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I Quit 

Posted in Unemployment, Work with tags , , , , on July 18, 2016 by MISANTHROPIST

I quit last Friday. No notice. They decided that they would some how get away with paying me £70 for a week, £140 for the past two weeks. I worked for several law firms in my last few months and I am aware this is illegal. I spend my time building a dossier of sorts In case my bosses did try to fuck me over. I waited to get paid and then popped away.

I’m happier than I’ve been in months. This job was supposed to be a good thing. At first I enjoyed it but now I’m disillusioned. I’ve had enough, the pay issue was the cherry on top of the pre existing cake. I’m not having that. I decided to get out while I’m ahead. I feel sorry for my friends that are still in there but at the same time they’re adults and can make their own choices.

So I’m newly unemployed with a shit ton of new skills that are unorthodox at best. 60% of those skills are highly employable. I have money in the bank and I’ve gone back to that stress free life I had enjoyed so many months back. I’m currently between two major birthdays so bank is taking a dent. I actually have some savings even if they are just for a holiday.

I would say I came out of the latest shit storm pretty clean. Questions still linger however but I have contacts at work so they’ll be answered. It might take some time but I’ll know eventually, it’s just a matter of patience. I was calm and collected the whole time, careful not to show my hand.

Long story short I’m unemployed at that was the best possible result. I’ll also be writing again.