whether someone acknowledges my birthday or not. 

I got home later that night to a bottle of jack which I of course shared with whoever was drinking at the time. My dinner was amazing but the portion was way too small. I was left hungry and wonder whether to order a pizza, I didn’t end up doing so in the end. I went to sleep an hour or so later.

Apparently someone’s buying me a game on the Xbox that has yet to materialise. It wasn’t a great day by all accounts



Email me chatting shit

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I get in mid week to an email from upper management asking me how I examined 15 cases and didn’t accept any, surely that’s not possible. Well let me fucking tell you how it’s absolutely possible…

When you’re at your desk and only doing clerical and admin you don’t see the work going on, you see the numbers but obviously can’t infer any meaning from them. Well I could personally, it’s an A or B type scenario. I’m not making any mistakes. I just won’t accept a non case. It would be a waste of time or money for everyone. I do however send people in the right directions if their case is criminal or untraced.

But still that email fucked me off, before even consulting my manager I fired back with spreadsheets and a written statement of all 15 rejections, their reasoning etc. Safe to say they didn’t email me back. The reason this happened was because of preliminary vetting not being up to standard.

I’m doing my best to train them off my own back but they either don’t understand or are just firing through hoping they’ll get their numbers up. It just demonstrates a lack of understanding on their part. The fact the upper management email me about it before they check themselves is embarrassing.

The accusatory tone of it pissed me off more so. I’ve had similar emails before. Even my manager said its bullshit that they email us like that so I send my emails CC the boss of the company, my manager, admin, HR and also accounts on everything. Case by case updates. You ask for it you go it. I’m waiting for the complaint about the emails.

Personally I hate sending an email to someone a few hundred meters away when I can walk over to them and get the answer or desired result without waiting 30 mins for something that needs doing now. I hate unecessary emails.


I never asked for this.

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I get in on Friday, fire up my computer, open the spreadsheets, login to our system and after getting my morning out the way I hear a phone call saying you’re going to be speaking with our floor manager. Another colleague comes over and tells me that I’m going to be recruiting on top of all my normal work that day.

‘Floor manager.’ No, you’ve got the wrong guy. I really don’t want to deal with newbies. If they want training sure but I’m not too pleased about the prospect of carrying out primary interviews. I’ve combed for good candidates, some who speak other languages would be an advantage as well as previous experience, advantageous but not entirely necessary.

I’m going to end up heading up a damn team, I know it. I don’t particularly want it and if I’m put into that position, best pay me more. I don’t mind having a team of newbies but the turn over on lower levels is pretty high so I don’t want to waste my time with people who aren’t aware of my expectations or I don’t think will make grade. 

It’s a waste of my time, the company’s money and the applicants time. My main issue thus far is people saying the pay is too low. We need to change demographics to younger job seekers who are looking to earn nicely and learn some skills. I’m going to experiment the coming Monday with only selecting certain age demographics. I could probably get a better result hanging outside the Job Center than using monster.

Honestly, I hate recruitment and I do not want to be responsible for a bunch of fuckbois. I do not want to be the intermediary between candidates and the business. I didn’t ask for this. Is this what work place progression looks like?


So my friend just made a porno.

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Apparently she’s a lovely girl and the camera man was a good laugh. Hopefully he can earn himself some money. He just was just a part of a professional porno. 


Two weeks

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The two weeks or so I had off were nice at first. I was enjoying drinking with my friend and getting stoned but after a very short time it all wore thin. Obviously my bank account was getting rinsed out like laundry and I had nothing to do.

I found some enjoyment in cooking and busied myself with bills and cleaning but after a while this became tiresome, routine. I commissioned my other friend to fix my Xbox, which he did around about a week over ETA. He got the job done. That’s the main thing, only now I’m back at work.

I’m kinda glad I got the job offer because my bank was drying out and the boredom was killing me. I didn’t accept the initial terms because I’m not an idiot but I am glad I’m working again because I had days of feeling so useless it was annoying



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Firstly I have to apologise for my absence. Work tried pulling some shit so I left and after two weeks of bumming around drinking and smoking I found myself in bed at around 3pm, fucked by all accounts, when I received a phone call from what constitutes HR at my old work. Apparently a perfect position salary is the same but higher earning potential. 
Now I hadn’t bothered looking for a job but when I was asked I had interviews. Since I had not bothered to even look and the new unemployment was a fuckery I couldn’t be bothered to deal with I accepted a start on Monday, giving me two days to get ready.

I got back and it turns out my position is a gatekeeper. I make the decisions on the initial acceptance of a case. Once I accept I investigate and then submit. Not a bad job but I’m also training, providing feedback. I have about 50 people below me. I don’t really deal with them personally. 

It is my responsibility to contribute to their development in terms of knowledge. It’s better work and less fuckery. It’s better although waiting on IT to fix a problem is annoying. I always attempt to fix it first. 

The strangest part of all this is that when our staff register was reformed, that morning, I went to sign in and my name is in the management bracket. That said my pay this month is sad on account of having left my old position just under a month ago now.

My new job is half the stress but relentless recording of information, feed back, emails, updates, meetings etc. My new manager is amazing. The team consists of me and her, a middle aged Asian woman from up north. 

I enjoy working with her. I would like to take the opportunity to quote her on IT issues: ‘You’re taking the piss out of my life.’ Under us is around 50 other people. When it’s dead I have to clean up old files, resolve or delete. Maybe chase up requested information. 

They should have given us our own office. Then again being mixed is better for communication. I’ve always fucking hated sending an email to someone 200 ft away. Also I still chill will my old team mates. I’m enjoying work again which is nice.

I don’t know what else to say